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The portfolio responsive Joomla template for Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5 - JA Jason is a revamp for your portfolio. It's a built-in T3 Framework template with Bootstrap 3, RTL Language Layout, K2 Component, and eCommerce ready with Hikashop component.

For the first time in JoomlArt history, we make JA Jason a responsive Joomla template with six homepage options. It's you to choose what your home looks like. JA Jason shifts the focus from yourself onto your products and how to make profit from them. With neat design, and rich typography, JA Jason will be a perfect choice for both your products and designer portfolio.

JA Jason is a perfect Joomla template for product and designer portfolio; plus, you will be able to make money from the built-in store. This template supports RTL language layouts.


JA Magz II is the successor of our most favorite Joomla responsive template for news and magazine sites, JA Magz. It's a clean and simple design, with highlights of typography for news and magazine readers. Magz II is responsive and displayed well on any device from mobile to PC.

JoomlArt builds JA Magz II with pure Joomla spirit, we believe with proper design and the powerful core of Joomla, we can create a beautiful yet effective responsive template for magazine and news portal. So here it is, our ultimate bet on the best Joomla template for news and magazine site.

Reading news and magazine on screen is a pain for your eyes, so we create an enhanced reading mode for your eyes' pleasure. Readers can adjust the sizes of text, and change fonts to suit their needs. Moreover, JA Magz supports multiple languages, and Right to Left languages layout. Now you can create your online magazine with native languages supported.

Aside from the Joomla custom pages, our Joomla magazine template also has 5 custom pages i.e. Blog Posts, Gallery, Contact Us, Typography, and Video. Magz II with T3 framework and Bootstrap 3 at core, sports Megamenu for desktop and off-canvas menu from mobile.

Your news & magazine templates re-imagined with JA Magz II

JA Magz II supports RTL languages layout.

JoomlArt would like to present JA Mono - the responsive Joomla template for creative business.

JA Mono is based on Unusual layout concept with monochromatic style. This is not your traditional website and Mono is dedicated for creative business, designers and startups. JA Mono is unusual because it makes great use of large-screen estate. On big devices (bigger than 1400px), the layout is split into two main blocks, when users surf through the content with builtin navigation, new content will be displayed with smooth slide-in animation. On smaller screens, it's a clean and simple design, with clever typography, big images and a lot of white spaces.

The template's Projects page will help you display your organization's works your own way. Projects can be intelligently ordered or organically wild. Elements can be stamped in place, fit in an ideal spot, or dragged around. 'It fills empty gaps'.

Mono is fully responsive and has 5 colors layouts: Default, Red, Green, Orange and Blue.

JA Mono will support RTL languages layout.

Welcome JA Platon - Responsive Joomla Template for Universities and Colleges.

It is a perfect new Joomla 3 template for Universities, schools, colleges and other educational websites. JA Platon supports Kunena - Joomla forum component and Jomsocial 4 - Joomla social networking extensions. With Kunena, and JomSocial 4, Platon creates not only school websites but also discussion boards, forums and social platforms for educational organizations.

Thanks to T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3, JA Platon is a fully responsive Joomla 3 template. Platon has intuitive Admin panel with easy to use options and built-in tools. The template is easy to customize as users' needs. The site speed is also optimized for better performance and user experience.

JA Platon will support RTL languages layout.

The best dedicated responsive Joomla template for Vehicle rental service.

JA Rent is a Joomla template designed for vehicles rental service website. This template is fully responsive based on Bootstrap 3 grid system. It is built with our solid T3 Framework, supports K2 component and dedicated Car rental component - Vik Rent Car (to be purchased separately) . JA Rent gives you power to build a full Rental functionality website.

The template is based on T3 Framework and powered with many new web technologies: Bootstrap 3, Font Awesome 4, LESS, etc and supports all Joomla pages with individually customized styles to fit the template design.

JA Rent supports RTL language layouts.

JA Social II is all new responsive Joomla template to build a social network for your community. Social II derives its name from JA Social, one of our best Joomla social templates for years. Social II is designed to help you create your own social network with Joomla.

Support both of the best Joomla extensions for social networks JomSocial, EasySocial, and Community Builder. JA Social II is the ultimate ingredient for a successful community project. You can build a full-fledged social media site with both style and functionality.

Moreover, JA Social II is not only a social media Joomla template but also a multipurpose responsive Joomla template. The template's custom styles and layouts allow you to create a beautiful layout with the power of JoomlArt Advanced Custom Modules extension. JA Social II also features Joomla CCK component - K2.

