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JA Events II is the responsive Joomla event template dedicated for event organizers. Whether you're a professional events manager or one-off organizer, this Joomla template for events will help you to plan your successful events.

ja-event-ii features img

JA Events II - dedicated Joomla template for event organisers

The essential features of Joomla template JA Events II

  • Joomla T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3
  • Fully responsive Joomla template with Megamenu and Off-canvas menu.
  • Joomla Events Registration extension - Events Booking
  • Joomla events calendar extension - JEvents
  • Joomla extension for event ticketing - JTicketing
  • Joomla extension - Email Beautifier

Note : 3rd party extensions are NOT provided with the template and are required to be purchased separately from developer's site.

Joomla T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

t3 framework with bootstrap 3

JA Event II is a fully responsive Joomla template with T3 framework

With our powerful Joomla template framework and Bootstrap 3 at core, you can build and customize JA Events II to any event site as your desire. JA Events II is fully responsive with Megamenu for your desktop, and Off-canvas menu on mobile. These features help you to manage your event easily and also allow your event attendees access to your event site on the go. It is vital in this mobile era to have a responsive event site.

Joomla Events Registration extension - Events Booking

Events Registration extension - ebooking

JA Events II support events registration extension

With Events Booking Joomla extension, JA Events II allows users to create events both free and paid options with multiple types of registration (individual, group or shopping cart), and also to accept online payment. With these core features, your event site will be fully equiped with events managing tools from the start. You're still the event organizer, and JA Events II will do the rest. Everything just works together for a perfect event.

Get Events Booking

Support JEvents - Joomla events & calendar management extension

Events Registration extension - JEvents

JA Events II support events registration extension

We choose to integrate JEvents for JA Events II because JEvents is a long established Events calendar and listing addon for Joomla. JEvents consists of a number of modules and plugins for Joomla!. It is highly configurable and customisable with a long list of add-ons available to extend its functionality. The combination of the beauty Events II with Jevents will be a ideal solution for your events site.

Get JEvents

Support JTicketing - Ticketing for your Events made easy

JA Events II JTicketing

JA Events II support jticketing extension

The friendly developers from Techjoomla also bring JTicketing a feature packed event booking system with a native event manager. Jticketing also features mobile app for Android and iOS devices, it is a full solution for event organisers to sell event tickets by combination of JA Events II and Jticketing

Get JTicketing

Make up for your emails with Email Beautifier

JA Events II email beatifier

JA Events II support email beautifier extension

We also bring a useful Joomla extension for curing the ugly and boring mails you send to all event attendees. With Email Beautifer, JA Events II will only send the smart and good emails out. So don't be worry!

Get Email Beautifier

Multiple bonus pages for JA Events II

JA Events II bonus pages

JA Events II bonus pages

The events template has many custom Joomla pages dedicated for event management i.e. Shortcodes, Typography, Speakers, Sponsors and Pricing Table pages

And yes, we don't forget our friends with Right to Left languages. JA Events II is fully supported for RTL languages layout. Just enjoy!

Too many words can kill. So take your time to see watch we bring in JA Events II for just 60 seconds clip.

It's your turn to reinvent your events homepage! Will you?!

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