JA Mood is special Joomla template designed for Music, Community and Social website. The social template fully supports JomSocial and EasySocial with customized styles for all pages. In addition, JA Mood includes outstanding additional pages for music, community, and social website: Video, News, Blog. JA Mood is built with robust T3 Framework with intuitive admin panel.

community and social joomla template

Community and Social Joomla template

Core features of the Community and Joomla template:

  • Supports JomSocial and EasySocial
  • Integrate JA Builder to build stunning landing pages
  • Stunning additional pages: Videos, News, etc
  • Joomla extra fields support
  • Supports Flexible menu system with Megamenu, Mobile dropdown menu and Off-canvas
  • Built on T3 Framework latest version
  • Integrated Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4
  • Fully responsive
  • Flexible layout system with visual layout configuration panel
  • All default Joomla pages with custom styles
  • Optimized codebase
  • RTL Language Layout

Let's review the features with screenshot of JA Mood Joomla template

Fully supports JomSocial

JomSocial is a powerful Joomla extension to build community and social website. JA Mood fully supports JomSocial with customized styles.

JomSocial dashboard

Supports EasySocial component

JA Mood fully supports EasySocial component with all pages specifically styled to look amazing for this template.

EasySocial dashboard

Special additional pages

JA Mood comes with special additional pages designed for music, community and social website: video, news, blog.

Video, news and blog pages

Joomla extra fields

Joomla 3.7 introduced new exicting new feature - extra/custom fields. In JA Mood, we used the new features to create additional info for Video and blog page: Albumn, avatar, artist, genres, etc.

Joomla extra field usage in JA Mood template

View video page with extra fields

Create extra field groups from "Content > Field Groups" then create fields from "Content > Fields".

Create extra fields

In the article, you will see new tab to add extra fields for the article.

Add extra fields for each article

Check out full instruction how to create extra fields for video page in JA Mood template.

Integrates best Joomla page builder

JA Mood template includes JA Joomla Page Builder by default to create stunning landing pages. With pre-made content blocks and page library, you can quickly replicate any page in some simple clicks.

JA Joomla Page builder

Supports all default Joomla pages

All default Joomla pages: contact, category blog, login, search, featured articles, etc are supported with individually customized styles to fit the template design.

Default Joomla pages

Fully responsive design

The template is designed to work well with all devices, every single element looks beautiful in supported responsive layouts. Try our demo on your mobile to be amazed.

Responsive social Joomla template

Multiple theme colors by default

The template supports 4 theme colors: default, green, red and dark. All themes look brilliant and you can switch theme with just 1 click.

Multiple theme colors Joomla template

Built with T3 Framework

JA Mood template is built with the best responsive Joomla framework - T3 Framework with powerful features and ease of customization.

Built with Joomla responsive Joomla Framework

Right to left language layout - coming soon

JA Mood template support right to left languages layout to build website in special languages: Arab, Persian, etc. The RTL style is styled in independent .less file so you can customize easier.

Right to left layout will be coming soon

Checkout JA Mood live demo

Live Demo  Download