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JA Alumni Introduction

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  • Updated on:22 Jan, 2019
  • Version:1.0.5
  • Download:352,717
  • (3.8 / 276 votes)

JA Alumni Template is dedicated education Joomla template for Alumni, school, University website with all provided layouts, pages and functionalities. The template supports EasySocial component with customized style to build Community / Forum page, it also supports all Joomla default pages: category blog, contact, login, etc to save you lots of time to build complete alumni, university website.

JA Alumni is built with T3 Framework, it is easy to customize based on powerful admin control panel with built-in functionalities: visual layout configuration, responsive layout configuration, megamenu builder, optimization, etc.

This template supports RTL Language layout.

alumni joomla template

Responsive Alumni Joomla template

The Alumni Joomla template comes with creative design, dedicated layout and style for Alumni and univeristy website.

easysocial support

Support EasySocial component

JA Alumni template fully supports EasySocial component with customized style to build community page.

Joomla content support

Supports Video and Event content type

The 2 extended content types is to help you create beautiful video and event pages.

multiple color theme joomla template

Multiple theme colors

The template supports 6 theme color: default, red, blue, brown, green and orange. You can switch to any theme in the theme setting within 1 click.

support all joomla pages

Supports all default Joomla pages

The Alumni template supports all Joomla default pages with customized style to fit the template design.

T3 framework template

Built with T3 Framework

It is built with the best responsive Joomla framework - T3 Framework with powerful features and ease of customization.

right to left language layout

Right to left language layout support

JA Alumni supports right to left layout that allows you build website in special languages: Arab, Persian, etc.


Version 1.0.5 22 Jan, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Can't open Privacy popup on contact us page
  • Issue with JA Login module

Version 1.0.4 22 Nov, 2018

Bug Fix
  • [3.9] Category Tag filter: field error
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Success stories': get error when use Group by Tags
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Up comming Event': get error in tags group
  • [3.9] Category Tag filter: field error
  • [3.9] Missing Label Term & Privacy in Register Page
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Up comming Event': can't show tag
  • [3.9] Content overlap on Popup
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: still show label & other Element overlap on captcha Logo
  • [3.9] Restyle for edit Profile
  • [3.9] Restyle for User Profile on Contact Page
  • [3.9] Consent style not nice in contact form
  • Missing Search and Clean buttons in Tag page
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category 'Success stories': can't show tag

Version 1.0.3 13 Oct, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Menu on header is broken
  • Problems with displaying Joomla contacts page
  • Got css error on search page
  • Missing language on edit event page
  • Cant save change an article on the frontend

Version 1.0.2 31 May, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Custom fields is not displayed after title
  • Cant show recaptcha on edit article page so I cant save changes
  • Custom fields is not displayed after title
  • Cant show custom field on category page
  • Missing background image after upgrade J3.7
  • Menu displays ugly on iphone
  • Css error on edit article page
  • JA ACM Features intro link format
  • Cant show custom fields on contact page

Version 1.0.1 06 Mar, 2017

Bug Fix
  • RTL - Missing image on tag page
  • RTL-Meta info on event article displays error in RTL
  • RTL-Easysocial calendar displays error
  • RTL-Play video icon should be in the middle
  • RTL - Date is not translate on event items
  • RTL-There is scrollbar on home page when view on Ipad
  • RTL-Easysocial: Css error on photo gallery
  • RTL-Image on student page should be realigned on iphone
  • RTL - Readmore displays wrong direction
  • Home page displays error on ipad landscape
  • RTL - Easysocial registration page displays error
  • RTL-Event Date displays error on iphone
  • RTL- Css error on ja login module
  • RTL-Css error on smartsearch page

Version 1.0.0 01 Mar, 2017

First release