Building up a responsive Joomla template for e-commerce site can be a lot of work. Choosing the right shopping cart extension again can be a hard decision. So far we have been providing support for JoomShopping and Virtuemart extension in our Joomla templates. Recently more and more of our members were asking us to try MijoShop shopping cart extension for Joomla.

We were apprehensive about it and were expecting angry members commenting in the preview thread for not choosing from our regular shopping carts but to our surprise not a single criticism for the decision to try MijoShop. So we went ahead and even added whole new modules JA Mijoshop Product Accordion and JA MijoShop Product Slider to support Mijoshop and the template is as usual powered by all new T3 Framework Bootstrap 3 along with our favourite blogging tool EasyBlog. JA BookShop is responsive Joomla template and supports RTL language layouts for both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.

Why you will love JA Bookshop - our latest Joomla Template

#1 MijoShop as shopping cart

Thanks to Mijoshop component, you can enjoy a feature-rich template from JA Bookshop with Product Reviews, product ratings and products compare, which are quite useful for users’ reference. In case you are a fan of customization, MijoShop is compatible with more than 6,000 of OpenCart modules and components which would surely cater your need for any specific function.

Product list in JA Bookshop

Product list in JA Bookshop

Product detail in JA Bookshop

Product detail in JA Bookshop

Thanks goes to Denis Dulici, founder of for working with us on this project and his offer of 30% OFF discount for JA Bookshop lovers who are interested in purchasing MijoShop component.

#2 Beautiful product showcase

How product listings are displayed in online shopping websites plays an important part in capturing potential customers’ attention. It is obviously not the tiresome process of digging through of a bunch of category lists that helps. What end users need is an intuitive interface in which they can get an overview of the numerous product content.

Let’s see how JA Bookshop transfer your e-commerce website into an appealing one with our two new module: JA MijoShop Product Slider and JA MijoShop Product Accordion. Your products would be listed in an elegant way while reducing the space needed and increasing user interaction through cool effects and animations. Just a mouse hover or mouse click is enough to show off your precious content with the enjoyable accordion effect.

JA MijoShop Product Slider Module and JA MijoShop Product Accordion Module in JA Bookshop

JA MijoShop Product Slider Module and JA MijoShop Product Accordion Module in JA Bookshop

#3 The latest T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

You are striving to build a Joomla website for online store but not much of a techie? Then referring to a good Joomla template framework with user-friendly interface of clean and simple layout in both back-end and front-end can help. That framework would ease you the pain of all complex configuration process and make setting up a Joomla site never been easier for even an amateur.

The latest T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3 in JA Bookshop

The latest T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3 in JA Bookshop

JA Bookshop is built on the feature-rich T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3 to satisfy that need.

#4 Potent blogging tool

Joomla Blogging component - EasyBlog in JA Bookshop

Joomla Blogging component - EasyBlog in JA Bookshop

Product categories are not enough to show off what you have got to your customers. A successful e-commerce website is the one that has a high engagement in which customers keep coming back to the site. Blogging is one approach to achieve just that. Not to mention the SEO improvement it brings through all the keywords and tags included.

That is why JA Bookshop features EasyBlog – one of the best blogging component for Joomla website with a mouthful of cool features like Auto social posting, intuitive WYSIWYG editors, easy-to-manage comment integrations and blog on the go with mobile or tablet devices.

#5 Responsive Joomla Template with RTL language layouts

Responsive Joomla Template with RTL language layouts

Responsive Joomla Template with RTL language layouts

Reaching out to the most customers as possible is one target of any e-commerce site. Hence you can not leave out the increasing number of mobile and tablet users as well as a certain portion of users in RTL language countries. Going responsive and RTL language layouts compatible is essential for any website to acquire those needs. Just see how we get JA Bookshop ready for this.

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I still use JA Bookshop without a Mijoshop subscription?

A: Of course you can. The demo page would look like this without Mijoshop component and can be used as a portfolio site for product showcasing.

If you are not a fan of Mijoshop, you can still use JA Bookshop with other shopping cart component with more work of style and customization added. However, it is not recommended for any amateur.

Q: Why using Mijoshop but not other shopping cart components?

A: Not everyone drives the same car, we have supported JoomShopping and Virtuemart many times in our earlier templates but Mijoshop integration has been requested many times by our members and we also decided to step out of our comfort zone, our developers loved it too and feedback so far has been great. Don't be surprised if you see another mijoshop template coming up this year.

Q: How can I take advantage of Mijoshop component?

A: As I mentioned above, Mijoshop is compatible with thousands of opencart extensions (proceed to mijoshop home page for details). Hence you can refer to this resource for your specific needs.

Q: Isn’t JA Accordion module and the new JA MijoShop Product Accordion quite the same?

A: Actually it is not. JA MijoShop Product Accordion is styled for JA Bookshop only. And while JA Accordion supports vertical slide mode, it is horizontal slide mode in JA MijoShop Product Accordion

Q: What about JA Content Slider module and the new module JA MijoShop Product Slider?

A: Like JA MijoShop Product Accordion, JA MijoShop Product Slider is also styled for JA Bookshop only. Any questions about JA Bookshop? drop me a comment below