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It’s been a long time since JoomlArt released a hotel template. This January, we bring on JA Hotel with a new approach for responsive hotel and travel template. JA Hotel will breathe new air for your Joomla 3 travel and booking project.

First, we will take a quick look over the features of JA Hotel:

  • Built on T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3
  • Powered by ACM
  • Supports Solidres booking component
  • Supports K2 Component
  • Fully responsive
  • RTL Language layout soon to be released
  • Multiple Bonus pages
  • Six Themed Colors
[Review] JA Hotel - Responsive Joomla Hotel and Travel template

[Review] JA Hotel - Responsive Joomla Hotel and Travel template

At first glance, you’ll be struck by the clean and modern design of JA Hotel. The homepage layout will give travelers interesting facts about hotels and places, when they plan for their next trip: from sightseeing spots, delicious food to local culture, and interesting activities.

A trendy touch: Material Design

Material Design

JA Hotel with Material Design touch

In this design of JA Hotel, we make a little experiment to give the template a material design touch. Though material design is meant for mobile development rather than traditional website, our team has successfully transfuse its philosophy into this travel template while maintain the simplicity of flat layout.

In material design, every pixel drawn by an application resides on a sheet of paper. Paper has a flat background color and can be sized to serve a variety of purposes. A typical layout is composed of multiple sheets of paper.

Paper Craft

Cards have a constant width and variable height. The maximum height is limited to what can fit within a single view on a platform, but it can temporarily expand as needed (for example, to display a comment field). Cards do not flip to reveal information on their back.


Material Design Color

Indigo color

Flat color Indigo of JA Hotel

The theme color of JA Hotel is Indigo. It’s a popular color of material design palette.

Supports Solidres booking component


JA Hotel supports Joomla booking component - Solidres

We have chosen one of the most favorite booking solutions for Joomla - Solidres to be integrated in JA Hotel. It has both free and paid version to help simplify the booking process for your hotel or travel agency. With the Free version, managers are able to register booking information like number of guests, room rates, payments methods, contact info.

We’re also working with another well-known Joomla booking component to make it available in the next version of JA Hotel. So you’re gonna have official supports for at least two Joomla booking solution providers.

Fully responsive


Fully Responsive with JA Hotel

With help from T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3, we make sure that JA Hotel is fully responsive, because we know that most of the users will access your site from mobile. And a hotel website site must give travelers first-class mobile experience long before they try the real life services.

Supports K2 component


JA Hotel with K2 Component

Thinking of travel news and blog for your Joomla site, K2 is a must have blogging component. JA Hotel is fully supported K2 component with custom styled pages.

You can’t book a hotel without seeing their facilities first. This is rule of thumb. So we have built custom hotel page which provide detailed info about the hotel and room features, occupancy, photos and tips. Along with the main Indigo layout are five additional themed colors: Cyan, Orange, Purple, Green, and Red.

Thinking of travelling right now?! Let take a look at our responsive template JA Hotel!


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