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JA Flix Introduction

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  • Updated on:06 Mar, 2020
  • Version:1.0.1
  • Download:2,530
  • (3.9 / 244 votes)

JA Flix is a multipurpose Joomla template designed for Movie News, Movie review, Multimedia, and magazine website. The template includes 2 extended content types: Gallery & Video and multiple views for movies news, movies trailer, and gallery articles. It offers a clean and modern design. The template can be easily customized to fit other multimedia websites.

JA Flix fully supports JomSocial component to integrate community and social networking system for your Joomla website. The Movie News Joomla template is built with our new powerful T4 Joomla framework, that fully integrates Bootstrap 4, built with SASS and includes outstanding features:

  • Layout builder
  • Megamenu builder
  • Theme customization tool
  • Advanced tools: custom CSS & SCSS editor, Custom code, CSS & JS optimization

JA Flix template provides native RTL (Right-to-Left) language support for websites using Right to left language like Arabic, Hindi, and others.

movie news joomla template

Designed for multipurpose movie news website

JA Flix is a professional Joomla template with dedicated and modern design for movie news, multimedia, movie review, entertainment and multimedia websites.

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Beautiful Video articles layout

The template supports Video article (an extended content type from Joomla article) to help website owner manage video articles easier and show the video articles in outstanding responsive layout. It helps you build a complete multimedia news website.

law firm joomla template

Gallery news: extended Joomla article

An other useful extended content type supported in this template is Gallery that allows you to create movie news, movie review with a beauitiful image gallery.

law firm joomla template

Flexible and dedicated layouts for news, magazine, media

With multiple views supported, JA Flix can show news, media content your ways. It also supports 5 beautiful layouts for Articles Category module to display articles in different views.

law firm joomla template

Fully supports JomSocial

You can integrate Social networking for your website using JomSocial that is supported by default with customized style to fit the template design.

law firm joomla template

Flexible navigation systems

JA Flix supports multiple navigation systems: Megamenu (built with Megamenu builder), Joomla default dropdown menu and Off-canvas menu (recommeded for Mobile layout).

law firm joomla template

Fully responsive design

JA Flix fully integrates Bootstrap 4, the most popular framework for building responsive and mobile-first websites with powerful ultilities for layout and grid system. Every single element is designed to look perfect on responsive layouts.

law firm joomla default pages

Supports all default Joomla pages

The law firm Joomla template comes with special customized styles for all Joomla default pages: Search, login, contact, tags, 404, offline, etc.

law firm joomla template

Right to left language layout

JA Flix template supports right to left language layout at core that allows you build website in right to left languages like Arab, Persian, etc.

  • JomSocial


Version 1.0.1 06 Mar, 2020

Bug Fix
  • Improve style for media modal
  • Update offcanvas style
  • Fixed RTL

Version 1.0.0. 11 Nov, 2019

Bug Fix
  • Jomsocial: Post box need more style
  • Category Title display not nice
  • [IE] Realign links on the Top bar
  • Need be changed the font size on Confirm Request and Extend Consent pages
  • Jomsocial: Screen direction wrong when login failed
  • IE11 - Jomsocial: Got CSS error with Login button and links
  • Privacy Note displays error on Email popup
  • [Ipad/Mobile] Jomsocial: Re-style "Unfollow" button
  • [Jomsocial -iPhone/iPad] Got error when show other profiles
  • Smartsearch module displays not nice on head-search position
  • Trailets page: Got horizontal scrollbar on small screen
  • Jomsocial: Re-style Form Login when enable "Two Factor Authentication - YubiKey" Plugin
  • Smart Search: Re-style Text color and results counter
  • Jomsocial: button and icon are overlapping
  • Jomsocial: Realign on the Detail Video
  • Home page: Recheck on small screen
  • Missing highlight when hover Link
  • [IE - Jomsocial] Remove horizontal scrollbar
  • Problem with Topbar-left menu when having a submenu
  • [Mobile] Jomsocial: Popup "Reacted users" display not full
  • CSS validation
  • Update language
  • Jomsocial: Can't see button's text
  • [Mobile][Module: Trending Stories] Title Articles display too big
  • [Ipad] "Close Window" button display not nice on the Email
  • List all category page is not styled
  • [Ipad] Jomsocial: Can't close message
  • iPhone_Portrait: CSS error with page counter
  • Term and Privacy displays error on Register form
  • [Mobile] Jomsocial: Popup "Change vanity URL" display not nice
  • Jomsocial: button is not styled
  • Menu's caption displays wrong the position
  • [Ipad] Feature Articles: Read more button and Author are overlapping
  • Some CSS errors on edit article page
  • [Mobile] Re-style Navigation on the Search Page
  • Jomsocial: Login form need more styled
  • Jomsocial: Crossbar loading overlapping with remove icon
  • IE Edge, IE 11: Problem with text alignment
  • Jomsocial: [No login] Popup display wrong when click "Add as Friend"
  • "List News Feeds in a Category" page is not styled
  • Off-canvas: Losing menu one by one when clicking on it
  • [Mobile] Jomsocial: Got error style when Edit comment
  • HTML validation
  • Articles-category module: Add more space between Readmore button and text
  • Trailers: Remove main-player on mobile
  • Missing highlight for "Back to top" Button
  • Have Mask on screen when click "Version" on Edit Article
  • Archived Articles page is not styled
  • Jomsocial: Re-check function More/Hide of Description Video
  • iPhone_Portrait: Navigation displays overflow
  • Contact Us: Problem with Privacy Note popup
  • Change setting display "Icons" on the Contact Page not applied
  • Jomsocial - iPad: video's time is overflow
  • Got CSS error on Logout form
  • iPad_portrait: Off-canvas button is cut off
  • Break Article: menu is not highlighted when it is activating
  • [Jomsocial - iPhone] Got css error on Status's background
  • [Mobile] Video not run when click open
  • Jomsocial: "Unfriend" display not clear when hover
  • "Compact list of tagged items" page is not styled
  • [Mobile][Module: Latest news] The first article display wrong
  • Jomsocial: File loading is hidden on postbox
  • Featured Articles: Tags and read more button are overlapping
  • Jomsocial: Re-style button when click "Reposition Cover" in Profile
  • Article info always displayed on below position
  • Articles-category module: Got error when Grouping article
  • Contact Us: Wrong font type with Fields/ profile/ Articles labels
  • JomSocial: Text for Register display too small
  • [Mobile] Jomsocial: Can't post status and comment
  • Category List page is not styled
  • Jomsocial: Can't remove Tag in Video
  • iPhone_landscape: category title and icon are overlapping
  • Secret key box is not styled
  • Icon Email and Country display wrong on the Contact Us Page
  • Jomsocial: Missing images
  • Slogan displays wrong position
  • Check web accessibility
  • Missing language on Edit module page