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After eight months of development, 1 month of testing and 2 weeks of beta launch, we are ready to replace our aging site with all new with some really cool and major changes.

things to know about new JA

Things to know about the new

What's changed?

  1. In short nothing as such, just the backend scripts handling the subscription, ACL, support system have been replaced with open source scripts customized for our needs.
  2. Flexible subscription models including single purchases.
  3. Little increase in pricing.

What changes may affect you:

  1. New forums - since we moved away from VBulletin to BBPress, few options may be missing or newly introduced. Please go through the forums and you can appreciate those changes.
  2. Regular ticket system in read-only mode and will be shut down eventually. Inbuilt premium ticket feature has been added to the forum complimentary for dev members only.
  3. Copyright removal is now included for free across all memberships.
  4. Support has always been strictly domain based but now we are enforcing it to limit rampant misuse of subscription benefits. NO, we are not going to track domains but support will be limited to a number of domains allowed per subscription. oO raise a support query domain name would be required. No such limits for extension club or developer membership.

What improvements to expect?

  1. Better response time and lower resolution time for support queries. How? well, with the enforcement of domain based support, the number of support request shall go down and our team will have more time and resources to provide better and faster support.
  2. Better user experiences with single purchases and a single platform for support.

Feedbacks and more details:

We have outlined details of our new system in earlier announcements also and you can refer the following links for more details and also to provide feedback:

  1. Provide your feedback in this forum
  2. Blog post on new system

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