With T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 at core, JA Social II is friendly and easy to customize. You can freely design the responsive Joomla template with MagicTheme, and Layout Configuration.

JA Social II supports RTL language layouts.

Responsive Joomla template for Tech Store - JA Techzone is responsive Joomla template for online showroom and hi-tech gadgets eCommerce site. Techzone is perfect fit for modern shopping needs, great for showing and reviewing technology products in an attractive yet simple web store.

The template supports Joomla shopping component - VirtueMart with various options for improving the user experience and effectively managing your online shop. Joomla forum component - Kunena provides the ultimate option for your shoppers' community with self-help forums, discussion boards. Techzone also features K2 component for blogging and reviewing about hi-tech products. With T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 at core, Techzone is easy to customize. It supports RTL language layouts.


The long-awaited Telineis coming. JA Teline V is the best Joomla template for Magazine and News sites. It is fully compatible with Joomla 3 and Joomla 4, built with T3 Framework, Bootstrap 3, and the Advanced Custom Module (JA ACM).

JA Teline Vis the second JoomlArt template (after Uber) to demonstrate the power of the ACM. Teline V sports whole new flexible layouts with multiple content categories: Featured, Category, Video, Event, Topic. Teline V also helps readers with our new improved Article View. Consuming content is more pleasant with special reading mode, social sharing, comment and typo tools.

Reading news and magazine template nowadays is all about speed and mobile. We take great care to optimize the performance of Teline V when having a heavy content load. This release is for the desktop version, and we're having a plan for a dedicated Teline mobile solution.

It's time to take your News and Magazine site to the next level.


Joomla 5 is the latest evolution of the beloved content management system, and it comes with a host of exciting improvements and enhancements. The primary goal with the new version is to build upon the strengths of Joomla 4.x and elevate your web experience to new heights. In a nutshell, Joomla 5 is all about making Joomla Fast, Accessible, Secure, Extendable, and Yours.

Joomla 5 new features

Core Updates in Joomla 5

  • Performance: Faster load times to keep your visitors engaged.
  • Accessibility: Inclusive design for all users, regardless of abilities.
  • Security: Enhanced protection against online threats.
  • Extensibility: A vibrant ecosystem of extensions and templates.
  • Customization: Tailor your website to your unique vision.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the key features of Joomla 5, grouped into categories for easy understanding.

Performance and Technology Upgrades

PHP 8.2 and MySQL 8.0.11+

Joomla 5 embraces the latest technologies by adding support for PHP 8.2 and ensuring compatibility with MySQL 8.0.11+. These updates not only enhance performance but also make your Joomla 5 website more secure and future-proof.

PHP 8.2 and MySQL 8.0.11+

Codebase Cleanup and Optimization

As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality products and ensuring a smooth transition to Joomla 5, we are dedicating efforts to codebase cleanup and optimization. This process aims to enhance the performance, security, and maintainability of our products while ensuring compatibility with the latest Joomla version.

Codebase Cleanup and Optimization

Here's what you can expect from our codebase cleanup and optimization initiative:

  • Improved Performance
  • Enhanced Security
  • Maintainability and Compatibility

Developer-Focused Features

Backward Compatibility - Behavioral Plugin

We understand that transitioning to the latest Joomla version, Joomla 5, can sometimes pose challenges due to changes in the platform. To make this transition smoother for you, we have introduced a Behavioral Plugin.

What does this mean for you?

  • For Upgrades: If you are upgrading from a previous Joomla version (prior to 5.0), the Behavioral Plugin will be automatically activated. This ensures that your existing extensions and configurations continue to work seamlessly with Joomla 5.
  • For New Joomla! 5 Installations: If you are starting fresh with Joomla 5, the Behavioral Plugin may be disabled by default. You can choose to enable it if you have extensions that require backward compatibility support.
  • Version Compatibility: Depending on the extensions you use, you may need to specify the required backward compatibility version (for example, 4.0). This indicates that your extensions rely on the backward-compatible polyfills based on Joomla 4.0 version and need the Behavioral Plugin in Joomla 5.

This feature is designed to make your Joomla 5 experience as smooth as possible, ensuring that your extensions and configurations remain functional during the upgrade process.

