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Joomla Products Updates & Version release info

This weekend, we are releasing JA Joomla Search Filter extension - JA Megafilter updated for bug fixes and 27 more Joomla templates quickstart packages updated for Joomla 3.9.13

Here is list of templates and extensions updated in this batch:

  • JA Good
  • JA Aiga
  • JA Space
  • JA Autoshop
  • JA Diner
  • JA Insight
  • JA Fit
  • JA Mason
  • JA Allure
  • JA Shoe
  • JA Focus
  • JA Law firm
  • JA Smallbiz
  • JA Edenite II
  • JA Mood
  • JA Company
  • JA Alumni
  • JA Oslo
  • JA Brickstore
  • JA Restaurant
  • JA Intranet
  • JA Megastore
  • JA Moviemax
  • JA MixStore
  • JA Sensei
  • JA CityGuide
  • JA Healthcare
27 oomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9.11

27 Joomla templates updated for Joomla 3.9.13

JA Mega Filter Extension

JA Megafilter is a powerful and flexible search and filtering Joomla extension. Supports multiple filter setup for your Joomla site. The Filter Joomla extension supports HikaShop, K2 component, E-Shop, Virtuemart, JoomShopping. J2Store support is coming soon along with a few more. The intuitive configuration panel helps you manage the filter with ease, you can enable or disable any filter field. JA Megafilter includes base field filters like title, tags, category, price, manufacturer, brand, etc and custom field filters like color or size. For k2 it also supports the author and category fields apart from tags.

JA Megafilter 1.2.1 changelog:

  • root uri of cron url doesn't change when bring site from dev domain to live domain
  • Check cookie for null
  • support render class to variables from template.
  • Fix wrong cron url
  • Use file get contents if curl doesn't work
  • Change way exception message
  • Fix js error when filter bar is hidden
  • Fix conflict loading style with ja megastore
  • Remove css conflict with t4

Upgrade Steps

  • View the comparison between versions at JoomlArt Version Updates and replace the affected files, if you have not customized the affected files.
  • Recommended : Use JA Extensions Manager Component for upgrade. Watch video for how to upgrade using JAEM.