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JA Social II Introduction

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  • Updated on:26 May, 2020
  • Version:1.1.1
  • Download:311,123
  • (3.6 / 346 votes)

JA Social II is all new responsive Joomla template to build a social network for your community. Social II derives its name from JA Social, one of our best Joomla social templates for years. Social II is designed to help you create your own social network with Joomla.

Support both of the best Joomla extensions for social networks JomSocial, EasySocial, and Community Builder. JA Social II is the ultimate ingredient for a successful community project. You can build a full-fledged social media site with both style and functionality.

Moreover, JA Social II is not only a social media Joomla template but also a multipurpose responsive Joomla template. The template's custom styles and layouts allow you to create a beautiful layout with the power of JoomlArt Advanced Custom Modules extension. JA Social II also features Joomla CCK component - K2.

With T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 at core, JA Social II is friendly and easy to customize. You can freely design the responsive Joomla template with MagicTheme, and Layout Configuration.

JA Social II supports RTL language layouts.
t3 framework

Built on the latest T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

With the powerful T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3, you will have a trustworthy Joomla framework at hand. Building and customizing Joomla templates are more comfortable.

responsive joomla template

Fully responsive social experience

Thanks to T3 Framework, JA Social II will help users with a smooth social experience across full range of devices from computer to mobile.

megamenu and off-canvas menu

Megamenu and Off-canvas menu

Social II will help organize everything on your site with Megamenu on desktop and Off-canvas menu on mobiles or tablets.

Jomsocial supports

Supports JomSocial - Joomla community extension

JA Social II supports JomSocial with custom styled layouts, you can now bring your community a great design with an effective social stream.

Easysocial supports

Supports EasySocial - Joomla social networking extensions

Plenty of features like story, stream, profile, groups, points from EasySocial. It's your turn to start fostering your community site.


Support Community Builder - Joomla Social Networking solution

In version 1.0.1, JA Social II supports Community Builder - Joomla Social networking solution. With Community Builder, you will have a toolbox for creating different communities and platforms. And it just works like a charm. Promise.

non-social custom layout

Non-social custom layout

Remember, JA Social II is not only a social network template, but also a multipurpose one. Check out the non-social layout, you'll be amazed.

K2 component support

Supports K2 component

K2 component is no doubt one of the most favorite Joomla CCK extension. JA Social II with K2 is a successful combo for your blogging endeavor.

Rtl layouts

RTL Language Layout

JA Social II supports Right-to-Left languages layouts.

  • EasySocial

  • JomSocial

  • K2


Version 1.1.1 26 May, 2020

  • JomSocial overrides not working for social login
Bug Fix
  • Support CB 2.4.2

Version 1.1.0 12 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Missing navigation icon on single article page
  • Cant show privacy on user profile, registration pages
  • [3.9] Should restyle user profile on contact page
  • [JS] Got css error on comment box
  • Privacy note not displayed on popup
  • Need restyle tag page
  • [3.9] Need remove captcha text on contact page

Version 1.0.9 01 Jun, 2018

  • Upgrade to support Easysocial ver 2.2.2 & Joomsocial 5.4
Bug Fix
  • JomSocial: Get error "File not found" when click icon exit on topmenu
  • easysocial: Realign button on Pages page when create NewPage
  • JomSocial:Can't send new message on Inbox page
  • Easysocial - Css error on login form
  • Easysocial - Got warning error on events detail page
  • JomSocial: Missing content of option on Inbox page
  • Jomsocial - Missing language on registration page
  • JomSocial: Realign position of checkbox on Privacy page

Version 1.0.8 08 Dec, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Jomsocial - Update override for JA Hello Me module
  • Missing fontsize icon on k2 item
  • Some CSS error on Editor
  • Missing Custom field group on edit article page
  • Improve off canvas style
  • MIssing search and clear icon on tag item page
  • RTL - Easysocial: Calendar is overflow
  • Cant like or comment on jomsocial page
  • Contact page is changed display format
  • Jomsocial: Can't show toolbar on Iphone
  • Should redirect to easysocial dashboard page after login
  • Problem with Easysocial when upgrade to latest version
  • Cant close k2 item when edit k2 item on the frontend
  • Jomsocial: Hello Me module title is not styled
  • Missing notification module on firefox

Version 1.0.7 12 May, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Cant show custom fields on contact page
  • [Jomsocial] Search page is missing style
  • Custom field is not displayed after title
  • Missing background image after upgrade J3.7
  • Css error on edit article page
  • Easysocial Events Displaying Incorrectly on Mobile
  • Got error page after register an account on jomsocial

Version 1.0.6 22 Nov, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Easysocial - Missing style on search result page
  • Jomsocial - Send button displays error on iphone
  • RTL - Easysocial: Cant close timezone selection
  • RTL CSs error on login page
  • Easysocial - Css error when hover link
  • RTL - Jomsocial - Css error on member page
  • Article title should be smaller on small screen
  • Easysocial - Login form displays error on iphone 5
  • Easysocail - buttons on popup displays ugly
  • RTL - Easysocial menu bar displays ugly on iphone
  • Empty page when switch to RTL language
  • Easysocial - Css error conversation page
  • RTL-Jomsocial - Css error on photo page when view on iphone
  • [RTL - Easysocial] Css error on events page when view on iphone
  • Css error on edit module on the frontend
  • Easysocial - Css error on advanced search
  • Easysocial - Search box displays error on iphone
  • RTL - jomsocial - css error on message popup
  • Smartsearch display error
  • Easysocial - Missing background on invite friend page
  • Jomsocial - Css error on inbox page when view on iphone
  • RTL - Easysocial - Image should be resized on photo filter page
  • Easysocial - Missing background on forgot username/password page
  • Easysocial - Got css error on photo page
  • RTL - Jomsocial - Css error on member page
  • Got error on photo module

