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Responsive Joomla template for hotel booking and travel websites

Available for Joomla 3
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JA Hotel Introduction

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  • Updated on:03 May, 2019
  • Version:1.0.8
  • Download:310,611
  • (4.4 / 279 votes)

Clean and simple, JA Hotel is a first class solution for your travel and hotel booking website. The homepage of JA Hotel will help the travelers with useful information about travel planning from sightseeing spot, delicious food to local culture, and interesting activities.

We have integrated dedicated booking components for Joomla: Solidres and Jomres. Solidres will power your travel/hotel site with simple booking solution, it helps collect room type and rates, check-in time, guest numbers, payment and contact info, and also simplify the reservation process for your convenience.

JA Hotel is built on the latest version of T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3, this travel booking template is fully responsive. Hotel also features ThemeMagic, 3 styled colors, and multiple custom pages. The template now supports RTL language layout

Built on T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

Built on T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 is the success formula of JA templates. Using ThemeMagic of T3, you can easily tweak the look of JA Hotel to your desire.


Powered by ACM

JoomlArt Advanced Custom Module is integrated into JA Hotel to bring you the power of customization. One module, with endless possibilities.

Supports Solidres booking component

Supports Solidres booking component

Solidres is among one of the most favorite Joomla Booking solution. With Solidres, your hotel website is equipped with an useful booking component. The Free version of Solidres is decent, but if you want to add more robust features, you can opt for the commercial features.

Supports K2 Component

Supports K2 Component

K2 Component is a must have CCK option for Joomla template. Travel blogging is made easy with K2. JA Hotel offers multiple style for K2 pages.

Fully responsive

Fully responsive

All JA Hotel pages work well on all screen, from mobile to large desktop monitor. Now everyone is browsing with mobile devices, JA Hotel will give them first-class experience when visiting your hotel site.

RTL Language layout

RTL Language layout soon to be released

JA Hotel will support Right to Left language layout, like many other JoomlArt templates.

Multiple bonus pages

Multiple Bonus pages

Among Joomla customized pages, JA Hotel is also equipped with multiple bonus pages Blogs, Gallery, Videos, Places, and of-course Hotels.

Three Themed Colors

Five Additional Themed Colors

Your Hotel and travel site is not only Blue, but also Cyan, Orange, Purple, Green, and Red.

  • K2

  • Solidres


Version 1.0.8 03 May, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Fix error popup ariticle
  • Fix ordering on isotope layout

Version 1.0.7 21 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Got css error on email form
  • [solidres] Duplicate payment information
  • Cant load privacy content on popup
  • [solidres] Cant select room type to book room
  • Got some errors on contact page
  • Got error when view a k2 category page
  • Got error when enable custom field
  • Privacy link displays error on registration page and user profile page
  • Cant redirect to create request page after logged in

Version 1.0.6 02 Nov, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Got css error alert message color
  • MIssing search and clear icon on tag item page
  • Missing style on k2 search result page
  • Got notice error on room page
  • Archived articles page displays ugly
  • Missing fontsize icon on k2 item
  • Css error on Editor
  • Contact page is changed display format
  • Got error when checkout
  • Can't skip com_content
  • Russian Translation
  • Got css error on k2 edit item

Version 1.0.5 27 Jul, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Can't show custom field in category page
  • Got 404 error when booking hotel
  • "Featured Hotels" Hotel Picture not showing after changing order in Solidres.
  • Missing style in editor
  • [K2-RTL] tags displays ugly in RTL
  • Iphone: Label and text box should be in a line
  • Can't show custom field in contact page
  • K2 - Duplicate featured text on featured post
  • Logo image should show middle

Version 1.0.4 06 Dec, 2016

  • Upgrade solidres latest version
  • Update FontAwesome 4.7.0
Bug Fix
  • [k2] Zoom icon displays error
  • Update ACM module missing line of code "defined('_JEXEC') or die"
  • Got some css error on article editting
  • [K2] Rss icon displays ugly
  • K2 - Duplicate featured text on featured post and update FontAwsome
  • Css error on acm module when edit module on the frontend
  • Issues with Solidres component
  • Add new feature to customize video source for video content type
  • K2 - Cant show edit icon on the frontend to edit
  • Fix bug for smart-search

