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Update: We've developed a new basetheme from the ground up for Magento 2. Check it out in the live demo of the UB Bookshop theme here

Magento extension JM Basetheme is powerful theme customizing tool developed by us. Having this extension as a must in any of our themes since 2013, we have been working hard to to make it more user friendly and feature rich.

Updated Magento extension JM Basetheme

Magento extension JM Basetheme has been updated with a stronger config function

What makes JM Basetheme rock?

This powerful Magento extension sets you free from the basic theme customizing method: editing css files. With such a friendly interface with only color pickers, text code boxes and buttons, you can customizing your site's appearance without advanced knowledge about coding. Not to mention the countless color schemes and settings for you to have full management over detailed basis.

What’s new with JM Basetheme version 1.1.8?

From JM Basetheme version 1.1.8, this theme customizing tool has been upgraded for a much stronger code base, major bug fixes, and especially with two more powerful config functions allowing you to boost up your site appearance management level. Let's learn more.

#1 Multiple themes configuration

This very new function has been expected by lots of our users whose business consist of totally different range of products. Say if you own a multiple store Magento site including an apparel store, an online restaurant, a skates shop and even a game site, wouldn't you love to have 4 different themes for each store?

Updated function in Magento extension JM Basetheme

Multiple themes configuration function in Magento extension JM Basetheme

With our enhanced Magento extension JM Basetheme, it is easier than ever for you to assign multiple themes for alternative stores. You can easily decorate your separated stores with the best site makeover that is well-tuned for its product ranges.

#2 Multiple profiles configuration

We all agree that the color taste varies from countries to countries. If your eCommerce Magento site is for visitors from different regional references, do you want to get your store not only translated into their languages but also decorated with an exotic theme profile for each store view?

Updated function in Magento extension JM Basetheme

Multiple profiles configuration function in Magento extension JM Basetheme

No worry, as JM Basetheme now supports you to assign different profiles to particular stores/store views within one eCommerce Magento site.

What does JM BaseTheme support at core?

Digging in more about this Magento extension, we can find 5 striking benefits that JM Basetheme brings.

#1 An truly themable Homepage

Customizing Homepage with Magento extension JM Basetheme

Plentiful Homepage details for customizing with JM Basetheme

#2 Dynamic Category pages for product list display

Customizing Category pages with Magento extension JM Basetheme

Category pages with changeable grid/list view layouts

#3 Customizable Product pages

Customizing Product pages with Magento extension JM Basetheme

See what you can customize in Product pages

#4 Handy responsive settings for mobile devices

Responsive settings with Magento extension JM Basetheme

JM Basetheme supports specific settings for responsive web design

#5 Selectable Off-canvas effect

Off-canvas effects with Magento extension JM Basetheme

There are up to 6 different Off-canvas effects to choose from

Wrapping up, JM Basetheme is a powerful theme customize tool to help you color our responsive Magento themes with your own taste. So far, we have only shipped one responsive Magento theme with this updated version of JM Basetheme. You can build a demo site of JM TravelGear and tweak its site appearance with JM Basetheme. Hope you enjoy!

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