Backward Compatibility - Behavioral Plugin Joomla 5

Passwordless Authentication with Passkeys

In Joomla 5, we've introduced an advanced method of authentication known as "Passkey." This feature enables passwordless authentication for your Joomla website, enhancing security and convenience.

Here's what you need to know:

  • HTTPS Requirement: To access the Passkey features, your site must be accessed over HTTPS. This ensures a secure connection between your browser and the website.
  • Certificate Authority: To register and use passkeys for login, your website must have a valid SSL certificate signed by a trusted Certificate Authority. This ensures the highest level of security and trustworthiness for your users' credentials.

With Passkey, you can enjoy a passwordless and secure authentication experience on your Joomla website, offering a more convenient and reliable way to access your site.

Passwordless Authentication with Passkeys Joomla 5

User Experience Enhancements

Dark Mode for Administrator

In Joomla 5, your Joomla administration experience is even more versatile. Now, if you're using dark mode on your device, the administrator template will automatically adapt to match your preference.

With this feature, the Joomla 5 administrator template will seamlessly switch to a dark mode appearance when it detects your device is in dark mode. This provides a more comfortable and visually pleasing experience for users who prefer darker interfaces.

Dark Mode in Administrator Template Joomla 5

Expanded Font Selection in Cassiopeia

Joomla 5 has expanded your font choices when using the default Joomla template, Cassiopeia. Now, you can select from a variety of system fonts directly within the template.

These fonts are built into the system, so there's no reliance on external services like Google Fonts. You have the flexibility to More Fonts in Cassiopeia Joomla 5

Fontawesome 6 Integration

Stay up-to-date with the latest icons and symbols. Joomla 5 integrates Fontawesome 6, giving you access to a fresh set of icons to enhance your website's visual appeal.

Fontawesome 6 Integration in Joomla 5

Installation Progress Bar

Installing Joomla should be a transparent and straightforward process. In Joomla 5, the installation experience has been enhanced by introducing an installation progress bar. No more wondering what's happening behind the scenes!

The installation progress bar replaces the traditional spinning Joomla logo during installation. Now, users will see a clear visual indicator of the installation progress, providing greater clarity and assurance during the setup process.

Installation Progress Bar Joomla 5

Content Management Improvements and SEO

Rich Snippets Enhancement

Joomla 5 has taken a significant step in optimizing your website's visibility in search engine results. Search engines like Google utilize structured data to generate rich snippets that enhance the display of your content in search results.

Rich Snippets ( Implementation) Joomla 5

Previously, Joomla had a rich snippet generation feature, but it relied on hard-coded inline microdata, making it challenging to customize from the backend. Now, with Joomla 5, this process has been simplified.

You can add and configure structured data directly from the Joomla backend using the new System plugin - Begin by entering your company's general details. Then, in the Schema tab for articles, choose from a variety of types such as BlogPosting, Book, Event, Vacancy, Organization, Person, or Recipe.

Rich Snippets ( Implementation) Joomla 5

Depending on your selection, specific fields will be available, allowing you to provide additional information like preparation time, ingredients, and more. This structured data is intended for search engines and helps improve the visibility of your content in search results, making it more informative and engaging for users.

Rich Snippets ( Implementation) Joomla 5

300 Characters for Meta Description

Improve your website's SEO with longer meta descriptions of up to 300 characters. This allows you to provide more detailed and engaging information to potential visitors.

Joomla 300 Characters for Meta Description

AVIF Support in Media Manager

Joomla 5 allows you to take advantage of the AVIF image format in the media manager. This modern image format provides better compression and image quality, improving your website's loading speed and user experience.

AVIF Support in Media Manager Joomla 5

Code Mirror 6 and TinyMCE Editor 6.7

Joomla 5 upgrades its code and text editors to Code Mirror 6 and TinyMCE Editor 6.7, enhancing the editing experience and providing more features for content creators.

Code Mirror 6 and TinyMCE Editor 6.7 in joomla 5

Align Images in TinyMCE

Editing content becomes more seamless with the ability to align images directly in the TinyMCE editor. No more manual adjustments required, saving you time and effort.

Align Images in TinyMCE Joomla 5

And more

Password Requirements Checklist

In Joomla 5, it is made to be easier than ever for users to change their passwords through the profile page on your website. Now, when you update your password, you'll see clear information about the minimum password requirements and whether your chosen password meets these criteria.

This feature ensures that your password is both secure and compliant with the necessary standards, providing you with confidence in the safety of your account while maintaining user-friendliness.

