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Planning conference, festival, convention or a big party, this unique event template is the right one to pick. You will be able to show a nice schedule, feature the speakers. As every event critically rely on prefunding from major partners, we are giving special attention to how you can spotlight your sponsors and get visitors on the subscription page and tickets reservation.

You won't need to spend too much time to get a website up and running for any of your event purposes. We will give you a sneak preview of the design works and point you on some fine details implemented into this special template.

Inviting Homepage

Inviting Homepage

Inviting Homepage

Ajax tab style

Ajax tab style

No need to load new pages or even scroll down to find most important information about your event. It's all within the main front area, behind a tap navigation for a quick and easy access.

A special paging navigation hardly seen anywhere

A special paging navigation hardly seen anywhere

Animation of balloons, making circles up and down

Animation of balloons

The idea is that you can put advertiser/sponsor logos on those balloons, and the size represents the level of sponsorship. That's just one of many possibilities that can draw attention to visitors and your sponsors probably will love such unique ideas.

And how about having sponsor logos showing up on a fun heavy truck or even a cool Lamborghini, etc.?

Sponsor logos

Clean sponsorship sign-up page


Sponsor listing

Sponsor listing

Slick Agenda Schedule

Slick Agenda Schedule

Easy to manage and easy to read, that's exactly what it should do.

Buttons & Icons

All basic typo is styled to fit with the overall design theme.

Basic typo

What is the best ?

This template will be donated to all JoomlaDay and DrupalCon organizers as well as any opensource non-profit, educational event website. We are also happy to help with some basic customizations required such as logo or content placement if needed. Don't hesitate to contact! This is another effort from JoomlArt team showing our committment to the community.

You can help...

Although we have started the coding-plan of key features above to make it an out-of-the-box turnkey solution, we are pleased to hear your experience on the usage of some existing components that can be integrated into this template, especially:

  1. A registration/form component for the sponsor plan or participant registration.
  2. A Calendar system for the programmes/schedules.

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