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This is a post by Halldor Kristinsson as part of our Customer Showcase series. If you have a beautiful project and would like to share your story and experience with the JoomlArt community, please tell us your story!

Halldor Kristinsson's project Geysir Green Project

Halldor Kristinsson's project Geysir Green Project


My name is Halldor and I consider myself a semiprofessional web builder. I have been developing in Joomla! since the version 1.7.1 came out or around two and a half years or so.

Way back in the days I started to create web sites with HTML, and I still do, using the great HTML5 and CSS3. In the old days there was a different take on website building. It was rather simple but very time consuming as it would be today if it weren’t for the ready-made adaptable templates and extensions for systems like Joomla! One of my favorite companies providing those cool things is JoomlArt. I have been using their solutions for many of my projects.

About Geysir Green Guesthouse Project

I started this Geysir project in the spring of 2013 and deceited to use Joomla! version 2.5. The project had to be simple and at the same time to be able to display the necessary content for the Geysir Green Guesthouse site. It was required that it would be easy to add content to the web site as time goes by. After browsing the market for suitable template for the project, JoomlArt was the best choice. Their many different choices of templates and extensions were a key factors. Also my experience of the JoomlArt community, or the forum on-line, has been very helpful in the past

The only problem, really, I had during this project was related to the upload of the template package to the server. Turned out it was not the template package itself but the server my customer was using. That, I found out in the forum after a really nice chat with one of the experts. After that the building of the website was easy.

Geysir Green Guesthouse Project with Responsive Joomla template - JA Travel

Geysir Green Guesthouse Project

Once I had made an outline of the website, gathered pictures and created the content it was easy to put it in the template. This template, JA travel, is very easy to work with. It was easy to add customer’s ideas of content, coloring and structure. The whole process from the start to finish took a little over three months by working it few hours a week.

Although the template is scalable and mobile friendly I should have created the content more suitable for mobile phones.

Since the website went “on air” there has been an explosion of mobile and pad users visiting the site and it is steadily increasing. However it will be easy to make amendments with the JA Travel template once we get to update the site.

One other thing I like about JoomlArt is their T3 Framework which makes the development extremely easy and manageable.

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