Version 1.0.5 04 Aug, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Fix problems after upgrade joomla 3.6
  • https://www.joomlart.com/forums/topic/mobile-display-vibrates-when-reaching-bottom-of-page/
  • Update ACM module missing line of code "defined('_JEXEC') or die"
  • Logout icon unvisible
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on video page
  • Css error on photo, video jomsocial module

Version 1.0.3 13 Jan, 2016

  • Upgrade jomsocial 4.1.4 and Joomla 3.4.8
Bug Fix
  • [Jomsocial] Hard to see button text on notification box
  • Error in style when editing K2 item from front-end
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Icon is overlapped on comment box
  • There is no 'active' status button When edit module on front end .
  • [Jomsocial] Cant send private message and add friend request
  • [Jomsocial] Got error 500 when open All members page

Version 1.0.2 24 Oct, 2015

Bug Fix
  • CB: Css error on Login form
  • IE8-Menu is broken on Ie8
  • [RTL-easysocial] Css error on guests module
  • RTL -EasySocial: Direction to 404 page when sign out
  • EasySocial: Css error on conversations
  • Forgot username and password displays ugly
  • notifications don't work well with easy social
  • [RTL] Home page displays error on IE
  • Jomsocial: Can't show videos on Video page
  • EasySocial: Can't delete conversation
  • [Easysocial] Bullet icon displays error on events page
  • [RTL-easysocial] Open event icon should be moved to left direction
  • [RTL-easysocial] wrong navigation icon in RTL
  • EasySocial: Can't show notifications detail
  • EasySocial: Error on Search form
  • Cant see collapse navigation icon on mobile
  • RTL - Jomsocial: Realign "Featured" label on All member page
  • Jomsocial: Can't change Avatar & Cover photos
  • EasySocial: Can't show group's avatar
  • Jomsocial: Register form and Logo are overlapping
  • [RTL-easysocial] Realign search box
  • [RTL-easysocial] Css error on image popup
  • Jomsocial: 500 Error with Friend page
  • [Jomsocial] Wrong tooltip text when hover forgot user name, password icon on login page
  • [CB] missing label infos on user profile
  • [RTL-CB] css error on cb login page
  • RTL - Missing file on offline page
  • EasySocial: Direction to blank page when create new Video
  • logo and slogan is not aligned with each other
  • [RTL-easysocial] missing border on forgot username and password
  • [RTL-IE] Missing menu text on off canvas sidebar
  • Jomsocial: Can't show my photos

Version 1.0.1 07 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Community Builder: Css error on Login page
  • Joomsocial: wrong link of item
  • RTL- iphone- JoomSocial: All category page iss misssing ressponsove
  • RTL- Easysocial: Album page is overlap
  • RTL- Easysocial: Advanced search page is overlap
  • RTL-Ipad- Easysocial: Missing " Toggle Sidebar" button
  • RTL- Iphone: Contact us page is missing menu
  • RTL- Iphone: Pending page is overlap
  • RTL -Jomsocial: Missing "create profile" button
  • rtl-Iphone- Easysocial: Easysocial page is overlap
  • RTL- Easysocial: Easysocial page is wrong link
  • Iphone-Community Builder: Connection page is breaking
  • RTL-Iphone: Edit profile page is missing responsive
  • RTL - Easysocial: Error on friend's profile
  • RTL- iphone:Joomsocial page is missing space
  • RTL-Iphone- Joomsocial: My group page iss overlap
  • RTL- Iphone- Easysocial: Album detail page is missing style
  • Ipad- RTL- Easysocial: Application page is missing space
  • RTL: Arrow should be rotate to left
  • RTL: Appearance scrollbar after login
  • RTL -Jomsocial: Css error on Invite friend form
  • RTL- Iphone: Dropdown list is wrong position
  • Megamenu button error on Template options page
  • RTL - Jomsocial: Redirection to 404 page when click to view all Events on Events module
  • RTL- iphone- Community Builder: Profile page is display overlap
  • RTL- Iphone: Sample product page page is wrong position of button
  • EasySocial: All buttons should be in a line
  • RTL-Iphone: Joomsocial page is missing space
  • Contact us: Need more space between message & masshead
  • RTL- Iphone- Easysocial: All album menu display Blank page
  • RTL-ipad: Easysocial page is cutting text
  • RTL- Community Builder: Edit profile page is missing style
  • RTL- Iphone: Language icon is wrong position
  • RTL: wrong language
  • RTL- Iphone: Publish popup is need smaller
  • RTL-Iphone- Joomsocial: Missing form
  • Missing background on Reset Usename and Password pages
  • RTL-Jomsocial: Direction to home page when click to view my Events
  • RTL-Iphone-Community Builder: Missing line
  • RTL- iphone: Missing New menu
  • RTL-Social: Event page is display error 404
  • RTL-Iphone-Easysocial: Events page is missing space
  • RTL - Jomsocial: error on comment
  • RTL - Jomsocial: Redirection to 404 page when click home icon
  • RTL- Iphone: K2 item detail page is cutting form