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I am happy to announce the acquisition of by JoomlArt. With this acquisition we have added 100+ Joomla templates, 20+ extensions and 85+ WordPress themes to our combined product portfolio spread across our network site.

Shape5 is the 3rd Joomla Template company we have acquired after Gavick and JoomlaBamboo, allowing us to offer multiple variety of Joomla templates.

Shape5 Acquisition

JoomlArt acquires

Changes to Shape5 pricing, plans, structure, support.

I. Pricing

  1. New pricing plans have been introduced :
  2. Domain limitations removed.
  3. Shape5 3 months and 12 months plans have been merged with the new S5 Pro plan. The duration remains the same.
  4. Shape5 developer plan is no longer offered and all developer users will continue to receive all benefits till plan expiry.
  5. New Developer plan has been introduced which offer access to all template clubs of JoomlArt network.

Which plan should I go for?

We recommend our Ultimate Plan offering developer access to all our clubs at an unbelievable price of $299. Yes, the benefits of our acquisitions are being passed to our users through the Ultimate plan. Know More about Ultimate Plan

II. User Migration & new Login

  1. We have migrate all users to our Unified Portal.
  2. The old login can still be accessed at :
  3. If you have ever had an account at JoomlArt, Gavick, JomSocial, iJoomla, JoomlaBamboo or DTH Development, then only your billing and plans are imported into existing user profile (linked to user email NOT the username).

II (a). User Migration workflow :

  1. Our Unified Portal has users from JoomlArt, Gavick, JomSocial, iJoomla, Joomlabamboo and DTH Development.
  2. When importing Shape5 users, we match the emails to see if the user already exists. If yes, then we import only the membership info.
  3. Only one password is retained in the new system and that password would be from the first imported data, merge and compare will only import membership, plan info and permissions.
  4. Example: If you have an account on JoomlArt and also on Shape5 with the same email. Then the username and password of JoomlArt will work for you. Only the membership info from Shape5 will be merged on import.

II (b). Resolving Login issues :

  1. Try resetting your password first.
  2. If it still does not work, then possibly your username was auto updated by system to avoid duplicate usernames. The merge happens based on emails only and there are high chances of clashing usernames.
  3. Send in a quick email to [email protected]
  4. Live Chat (right bottom)

III. Support

  1. We provide support in our Unified Support Central. You can now ask your Shape5 questions in our Support Central.
  2. Developer members of Shape5 also have complimentary access to our ticket system.
  3. The old Shape5 forum will be made read only.
  4. JoomlArt’s Support team will take over Shape5 support duties from 15th August onwards, till then Johan and Mike would be providing support.

Benefits to current members of Shape5 :

  1. All Shape5 members to get free access to our JA Page Builder.
  2. Joomla 4 updates
  3. Discounted access to our other clubs. These discounts are available in the userpanel.
  4. Domain limits removal - now avail unlimited usage and support

Time Limited Offer: 20% OFF for all products.

With the big event, we are offering 20% OFF for all products (except Ultimate Plan as it is bundle), using the coupon code: SHAPE5 during the checkout.

This is time limited offer and applicable across JoomlArt, Shape5, Gavick, JoomlaBamboo, JomSocial, iJoomla and DTH Development.

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