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Content :

  1. Introduction :
  2. Preview Release :
  3. Pricing & Plan changes :
  4. Benefits for DT users
  5. Benefits to All our members (JoomlArt, JomSocial, Gavick, iJoomla)
  6. Benefits to Ultimate Plan users
  7. RoadMap & Future of DTH Products
  8. Upcoming Template & themes releases

1. Introduction :

DTH Development has been one of the premier developers of Joomla event booking extensions since 2006, their extensions include DT Register, DT SMS, DT Donate. Although the acquisition was completed on 22nd May 2018, we delayed the announcement as we have been working behind the scenes to upgrade the site, systems and updating the DT Event Registration extension with features we felt were most important before we could pass on the benefits of the acquisition to our members.

DTH Development Acquisition

JoomlArt acquires DTH Development

2. Preview release of DT Register - Joomla Event Booking extension :

DTH Development Acquisition

Preview release of DT Register

In terms of features, DT Register has always been on the lead but from UI/UX point of view there is lots that can be improved and that's what we did. Please go through the important changes that have been made to DT Register to extend its scope as well as design and theme updates.

Note: this preview release is for testing purpose, DO NOT use it for your project.

New features in the preview release:

  1. Component level Event views now available.
  2. Themes now available
  3. Backend UI / UX revamp
  4. Introducing Agenda / schedule feature
  5. Introducing Speakers feature
  6. Introducing Sponsors feature
  7. Rewritten base theme with major UI / UX improvements

DT Register preview sneak peak:

1. Event Views

1.1 Event List page

1.2 Event detail page

2. Theme settings

3. Back-end UI / UX revamp

dt register joomla extension back-end

Back-end UI / UX revamp

4. Introducing Agenda / schedule feature

The section is to add agenda for an event, the agenda info includes start time, end time, title and description

dt register agenda

DT Register Agenda settings

dth register agenda

DT Register Agenda in Event detail page

5.Introducing Speakers feature

The section is to add speakers for an event. Speaker info includes speaker name, images and description

DT Register Speaker settings

DT Register Speaker settings

Speaker section in event detail page

Speaker section in event detail page

6. Introducing Sponsors feature

The section is to add sponsors for an event, it includes sponsor name, images and description

event sponsor settings

Sponsor settings

sponsor in event joomla extension

Sponsor section in event detail page

DT Register new theme sneak peak:

Event list page>

dt register event registration new theme preview

DT Register event list page preview

Event Calendar
DT register calendar page

DT Register calendar page preview

3. Pricing updates

The new flexible pricing will give users more value with their money.

dt register pricing update

DT Register Pricing update

All plugins worth $220 are now FREE

  • DT Register Google Cal Export - $20
  • DT Register ICS Import - $20
  • DT Reg AcyMailing Subscriber - $20
  • DT Reg MailChimp Subscriber - $20
  • DT Acajoom Subscriber - $15
  • DT Register MyScript - $15
  • DT AUTH SIM Proxy - $20
  • DT Register CONVERGE Payments - $15
  • DT Register INGENICO Payments - $15
  • DT Register PAYDOLLAR Payments - $15
  • DT Register PAYPAL EXPRESS CHECKOUT Payments - $15
  • DT Register PAYWAY Payments - $15
  • DT Register STRIPE Payments - $15

4. Benefits for DTH’s users :

  1. Plugins worth $225 are now available for free for all members.
  2. Unlimited domain usage and support now allowed.
  3. Developer members to be auto upgraded to Ultimate plan.
  4. Huge improvements, big feature updates coming for all extensions.
  5. Seamless integration with all popular 3rd party extensions.
  6. Major UI / UX changes in upcoming versions.
  7. Simplified pricing and product support.

5. Benefits for JoomlArt & other network sites members :

  • 30-50% OFF discount for all active users to avail DTH products.
  • This discount can be availed by logging into the user panel.

6. Benefits for Ultimate Plan users :

  1. Free access to DTH products. These will be made available as we release updated major versions for DTH extensions

7. RoadMap & Future of DTH Products

DT Register extension roadmap:

Please check out detail roadmap of DT Register from this link:

Roadmap and improvements for other extensions will be published soon.

8. Upcoming Template & themes releases

Our plan is making 4 themes for DT Register and 4 JoomlArt templates fully support DT register, all the themes and templates will be included in the DT Register, means, its free for all DT Register users. Following is the preview for one of the new themes to be released.

DTH users are migrated to our unified system

All DTH users are migrated to our unified system at: You can login with your DTH’s username and password. Invoice and membership info is also migrated.

If you have any issue with login, please check this post:

Or contact us:

  1. Raise a ticket in our new HelpDesk
  2. Start a conversation in our chat system (right bottom). Please provide details.
  3. Send email to [email protected]
    1. Download Preview version (free) More Details