User action Logs Improvements

User action Logs Improvements Joomla 5

In Joomla 5, we've enhanced the Action Logs feature to provide more detailed insights into user activities on your website. Now, you'll find additional functions added to the action logs, including:

  • Creation of New Custom Field by a User
  • Edit of Custom Field by a User
  • User Blocking
  • User Unblocking
  • User Not Found

Improved Smart search

  • Search in Custom Fields

    Easily search and filter content by custom fields, making it simpler to find specific information within your website.

  • Photos of Contacts in Search Results

    Enhance the user experience by displaying contact photos in search results, adding a personal touch to your website.

  • Hide/Show Archived Articles in Search Results

    Tailor search results by deciding whether archived articles should be displayed or hidden, offering more control over your website's content.

With Joomla 5, you have a powerful CMS at your disposal, enriched with these exciting new features and enhancements. Whether you're a content creator, developer, or administrator, Joomla 5 offers something to make your website management experience smoother and more enjoyable. Upgrade to Joomla 5 today and explore these fantastic features for yourself!


Hi guys,

We're back with another batch of Joomla 5 product updates with 15+ more of our Joomla templates now seamlessly upgraded to Joomla 5. These updates not only bring a fresh aesthetic but also harness the power of Joomla 5 to elevate your websites to new standards of performance, security, and customization.


Hi guys,

Today, we present a diverse collection of 18 more Joomla templates updated for Joomla 5. These newly unveiled templates stand as a testament to our dedication in catering to the ever-growing needs and aspirations of our web development community.


Hi guys,

Embracing the Next Chapter with Joomla 5 Updates! We're thrilled to unveil the latest wave of enhancements, as over 25+ of our Joomla templates have undergone seamless upgrades to embrace the cutting-edge Joomla 5. These updates not only introduce a rejuvenated visual appeal but also leverage the robust capabilities of Joomla 5, elevating your websites to unprecedented levels of performance, security, and customization. Join us as we delve into the future of web excellence!


JA Educatsy is a professional Joomla LMS template for all kinds of education websites like school, college, university, institution, foundation, and other academic institutions. The template fully supports Guru Pro, the most powerful Joomla LMS platform that covers the entire learning and coaching niches including management systems for courses, teachers, students, certificates, exams, subscriptions, online payments, commissions and many more.

In case you need a simple solution, JA Educatsy also satisfy you, it has the built-in layouts and style to build simple education website using Joomla content (Joomla articles), extra fields.

The Joomla education template is developed on the all-new T4 Framework that uses the latest Bootstrap 4 library, fully-responsive, mobile-friendly ready and advanced template dashboard with amazing features: layout builder, mega menu builder, theme customization tool, and more.


Introducing Guru Pro 6.2.0, a significant update designed to enrich your Learning Management System (LMS) experience. Packed with compatibility for Joomla 5, PHP 8.2, and a series of improvements

This powerful Joomla LMS extension is designed to help you generate revenue and create engaging online courses.


JA Vital is a professional Joomla template for Hospitals, and Health Care centers, featuring cosmetic clinics. Its oriented & creative design, many beautiful content blocks to represent your website content in smart layouts.

The medical Joomla template provides specifically designed sections and pages for Healthcare website: Department directory, Services, Doctors, and beautiful bonus pages: Blog, Contact, and all Joomla default pages with customized style to fit the template design.

The Joomla medical template is built with the robust T4 Joomla Template Framework, fully responsive at core, optimized for SEO and performance. It supports Acymailing for newsletter signup and marketing plans.

RTL language layout is supported by default.

Welcome to JA Fresco, the creative Joomla template designed to enhance the online presence of restaurants and bars. With its sleek design and powerful features, JA Fresco offers everything you need to create a captivating website that reflects the unique atmosphere and offerings of your establishment.

The JA Fresco template utilizes the robust T4 Framework, boosting site performance and facilitating easy customization with integrated features like a layout builder, megamenu, theme customizer, and more.


JA Donate is our new Joomla template designed for Charity and Donation websites. The template fully supports DT Donate 4.0 - advanced Joomla donation component to create donation campaigns, allow donnors to donate online, supports 40+ popular payment gateways and easy to setup.

The donation Joomla template is responsive at core, supports multiple theme colors, slideshow video background, all default Joomla pages. It is based on the T3 Framework with mega menu support, a flexible layout system, and more.

RTL Language layouts (RTL) is supported by default.


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