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Joomla News & Magazine Template

Available for Joomla 5 Joomla 4

JA Titan Introduction

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  • Updated on:03 Jul, 2024
  • Version:1.0.0 Changelog
  • Download:1,236
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Welcome to JA Titan, our latest Joomla template crafted for Finance and Cryptos news. With its modern design and robust features, JA Titan is perfect for creating a professional and engaging online presence. Showcase your content with unique layouts for podcasts, events, and courses powered by Guru LMS.

Built on the powerful T4 Framework, JA Titan offers flexibility, speed, and SEO optimization. Whether you’re running a news site, hosting podcasts, or offering online courses, this template has everything you need. Let JA Titan take your website to the next level.

News/Magazine Unique Design

Innovative News/Magazine Design

JA Titan is crafted with a unique design tailored for news and magazine websites. Its clean and professional look ensures your content stands out and engages your audience effectively.

Category Layout with Timeline Feature Support

Timeline-Enhanced Category Layout

Organize your content efficiently with category layouts that include timeline feature support, making it easy for your readers to follow the flow of your articles and updates.

Podcast Layout

Podcast-Centric Layout

Engage your audience with a dedicated podcast layout, perfect for showcasing your audio content. This feature supports popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Podcast.

Events Layout

Engaging Events Display

Promote your events effectively with the Events Layout. This feature allows you to present event details, schedules, and key highlights in an attractive and user-friendly manner.

Guru Layouts

Educational Guru Layouts

Leverage the power of Guru LMS with dedicated layouts for courses. These layouts make it easy to present your educational content in a structured and engaging way.

Light Theme

Dark and Light Theme

JA Titan includes a beautiful light theme that enhances readability and provides a clean, modern look to your website. Perfect for creating a professional and inviting online presence.


User-Friendly Megamenu

Enhance your site’s navigation with the advanced Megamenu. This feature allows you to create comprehensive and easy-to-navigate multi-level menus, improving user experience and site structure.

Powered by T4 Framework

Powered by T4 Framework

JA Titan is built on the robust T4 Framework, offering unparalleled flexibility, speed, and SEO optimization. Enjoy advanced features like layout builder, theme customization options, and powerful tools for developers.

Responsive Design

Universal Responsive Design

Ensure your site looks great on any device with JA Titan’s fully responsive design. Your content will be beautifully displayed on desktops, tablets, and smartphones, providing a seamless user experience across all platforms.

All Joomla Pages

Fully Integrated Joomla Pages

JA Titan includes all default Joomla pages, ensuring full compatibility and functionality. From user registration to contact forms, every standard Joomla page is seamlessly styled to match your website’s design, providing a consistent user experience.

Author Listing

Contributor Author layout

Showcase your contributors with the Author Listing feature. Highlight the authors of your articles, podcasts, and courses, providing your audience with insights into the minds behind your content.