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Available for Joomla 3
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JA Intranet Introduction

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  • Updated on:04 Sep, 2019
  • Version:1.1.1
  • Download:311,019
  • (4.3 / 360 votes)

JA Intranet is dedicated Joomla Intranet template to build intranet website for a company, organization or a university with all required pages and features: Dashboard, Discussions, Community, Download, Events, Gallery and Student. Content is displayed in masonry and fully responsive layout that transform the content in smartest ways. The template supports Horizontal & Verical menu and off-canvas menu.

The intranet template supports DocMan, EasyBlog, EasySocial & EasyDiscuss.

improved user interface

Dedicated Intranet Joomla template

JA Intranet is truely solution to build intranet website for a company, organization or university with all required pages and functionalities.

dashboard profile

Mansory & responsive layout

The template uses mansary layout to display content in smartest ways. Layout is auto adapted according to screen size.

manage dashboard

Supports EasyDiscuss

Fully support EasyDiscuss to build Discussion page with customized style to fit the template style.

configure dashboard

Supports EasySocial

The social extension is used to build Community, Events, Gallery and Student Listing pages.

configure dashboard

Supports EasyBlog

Blog page of the Intranet template is based on EasyBlog. Besides that, we also support Joomla blog page.

module manager

Supports DOCman

The download page is managed by DOCman component. In addition, all pages of the component is supported with customized style.

friendly navigation

Vertical & Horizontal navigation

To build friendly and flexible navigation, JA Intranet template supports multiple navigation systems: Horizontal, Vertical and Off-canvas menu.

T3 framework template

Built with T3 Framework

It is built with the best responsive Joomla framework - T3 Framework with powerful features and ease of customization.

multi color intranet joomla template

Multiple theme colors

The intranet template supports multiple theme colors: you can switch to any theme via the Theme setting in the template admin panel.

  • DOCman

  • EasyBlog

  • EasyDiscuss

  • EasySocial


Version 1.1.1 04 Sep, 2019

  • Add style for 'es-dashboard-aside' position
Bug Fix
  • Issue with Filter field on contact list page
  • Need restyle email form popup

Version 1.1.0 12 Jun, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Appears scrollbar on profile page when view on iphone
  • Got css error on message popup
  • Got css error on list pages
  • Got error when view other album on Iphone
  • Got css error with background status

Version 1.0.9 04 Jan, 2019

  • Theme does not support easyblog 5.2.10
Bug Fix
  • [easyblog] Cant change color on favourite icon when click on it
  • [easysocial] Top member and recent discussion module display error in RTL
  • [easyblog] Got error in RTL language
  • [easysocial] Username should be aligned in the middle
  • [easyblog] Realign fontsize icons
  • RTL - Navigation icon displays error in RTL
  • [easyblog] Got css error on search result page
  • [easysocial] Got error when open notification
  • [easyblog] Got css error on login
  • [easysocial] avatar displays not nice on comment
  • [easyblog] Got css error on team page
  • Cant load privacy content on popup
  • [easyblog] Got css error on blog detail page in RTL

Version 1.0.8 23 Nov, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9: Missing Tag option in the Article-Category module
  • Article popup displays error on editor
  • J3.9: Got CSS error with Term and Privacy
  • RTL: Easyblog is missing tyle
  • J3.9 - Invisible Recaptcha: Remove Captcha label

Version 1.0.7 12 Jul, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Email form is missing style
  • Missing time zone option on edit profile page
  • Easyblog: buttons are overflow

Version 1.0.6 11 May, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Iphone: restyle for Search Module
  • Search doesn't show number of results found
  • Issue in IE 11 browser
  • Easysocial - Comment Box height is not increasing with text

Version 1.0.5 26 Jan, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Easysocial: CSS error on File manager
  • RTL - Discussions : Missing style
  • Can't hide contact information/Miscellaneous/Links
  • RTL - Easysocial: Got CSS error with calendar
  • Easysocial: CSS error on People list
  • Easydiscuss: Css error on Subscription page
  • CSS error on Edit module page
  • Easyblog: Comment form is missing style

Version 1.0.4 20 Oct, 2017

New Feature
  • https://www.joomlart.com/forums/topic/insert-new-menu-and-new-position/
Bug Fix
  • Should not show any result if not typing keyword search
  • Easydiscuss: Css error on small screen
  • Problem with search keyword
  • Missing Search and Clean icons on Tag page
  • BUG in JS File for EasyBlog Authors Masonry
  • Email form need be styled
  • Community: Css error on Small screen

Version 1.0.3 19 May, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Css error on easysocial dropdown menu after login
  • Easyblog - Got some errors on iphone/ipad
  • Easysocial - Realign search box
  • Css error on easysocial dropdown menu after login
  • Easyblog - Css error on quick blog post
  • Missing image when click on notification icon
  • Easyblog - Got css error on the detail blog post
  • Email form need more styled
  • Cant show custom fields on contact page
  • Css error on download module
  • Easyblog - Search box displays error on small screen
  • Update new version of Docman
  • Got error on download page after upgrade j3.7

Version 1.0.2 17 Nov, 2016

  • EasySocial Search styling in head-search position?
Bug Fix
  • [Easysocial] Css error on search result page
  • [RTL-Easysocial] Css error when click on toggle sidebar in rtl
  • RTL-easyblog: css error on about the author
  • Cant show submenu when click on parent menu
  • Got error when switch to RTL language
  • Cant show smartsearch on iphone/ipad
  • Easysocial - Got some errors on event page when view on iphone
  • RTL - Easyblog page is not displayed in RTL
  • RTL-easyblog: got blank spacing on featured slide when view on iphone
  • [Easysocial] Css error on forgot pass or forgot username page
  • RTL - Social links displays ugly on discussion page
  • Category page displays ugly
  • [RTL - Easysocial] Css error on events page
  • RTL - easyblog: Navigation icons display incorrectly
  • Got css error on image popup
  • Missing style on easyblog post
  • [Easysocial] Got css error on iphone when click on toggle sidebar
  • RTL-easysocial] Css error on photo page
  • RTL-easyblog: menu bar displays incorrectly in RTL language
  • Got css error when click on message icon on top bar
  • RTL - Css error on registration page
  • Got css error on contact page
  • Easysocial - User menu displays error on iphone
  • The site is still in RTL when switch to english language, must reload page
  • Issue with style in mobile view
  • Date displays error on IE11, edge browser
  • [Easysocial] Button displays ugly on edit event page
  • RTL - Navigation icon is reversed on blog page
  • [Easysocial] Cant load menu links on iphone
  • RTL - Discusssion: Css error on my assigned post
  • RTL-easyblog: Css error on login form
  • Style of EasySocial Groups list
  • Message displays error in RTL
  • Got error on search page
  • Css error on student listing page when view on iphone
  • Template not compatible with IE11
  • RTL - easyblog: missing style file
  • RTL-easyblog: buttons are reversed in RTL
  • [Easysocial] Css error on registration page
  • [RTL-Easysocial] Css error on calendar