Version 1.0.3 21 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • JA ACM Slideshow navigation buttons not working in full screen mode
  • Link for image in a Gallery Content type article doesn't work
  • RTL- Can not quick booking
  • [Solidres] Got js error on manage booking page
  • Can not change date after set Check in date
  • [RTL-Solidres] Cant checkout successfully

Version 1.0.2 03 Apr, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Book now] Missing select icon
  • [Book now page] Please style active color for menu
  • [JomRes] Missing informations
  • [Hotel - RTL- Joomla 3.4] wrong style
  • [Book now] [ Guest page] " %" character is wrong position
  • [JomRes] Missing active for the menu
  • [Hotel for Joomla 3.4] wrong Style when user edit any module at front end
  • [Hotel - RTL- Joomla 3.4] Error 404
  • [Book now] Google is wrong style
  • [Book now] [Media center page] Cutting text
  • [JomRes] Missing space for detail form
  • [Hotel - RTL- Joomla 3.4] Missing style
  • [Book now] Missing menu when user click on this menu
  • [Book Now module] Break form
  • [Hotel for Joomla 3.4] wrong style when user edit " SlideShow" module at front end
  • [Hotel - RTL- Joomla 3.4] Overlap
  • [Home page] [Iphone 4] Missing responsive
  • [Book now menu] [Setting ] Missing style
  • [Book now] Missing space
  • [Hotel for Joomla 3.4] Error style when user edit "Search" module at front end
  • [Ajax Search module] missing space
  • [Book now ] Menu is wrong active color
  • [Hotel for Joomla 3.4] wrong Style when user edit " Call" module at front end
  • [Hotel RTL joomla 3.4] " On/ off" form is wrong style
  • [Slideshow module] Missing style
  • [Book now menu] [Report page] " Commission Rate" form is wrong position
  • [JomRes - module] [Function] Not display image
  • [Hotel for Joomla 3.4] Error cutting text when user edit "Top Videos" module at front end
  • [JomRes menu] [Bussiness config page] Missing text

Version 1.0.1 03 Feb, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Gallery: Carousel caption and submenu are overlapping
  • [RTL] [Archived Articles page] [iphone/ android 4.4] Missing space
  • [Solidres] Calendar displays error on hotel page
  • [JomRes] wrong style
  • [RTL] [Tagged item page] [Ipad] Missing style for select form
  • [RTL] [Edit profile page] [ Android 4.4/ iphone] Missing style for top menu
  • [Book now menu] [Bussiness config page] Missing style
  • [Hotel for Joomla 3.4] Error 404 popup when user edit "K2 Content" module at front end
  • [RTL] [Joomla- Sample category 1] [android] missing style
  • [RTL] [Featured articles page ] [ Adroid 4.4] Missing style for paging
  • [RTL-Solidres] Css error on admin cp page
  • [JomRes-Book now] Print page is missing style
  • [RTL] [k2- item page] [ipad ] Display Space form on the item page
  • [RTL-Iphone] Css error on hotel page
  • [JomRes - Ajax Search module] Calendar is not work
  • [Hotel for Joomla 3.4] wrong active when user edit any module at front end
  • [RTL] [Joomla- All category page] [androd] Breadcrumb is wrong style
  • [Iphone] Appears white line on off canvas sidebar
  • [RTL ] [COntact us page] [Ipad - vertical screen] Email field is missing style
  • [JomRes] Missing information for book now function
  • [Hotel Hotel RTL for Joomla 3.4] " Language form is not working
  • [RTL-IE8] Got some errors on home page
  • [RTL] [Login page] [ android 4.4] missing style for link text
  • [RTL] Calendar didn't work with multilingual site
  • [JomRes] Icon Link is not wrok
  • [Solidres] Got js error on admin cp page
  • [RTL] [Contact us page] [Ipad] Checkbox icon is wrong position
  • [RTL] [Item page] [ Android 4.4] Social network is missing style
  • [JomRes] Remove trash form
  • [Hotel / Hotel RTL- Joomla 3.4] " Language" form is not working

Version 1.0.0 28 Jan, 2015

First release