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JA Mood Introduction

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  • Updated on:04 Nov, 2020
  • Version:1.1.1
  • Download:311,102
  • (3.8 / 273 votes)

Music, community, social network Joomla template - JA Mood fully supports JomSocial and EasySocial component. JA Mood comes with creative design, integrates JA Joomla page builder to create landing pages, outstanding pre-made additional pages: Videos, News, Blog and support all Joomla default pages with customized styles.

JA Mood is based on powerful T3 Framework, it is fully responsive, ease of customization and intuitive admin panel with powerful built-in functionalities: Megamenu builder, Visual layout configuration, theme settings, etc.

This template supports RTL Language layouts.

social joomla template

Responsive Social Joomla template

JA Mood is fully responsive Joomla template with dedicated style and layout designed for music, community and social website.

joomsocial template

Supports JomSocial component

JomSocial is a powerful Joomla extension to build community and social website. JA Mood fully supports JomSocial with customized styles.

easysocial joomla template

Supports EasySocial component

EasySocial extension has been specifically styled to look amazing for this template with all features and pages supported.

additional  pages

Additional pages

JA Modd comes with special additional pages designed for music, community and social website: video, news, blog.

joomla extra fields

Joomla Extra Fields

Joomla 3.7 introduced new exicting new feature - extra/custom fields. In JA Mood, we used the new features to create additional info for Video and blog page: Albumn, avatar, artist, genres, etc.

joomla page builder integration

Integrates best Joomla page builder

JA Mood template includes JA Joomla Page Builder by default to create stunning landing pages. With pre-made content blocks and page library, you can quickly replicate any page in some simple clicks.

default joomla pages

Supports all default Joomla pages

The social Joomla template comes with individually customized styles for all Joomla default pages to fit the template design.

multiple theme color joomla template

Multiple theme colors

The template supports 4 theme colors: default, green, red and dark. All themes look brilliant and you can switch theme with just 1 click.

joomla template framework

Built with T3 Framework

The social Joomla template is built with the best responsive Joomla framework - T3 Framework with powerful features and ease of customization.

right to left layout joomla template

Right to left language layout

JA Mood template support right to left languages layout to build website in special languages: Arab, Persian, etc.

  • EasySocial

  • JomSocial


Version 1.1.1 04 Nov, 2020

Bug Fix
  • Structured data bug on Latest Articles Module

Version 1.1.0 07 Aug, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Got error image
  • Scrolling is not correct in mobile
  • Search function inactive

Version 1.0.9 31 May, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Easysocial: Restyle button when post with Video
  • Easysocial: Dropdown display not nice when edit a page
  • Easysocial: Got css error when create Announcement
  • Issue with EasySocial version 3.0.5
  • Easysocial: Add background for dropdown on homepage
  • Easysocial: Got some errors on Page detail
  • Easysocial: Error css on People page
  • Easysocial: Very hard see button when create a new event
  • Easysocial: Problem with icon fill color on Homepage
  • Easysocial: Restyle Cancel button when create a new Discussion
  • Eaysocial: change text color for profile on toolbar
  • BUGS module in new version of chrome 73.0.3683.86
  • Easysocial: Realign Search buton on Advanced search page
  • Easysocial: Change size for textbox when create a new post with Polls
  • Easysocial: Missing style for some button when create new album
  • Easysocial: Realign some button when post
  • Easysocial: Restyle textbox when edit comment
  • Easysocial: Very hard see Attending button on Events page
  • Easysocial: Missing border of close button on Polls page
  • Restyle Cancel button when add a new Audio
  • Easysocial: Can't see text of Delete button when delete post
  • Easysoial: Error css with Filter buton
  • Easysocial: Got css error on Share textbox
  • Easysocial: Avatar display error on Homepage
  • Easysocial: Conversation display error on Members page
  • Easysocial: Missing username on People page

Version 1.0.8 18 Apr, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Fix error popup article
  • BUGS module in new version of chrome 73.0.3683.86
  • BUGS module in new version of chrome 73.0.3683.86

Version 1.0.7 23 Jan, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Email form need more styled
  • Can't open Privacy popup on contact us page

Version 1.0.6 20 Nov, 2018

Bug Fix
  • [3.9] Top Chart & New release: Get code error when use tag group
  • [3.9] Restyle for Image in News flash Module
  • Text too blur on Register page
  • [JS] Restyle polls on post box
  • [3.9] Restyle for User Profile on Contact Page
  • [3.9] Mod News: get code error when group by Tags
  • [3.9]Captcha invisible: Inline layout: content overlap on Edit Article

Version 1.0.5 15 Jun, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Cant select category on blog list layout
  • Got php error on article cateogry page
  • JomSocial: Can't enable GDPR consent checkbox
  • Got error after disable megamenu
  • Got Class 'JEventDispatcher' not found on category blog page
  • Search box displays error
  • Iphone: Got CSS error on Tag page
  • Menu bar is not fixed when scrolldown
  • Site is error when enable JA Masthead module
  • Menu is overlapped when not using ja masthead module
  • Cant load menu on layout settings
  • Duplicate article types in article manager page
  • Got notice error on category list page
  • Jomsocial: Featured label displays error on all member page
  • Cant select to upload Logo image
  • ACM module is not working on joomla 4
  • Missing slide icon on latest article module
  • Missing style on create article page when enable ja content type plg
  • Got error on News module when select news layout
  • RTL - Jomsocial: Can't show 'JS Notifications' module on Jomsocial page
  • Got warning after compile les to css
  • Some module postions doesnt work on Ja mood template
  • Missing language on offcanvas sidebar
  • Contact Us: Social links need more styled

Version 1.0.4 07 Dec, 2017

  • Database error when accessing JomSocial
Bug Fix
  • Missing page break on video page when view on iphone
  • Css error on Editor
  • Play video button displays error on video page
  • Missing language on Edit module page
  • Easysocial: Dropdown button should be change color
  • Easysocial: Text and counter are overlapping
  • Easysocial: Problem with Calendar module

Version 1.0.3 12 Oct, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Article on news page should be equal height
  • Login module displays error after upgrade T3
  • RTL - Got 404 error after search any keyword
  • MIssing search icon on tag item page
  • Missing video tab after change category
  • RTL_Got error on featured article page
  • Got css error on edit article on the frontend
  • RTL - Got css error on off canvas sidebar
  • Article title on search result page displays error
  • Missing style on email popup
  • Jomsocial - cant see notification number

Version 1.0.2 16 Aug, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Issue with Vimeo content type
  • Jomsocial content is not displayed full width when disable sidebar
  • Video page problem when create 2 menu
  • Fix issue after disable t3 logo