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Release Notes - JA Job Board - Version 1.2.3
** Bug
* [JAJB-100] - XML export - When creating a new feed, though not choose the data fields required but create records successfull still.
* [JAJB-101] - XML export - In the Data filtering options section, "Convert codes to their full name" option is selected for "Radio-buttons, Checkboxes, Selects" field, but xml file display code value

* [JAJB-102] - XML Export - XML Schemas: "Convert category numbers to their full name" is selected for Category field. Xml file only show 1 value although this field have multil value
* [JAJB-107] - JAJB-107: Import Jobs Xml Errors: 1) Notify import succesful but no jobs in DB 2) Declare XML source, but Feed structure not complete
* [JAJB-108] - Import XML - File format should be checked when upload "XML example file"
* [JAJB-113] - XML import error in ver 1.2.2
* [JAJB-114] - XML export - Preview feed - Error page is displayed when xml file is not exists
* [JAJB-118] - Check upload_file format (i.e. CV)
* [JAJB-119] - Profile duplicated + Improve settings of mod Filter jobs
* [JAJB-120] - Type of Check in Form Customziation_Employer is not working
** Improvement
* [JAJB-112] - Add JA Copyright info to Modules
* [JAJB-115] - XML export - Create new feed - Category and location are displayed as select box

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