T4 Joomla Page Builder Alpha 3 released with 2 major new features: Front-end Page edit and pages export, import feature and multiple improvement, bug fixes. This alpha release is FREE to download for all users.

T4 Joomla Page Builder is the all-new page builder tool for Joomla, it is all you need to create beautiful websites, with a visual, drag and drops feature, an inline editor where you see all your changes, edit any element's properties in the easiest ways.

drag and drop Joomla page builder

T4 Joomla Page Builder Alpha 3 Released

T4 Joomla Page Builder Alpha 3 release details:

New feature: Front-end page edit

The Front-end page edit feature allows users with assigned permission to edit the page from front-end, like Joomla's article front-end editor. After login from front-end, the user who has edit permission will see the Page Edit button, click the button and it goes to the page builder tool where you can update content and configure the page, it is the same as back-end.

drag and drop Joomla page builder

T4 Joomla Page Builder front-end edit

Permission setting

You can configure specific permission like create, edit, delete pages for a specific user group, the same way Joomla permission works. In the T4 Page Builder component dashboard hit the Options > Permissions and setup permission.

drag and drop Joomla page builder

T4 Joomla Page Builder permission settings

New feature: Pages export and import

This amazing feature will help you build pages faster by import pages from page library, page bundles or transfer pages from different sites, quickly create backup for pages.

Pages export

You can select one or multiple pages to export. The exported file can be imported back to your site or other T4 Page Builder based site. Each file is a zip file, when you extract the file, it is a .json file.

 Joomla page builder page export

Export pages

Pages import

You can import pages from page library and page bundle (working in progress) or pages you exported. Drag and drop the exported file and select pages you want to import.

 Joomla page builder page import

Import pages


  • Elements restructure for better categorise and easier for user to setup

Bug Fixes:

  • Min height field working incorrect in style manager
  • Button: can't reset button type and outline type to default value
  • Bank Section: Container type working incorrectly
  • Import Manager need more styled
  • Default template working incorrectly
  • Problem with icon element

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