JA Accordion Module

Displays selected contents with accordion effect

Available for Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3
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JA Accordion Module Introduction

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  • Updated on:07 Oct, 2016
  • Version:2.6.0
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JA Accordion is used to display selected content with accordion effect.

The module supports multiple content types: articles and modules. As an administrator, you can set number of items to be displayed, action event (mouse hover or mouse click). You can also select to show Featured articles or not.

  • Support multiple content types
  • Display selected content with accordion effect
  • Multiple effect types supported by default
  • Mouse hover or Mouse click to open item in accordion
  • Items displayed in accordion with full text or intro text

Support multiple content types

The module allows you to display articles by adding article IDs or articles from selected categories. For modules, you can select modules or modules from a position.

Display selected content with accordion effect

The module will display selected content in accordion with effects defined in back-end.

Multiple effect types supported by default

JA Accordion comes with multiple effect types. All you have to do is trying one by one till you find the effect you want to apply for the module. The effect will make the module displaying more impressive.

Mouse hover or Mouse click

Items in accordion can be opened when users hover or click. With one click, you can make it done.

Full text or Intro text

Each item displayed in the module will include title, image and description. The desciption can be full text or intro text only, it's up to your usage.


Version 2.6.0 07 Oct, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Update support k2.
  • Update fixing license
  • J34 - Code Error on type Modules

Version 2.5.9 03 Apr, 2015

Bug Fix
  • J34 - The input box doesn't display if choose other type

Version 2.5.8 02 Jun, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Update to compatible with JQuery 1.9+

Version 2.5.7 07 Nov, 2013

  • Adding new options for ordering setting
Bug Fix
  • Fix admin parameter helper on Joomla 3.2

Version 2.5.6 20 Sep, 2013

Bug Fix
  • Fix accordion display wrong style on seperate templates
  • Update JA Accordion Menu Styles
  • Fix conflict js with joomsocial
  • Update Extension Layout
  • Fix accordion menu title margin

Version 2.5.5 02 May, 2013

  • Backend Improvement
  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • Update style backend - class mselect
  • Upgrade depend.js and style.css

Version 2.5.4 05 Feb, 2013

Bug Fix
  • [Arcodion module]Still display unpublised modules in the list for selecting in the backend

Version 2.5.3 30 Nov, 2012

  • Update for joomla 3.0 compatibility
Bug Fix
  • "Featured Article" parameter overrides when select TYPE is Article ID
  • [T3v3 J25] Transition Effects parameter doesn't work

Version 2.5.2 21 Sep, 2012

  • Apply fix error Xamp1.7.7(upgrade version version PHP, MySQL, Apache) for all module

Version 2.5.1 06 Mar, 2012

  • Should hide "Authorise" option when select "Article ID" type
Bug Fix
  • [JA Accordion] Should hide "Show articles" option when select "Article ID","Modules", "Module" type
  • Update Extension Description and language file
  • Add path css default config link to template and after link to module
  • [Accordion] Show by author option doesnt work property correctly
  • [Accordion] cant show intro image or full article image which added in the article option