JA Content Slider Module

Slide your selected content with cool effects

Available for Joomla 4 Joomla 3

JA Content Slider Module Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:17 Mar, 2023
  • Version:2.7.7 Changelog
  • Download:1,987
  • (4.4 / 236 votes)

JA Content Slider module is used to slide your articles from Joomla categories with cool effects.

The module's rich back-end configuration covers all built-in functionality like: layout, animation control, auto thumbnail creation, images size, number of articles, sorting and much more.

  • Easy and elegant display of article list
  • Support Joomla content and K2 content
  • Support 2 slide modes: Vertical and Horizontal
  • Item size is configurable
  • Show or hide article image
  • Include number of settings for animation

Easy and elegant display of articles list

The module allows you to easily and elegantly display a list of articles in slide. User can slide articles displayed in the module.

Support multiple content types

The module supports 3 content types: Joomla, K2 articles from selected categories and images from a folder. If you select to use images from a folder, you can add title and description for each of images in the folder.

Horizontal or vertical display mode

You can display content slider in horizontal or vertical slide mode. It depends on position you want to display the module in.

Item size is configurable

You can set size (width and height) for articles displayed in the module. This feature will help you make the module fit any position in your site.

Show or hide article image

In case the content you select is Joomla or K2 Content, you can enable or disable article image. When enabled, you can configure the size for article image and thumbnail mode to resize images.

Various settings for animation

JA Content Slider includes many settings for animation. The module supports auto slide, when enabled, articles are auto slided with configurable duration and interval time.