Finally, Uber - our October Joomla feature template is ready in its first beta. You can build just anything with Uber, whether it's a landing page, or your next big site. Before walking through the demo, it's worth to have a glance at key features Uber.


How can our feature Joomla project Uber win the big challenge in 2014?

The big challenge 2014: New way we design web content

Multiple designs in one Joomla template

Have you ever looked for an option that allows to sync all of your Joomla sites across the board for easier management and changing of content? In a simple case, it might be many product branches nested in a single Joomla installation or in a bigger picture – an ecosystem for a business… you name it.

So, from the template layer perspective, the story is not just about the multiple sub-pages or layouts, it needs a different approach.

Modular Design Flexibility

We see the web pages as Lego blocks that can be moved around, reused and assembled to form a page layout. And there comes a question 'How can we divide a typical website design into multiple content blocks, and use those blocks to make different web pages?'

Joomla! itself is content-block driven, this time we make it even easier with our latest creation.

New Joomla extension JoomlArt Advanced Custom Module (JA ACM)

JA ACM allows us to use multiple content blocks to build a Joomla template. Break down a web layout into different units, and use JA ACM magic to build the template on the fly. Content blocks can be stacked, rearranged and used in a variety of combinations. Let see how JA ACM excel at its work:

The new way we design the web content with JA ACM

The new way we design the web content with JA ACM

Multiple ready-to-go designs

JA ACM rounds up 12 common content blocks that help you create your site quickly and easily, with lots of room for customization. Uber is packed with essential sections i.e. Hero, Call to Action, Gallery, Slideshow, Feature Intro, Pricing Table, Team, Statistics, Pricing Table, Testimonials, and Contact Info.

Multiple ready-to-go designs

Multiple ready-to-go Designs

You can kick start any web project with those carefully crafted blocks in an easy and intuitive way, saving you lot of time.

Easy layout editing and endless customization

Each JA ACM block is styled with multiple options.

Each JA ACM block is styled with multiple options.

Every content block is bundled with different styles. In case you expect a more complex custom, it is possible to define your page-specific field sets within each block. In addition, each block has its own LESS file, so you have full control to define your own class and style.

How we build Uber - Responsive 3 in 1 Joomla template

Our pre-designed blocks are just starting point where you can go explore in a variety of combinations. We are curious to see all possible uses of Uber in real life.

Uber bundle: See the power of modular design flexibility

See the power of modular design flexibility in Uber Responsive 3 in 1 Joomla template

To demonstrate the power of Uber and JA ACM, we have pre-built three separate layouts into this demo of Uber template:

Responsive 3 in 1 Joomla template - Uber live demo

A quick tour on how we create Uber with JA ACM

For more insights in how Uber and JA ACM works, this video will shine a light into their operation.

Update 20 October 2014: Uber template stable release

New JA ACM structure

New JA ACM structure

New JA ACM folder's structure

Sample data

sample data

Uber is available with five sample data packages

Uber stable is available with five sample data packages: All, Business, Corporate, Beauty Spa, and Charity.

New pre built site template - Uber Charity

In the beta release, we provided 4 pre built templates: Uber Home, Business, Corporate and Beauty Spa. In this stable version, we include one newly pre built template: Charity. We hope with the multiple options we offer, you can have more choices to start building your own startup site.

What is the potential of Uber - our feature Joomla project?! Will you use it for your future web design? We love to hear your thoughts and feedback, please leave yours in the comment section! Together, we can make things differently!