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This is a post by Benoit Girard as part of our Customer Showcase series. If you have a beautiful project and would like to share your story and experience with the JoomlArt community, please tell us your story!


My name is Benoit Girard. I have been working in the information technology field for more than 12 years, playing different roles for many companies starting from developer through technical project leader. I am now project director for a software company which provides solutions for the healthcare industry. In parallel with my day to day job, I also work as a freelance.

Benoit shared his work on La Maison Guereo

Benoit shared his work on La Maison Guereo

My Work ‘La Maison Guereo’

My recent project was La Maison Guereo’s Website. La Maison Guereo is a beach house located in Senegal (Africa). The idea of the website is to have a clean design, easy to understand layout with a clear navigation path. When it comes to book a place to stay for holiday, it has to be easy but it is key to have enough information without the burden that can be generated when a site is too fussy.

The design of the site - as well as the logo and the overall communication strategy - had to be aligned with the architecture of the house itself that is to feel good, comfortable, with a slick and modern design yet respecting some colorful aspects of the local beach (Senegal)

Why JA Onepage?

I chose JA Onepage template because it fits the requirements:

  • Design: slick and simple with easy navigation
  • Responsive: mandatory in these days to address phones and tablets browsing experience
  • Structure: the structure of the template is well fit with the information needed to be presented, so I could start quickly and was able to present early demos within a few days.

After the concept has been accepted, I rolled up my sleeves and started the building and customization process. I’ve met some difficulties in customizing the CSS and PHP codes, but managed to solve them along the way. For example, I integrated the jQuery Growl into the contact form for better handling message system with a nice interface (control form entries and seamless feedback popup).

The implementation of La Maison Guereo

The implementation of La Maison Guereo

The first stage of the integration was very fast. Then it took longer to fix and optimize small details. If you want to deliver good website, it’s the path you must take: Perfect the design one small detail at a time. Apart from the customization, I also have to incorporate a booking system and to internationalize la Maison Guereo’s site. As a professional IT project manager, I was used to applying the software development process with development, test and production environments.

And now, my work with La Maison Guereo is featured on JoomlArt user’s showcase. This is my pride and I would love to share and learn from the Joomla community.

Thanks JoomlArt for keep delivering such good templates with reasonable price. It’s valuable and helps a lot in building professional website based on Joomla within a short time frame.

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