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Note : Responsive Magento theme JM Lingerie is now Magento 1.8 compatible!

JM Lingerie - responsive Magento theme for Magento lingerie store is the latest addition to our ever growing portfolio of responsive Magento themes. If you look closely, its not just a theme, it is feature packed and one should be able to get it up and running in no time. One of the important thing that we have been focusing is that the Magento store theme should be responsive, that means the Magento extensions used in the theme should support responsive layouts too. Well, JM Lingerie fits the bill perfectly. Another great feature is its JM Basetheme color customizer, which allows users to customize the theme colors easily, without having to hack the code. We have also upgraded Magento Category List extension for this theme. For more details on all our new Magento responsive extensions, check out our earlier blog post new Magento extensions.

Let me now show you some of the cool features of JM Lingerie - Responsive magento theme

Responsive Magento theme JM Lingerie

A sophisticated Magento theme for your next high fashion store.

1. Magento Category List Extension

This upgraded version of Magento category list extension lets you choose (all) categories (instead of 1, in older version) and renders a nice display with featured image, title and description of those categories to the front end as a slider. This is a significant improvement and allows you to give your shoppers a better overview of all product categories.

Responsive Magneto theme JM Lingerie with upgraded version of Category list Magento extension

Category List extension displays chosen categories’ images nicely as a slider and come with it is the auto-scroll hover effect.

The back-end setting are slightly different then the earlier version. In this version, you will need to update all the information for each category: title, description and image.

Setting in back-end of Magento theme Lingerie for Magento Category List extension

Setting in back-end for Magento Category List extension

2. Magento Slideshow

The first impression is important! Make a great one with Magento Slideshow extension, which supports wide screens images, smooth transition effect and responsive layouts. You should check it out on the JM Lingerie demo site

Responsive Magento theme JM Lingerie supports wide-screen slideshow

A wide-screen Magento slideshow with smooth transition effect.

3. Off-canvas navigation for responsive Magento theme

JM Lingeries does support Off-canvas navigation. On this theme, we use the 2 panels layout to display Mega Menu on mobile devices and tablets. Miss something here? You can read our first blog post introducing Off-canvas navigation for more details.

Off-canvas navigation for Responsive Magento theme JM LIngerie

Responsive Magento theme Lingerie's Off-Canvas navigation demo on iPhone and iPad

4. Magento Mega Menu

As an essence, this Magento theme JM Lingerie supports Mega Menu, allowing you to have a lively menu with custom block for featured products display.

Mega menu on responsive Magento theme JM Lingerie

Magento Mega Menu on JM Lingerie with featured product display

5. Magento Quick View with Ajax load

The extension comes with Ajax loading and a cool popup window displaying products information and Add to cart function. Thanks to Ajax loading, just one click away, the product will be added and updated to the shopping cart right from the quick view without reloading the page. Take advantage of this extension and give your shoppers a nice shopping experience.

Magento theme with Quick view and Ajax load

Magento Quick View with popup windows for product display and Ajax load.

6. Magento JM Basetheme for unlimited colors and multi-language

JM Basetheme brings you peace of mind when it comes to customizing colors of theme elements and displaying new languages on your magento store. Read our Basetheme blog post for more information.

Magento Basetheme on Magento theme JM Lingerie

Magento JM Basetheme for easy color customization.

7. Product List và Grid layout for Product page

Lingerie supports 2 layout options to display your products: List and Grid. Its a pretty cool feature, shoppers can choose if they want to see just the product images or images with product info.

Grid and List layout for Magento product page

Grid and List layout option for Magento product detail page.

8. Responsive design for Magento theme

With more and more people around the world using smartphones, tablets, It is important for Magento store to be available on such devices, JM lingerie magento theme is responsive and renders well on tablets and smartphones.

Responsive Mageno theme JM Lingerie

Responsive Magento theme JM Lingerie ready for any mobile device and tablet.

Grab a closer look at this hottie now and decide for your next online business with Responsive Magento theme JM Lingerie.

Another Lingerie Magento theme from our showcase

If you are looking for more options for Magento lingerie store, you can check out our Magento theme JM Methys. JM Methys has such an elegant design, neat layout and supports various Magento extensions such as JM Slideshow, JM tabs and JM Product Slider, JM Spotlight and so on. This theme does not support responsive design yet.

Magento theme for lingerie store JM Methys

An elegant Magento theme for your high fashion lingerie store - JM Methys

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