JA Allure

Creative Joomla template for beauty and fashion magazine websites

Available for Joomla 3
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JA Allure Introduction

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  • Updated on:26 Dec, 2019
  • Version:1.0.5
  • Download:310,945
  • (3.9 / 241 votes)

JA Allure is creative Joomla template for BeautyFashion magazine websites with flexible layouts with multiple content categories: Featured, Category, Video, Image Gallery, multiple views for Articles Category module and all Joomla default pages.

The fashion magazine joomla template integrates eCommerce based on 2 popular Joomla eCommerce extensions: Hikashop and J2Store, all ecommerce pages are supported: product list, product details, checkout page with customized style to fit the template design. JA Allure is built with robust T3 Framework, Bootstrap 3 and fully responsive.

JA Allure supports RTL (right to left) language layout.

fashion magazine Joomla template

Beauty and Fashion Magazine template

With creative design, built-in features, flexible multiple views for content, JA Allure will help build beauty and fashion magazine websites with ease.

Joomla video and image gallery page

Video and Gallery magazine pages

Not only traditional article, JA Allure supports 2 extanded article types: Video article and Image gallery article with additional fields to add videos and images gallery to articles to build video and image gallery magazine page.

ecommerce joomla template

Fully support Hikashop

JA Allure fully support Hikashop to integrate eCommerce with all required ecommerce pages: Product categories, Product list, product details, checkout and payment method.

J2Store joomla template

Fully support J2Store

To help user have more choice on eCommerce platform, JA Allure fully supports 2 popular Joomla eCommerce extensions: Hikashop and J2Store.

multiple color Joomla template

Page Color & category color

For each category, you can set a specific color, the color will be applied for pages, modules ... that load content from the category. This will make your whole magazine website look more beautiful and creative.

responsive fashion magazine joomla template

Fully responsive template

JA Allure Joomla template is designed to have an outstanding appearance and match with all responsive layouts: Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile.

support all joomla default pages

Support all Joomla default pages

All Joomla default pages: Contact, 404, Offline, Search, etc are supported and has style customization to have same style of the template design.

T3 framework template

Built with T3 Framework

The News and Magazine Joomla template is based on our robust T3 framework with powerful options built-in and ease of customization.

Right to left language layout support

Right to left language layout

JA Allure template support right to left languages layout to build website in special languages: Arab, Persian, etc.

  • Hikashop

  • J2Store


Version 1.0.5 26 Dec, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Hikashop: Restyle Check out page when without login
  • Hikashop: Missing icon on Check out page
  • Can not play video
  • HikaShop: got error 1054

Version 1.0.4 23 Jan, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Missing icons on the homepage
  • Fix to load privacy content on popup on contact page

Version 1.0.3 09 Nov, 2018

Bug Fix
  • [3.9] Missing Label Term in Register Page
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category: Language error on display Group Tags
  • [3.9] Mod Articles - Category: can't show tag
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: still show Captcha label in Remind Page

Version 1.0.2 08 May, 2018

Bug Fix
  • iPhone: CSS error on Register Page of Hikashop
  • iphone: CSS error on Order List
  • iphone: CSS error on Check out page of Hikashop
  • Iphone: missing background on button in Tag page
  • Remove underline on J2store filter
  • Iphone: CSS error on Edit Address page
  • CSS error on Contact page
  • iphone: CSS error on Typo page
  • Iphone: button overlap menu offcanvas in Hikashop checkout
  • W3C Errors and Warnings
  • Iphone: CSS error on User Account Manager

Version 1.0.1 04 Jan, 2018

Bug Fix
  • RLT - Hikashop: CSS error on product detail
  • RTL - Hikashop: Checkout page is not styled on Iphone/Ipad
  • RTL - J2Store: Radio button displays wrong position when checkout
  • RTL - Hikashop: Product listing display not nice on Iphone
  • RLT - Hikashop: Filter should be run RTL
  • Iphone/Ipad: Problem with 404 page
  • HikaShop: My Cart module auto add another product after checkout successfully
  • RTL - Hikashop [iphone/ipad] Scrollbar appearance on checkout page
  • Featured articles module: Do not render image
  • J2Store: Close button display wrong position on warning alert
  • RTL - Hikashop: Error on Edit address page
  • RTL: Product displays not nice on Hikashop Content module
  • RTL - J2Store: Problem with quantity on My Cart module
  • J2Store: Problem with height in product detail
  • Hikashop: Remove "Credit Card" method if it's not supported
  • RTL - J2Store: Error with field required

Version 1.0.0 28 Dec, 2017

First release