JoomlArt team would like to announce the release of April Joomla template - JA Healthcare - Responsive Healthcare Joomla template. The template is designed for Healthcare, Hospital or medical care center built with T3 Framework and featuring K2 component & JA K2 Filter component.

Here is list of core features of the Healthcare Joomla template:

Dedicated pages designed for Healthcare website

responsive Joomla template for Healthcare

Dedicated responsive Healthcare Joomla template

JA Healthcare includes specifically designed pages for Healthcare website: Department, Services, Doctors, Timetable.

Featuring K2 component and JA K2 Filter component

K2 joomla template

Supports K2 component and JA K2 Filter component

The doctor page and K2 Blog are built with K2 component, the filter system is based on the best K2 Filter extension - JA K2 Filter component. The filter system allows user to find the best fit doctor with ease based on extra fields or standard K2 search options.

All other K2 pages and K2 modules (the pages, modules could be not displayed in front-page but they are all tested and styled) are supported with customized style to fit the template style.

Fully responsive Healthcare Joomla template

fully responsive healthcare joomla template

Fully responsive Healthcare Joomla template

JA Healthcare is responsive at core based on Bootstrap 3 grid system. With the power of the Bootstrap 3 grud system, you can build stunning pages in responsive layouts with ease. The Responsive layout configuration allows you to show/hide positions in specific responsive layouts.

Built with powerful Joomla Framework - T3 Framework

fully responsive healthcare joomla template

Built with the best responsive Joomla template framework

JA Healthcare template is easy to use and customize based on clear structure and workflow and the powerful admin panel that includes lots of built-in options and tools: Development mode, Theme setting, logo setting, layout configuration, megamenu builder.

4 theme color variations

multile theme colors joomla template

Multiple theme colors healthcare Joomla template

The Healthcare Joomla template supports 4 theme colors, all look incredible. You can switch to any theme color in the Theme Setting panel of inside the admin panel.

Friendly navigation system

Joomla megamenu and off-canvas menu

Healthcare template supports Megamenu & Off-canvas menu

JA Healthcare menu system with Megamenu and Off-canvas allows you build friendly and beautiful navigation system for your site. Megamenu is dedicated menu system for Desktop layout while Off-canvas menu is used for collapsed layouts: Mobile, tablet

Clean, Lighweight and Fast - Optimized codebase

Optimized Joomla template

Optimized Joomla template

The template is well optimized with well structured and clean codebase. The CSS & JS compression help merging the files and remove unneccessary code, the filesize is reduced and the requests number will be decreased a lot as well, they all make your site perform better.

Friendly with Search engines - SEO optimization

SEO optimized Joomla template

SEO friendly Joomla template

JA Healthcare template is SEO friendly with HTML validation, schema markup embed, Google mobile friendly ready, valid with Google structured data.

Right to left layout supported by default

right to left language layout

Supports RTL language layout at core

The theme supports RTL (right to left language layout) at core, that means, you can build websites with special langauges: Arab, Persian.

That’s it! Check out the great Healthcare Joomla template now.

More info - Live Demo