JA Obelisk

Responsive Joomla Template for Movies & Entertainment

Available for Joomla 3
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JA Obelisk Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:11 May, 2018
  • Version:1.1.5
  • Download:801,712
  • (4.4 / 245 votes)

The Joomla Responsive template for Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5 - JA Obelisk fits right in with the home entertainment, media and movies theme. It is built on the latest version of T3 Framework, supports EasyBlog component and styles for K2 component.

JA Obelisk will spice up your Joomla site with the holiday season spirit. The full width background slideshow located on your masshead will sure bring any detail to the attention. In case anyone feel lost, they now all can count on the search bar up top. You can certainly sort things out in seconds.

Comes in 5 colors scheme and 8 bonus pages, JA Obelisk is all you need to get everything set up for this occasion. This template supports RTL CSS Style.

Fully responsive

Thanks to T3 Framework, JA Obelisk looks stunning
on all screen sizes and devices.

Right To Left Language Layout

JA Obelisk is designed to support RTL language layout at core, all props go to the T3 Framework.

Supports EasyBlog

Either you are in business or not, blogging helps to boost up your audience and make you stand out the crowd. Now with EasyBlog, you can blog from everywhere anytime and stay in control.

Available in 5 colors

JA Obelisk has a variety of color schemes to choose from: Green, Red, Grayish, Christmas and Violet color. If all fail, you can always count on the Default color.

Up to 8 bonus pages

There are Login, Contact, Error page, Offline form, Newsfeed and so on, packed in with JA Obelisk for Free.

  • EasyBlog

  • K2


Version 1.1.5 11 May, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Notice error when upgrade joomla

Version 1.1.4 11 Jan, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Tooltip displays error in edit module page
  • Problem with warning message when register unsuccessful
  • Ipad_portrait: Footer layout is broken
  • Ipad_portrait: Register form is missing style
  • Contact Us: Some parameters don't work
  • Can't Skip component content
  • Warning error on Movie page

Version 1.1.3 01 Aug, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Article detail: Duplicate control button when view image
  • Got some errors when edit an article on the frontend
  • Text Logo is not styled
  • Restyle Easyblog
  • Css error when hover label image
  • CSS error when editing K2 module
  • Can't show custom field after title
  • EasyBlog: Error with tags
  • Social icons displays error
  • Can't show custom field in Contact us page
  • Can't show custom field in Category
  • Iphone: Duplicate Logo image
  • Got some css error on smartsearch page

Version 1.1.2 24 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] [Easyblog page] " Bookmark" text is wrong position
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] "Coming Soon" module is wrong language
  • [Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] " Films of the week" module is overlap
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] "EasyBlog Latest Blogs" module is missing style
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] " Social header" module is missing icon
  • [Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] " Slideshow" module is wrong position of images
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] " Calendar" module is missing space
  • [Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.1] " K2 Users" module
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] " JA Login" module is cutting
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] [Easyblog page] wrong active
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] " K2 user" module is wrong style
  • [Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] "Featured Movies" module is wrong style
  • [Obelisk/ Obelisk RTL joomla 3.4.3] " K2 Search Modules" module is wrong language

Version 1.1.1 24 Oct, 2014

Bug Fix
  • RTL: Some error on Edit profile page
  • RTL: Image should be run RTL on Latest Articles module
  • Missing language on easyblog page
  • RTL : Search box should be run RTL on Newfeeds page
  • Tag displays error on weblink page

Version 1.1.0 24 Jul, 2014

  • Upgrade to Joomla 3.3.1 & 2.5.22 compatibility
Bug Fix
  • Appears scrollbar on small screen
  • Non responsive on contact page
  • Error of JA Slideshow module on IE 11
  • Cant change small logo on iphone
  • [J3x] Appears scrollbar on image dialog popup when edit an article
  • Dropdown Trigger Mouse hover doesnt work on IE8
  • Menu is broken when disable responsive
  • Add more line spacing on forgot username and password
  • Css error on breadcrumb module
  • Cant show secret key on login module
  • Cant show submenu level 3 on ipad
  • Cant open main menu item page on IE8
  • Menu is broken when disable responsive
  • [J3x] Realign fields on login page when enable secret key
  • Image is not resize on IE8
  • [J3x] Should realign field on login page when enable secret key
  • Missing caret when it has submenu
  • IE8- Css error when hover item on contentslider module
  • Can't show menu level 3 on IE
  • Should realign (*) character on register form
  • Missing style on template settings page on the frontend
  • [Easyblog] Missing avatar on IE8
  • Easyblog is missing font

Version 1.0.3 14 Feb, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [iPhonePortrait_Registration]_Registration form should be re-styled
  • [News]_The texts and image should be only one vertical line
  • [RTL-iPhone_Breadcrumb]_Position breadcrumb should be re-styled
  • [Ja Bulletin]_An error occurs when News page has been openned
  • [Movies]_K2 edit items should be re-styled
  • [RTL-iPhone_Home]_Home page layout broken in iPhone
  • [RTL-iPadPortrait_EasyBlog]_Calendar control is overflowing border
  • [News]_Edit tooltip in per article should be re-styled
  • [iPhonePortrait_Easyblog]_Image on per article is overflowing
  • [EasyBlog]_New Tags label should be re-styled
  • [RTL-iPhone_EasyBlog]_Should be added a little gap between blog title and thumbnail
  • [Mod_Breadcrumbs]_icon still occurs although option show "You are here" On

Version 1.0.2 08 Jan, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [RTL-EssyBlog]_Related posts should be re-styled
  • [EasyBlog]_Almost textboxes are overflowing
  • [iPad-portrait_Home]_All menus should be only one horiziontal line
  • [RTL-EssyBlog]_social buttons should be re-styled
  • [EasyBlog]_Listbox layout broken when after checkbox Select all has been checked
  • [RTL-EssyBlog]_ListBoxes Add tags should layout broken
  • [RTL-EssyBlog]_Blogger avatar need to re-style
  • [EasyBlog]_All buttons should be re-styled
  • [EasyBlog]_Semicolon should be deleted on page navigation
  • [Movie]_Should be deleted or changed other thubmnails
  • [JPage]_Refresh button should be removed to the end of Edit form
  • [EasyBlog]_Texts are overlaping icon

Version 1.0.1 22 Nov, 2013

Bug Fix
  • K2 : Some error on User Page
  • Can't show sub-submenu
  • Css error on Editor
  • RTL : Css error on Languageswitcher module
  • K2 : Missing K2 logo in Editor
  • [RTL-iPhone_Userpage]_Icons are overlapping the texts

Version 1.0.0 07 Nov, 2013

First release