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The video tutorials section of JoomlArt is back with 8 more videos on developing with T3 Framework. With these new added tutorial clips, we show you how to tweak things in templates developed with T3 Framework, including:

  • Override template style
  • How to Re-size positions in block
  • How to customize logo
  • How to customize footer
  • Off-canvas sidebar
  • Add new fonts
  • Customize template
  • Optimize CSS and JS
8 more tutorial videos on developing with T3 Framework

8 more tutorial videos on developing with T3 Framework

Let take a walk through the newly added videos:

Wow, this is an enormous work from John Brett and our team. And if you don't have time to view all the videos, we also have transcripts attached for you to read later.

Don't forget to check our video tutorials section for more useful videos when working with T3 Framework and Joomla CMS.

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