JA Mers

Wedding Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3

JA Mers Introduction

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  • Updated on:14 Aug, 2015
  • Version:1.0.8
  • Download:970,481
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JA Mers - is a wedding Joomla template for Joomla 3. The template is based on our latest release of JAT3 2 Framework, and runs on the new Joomla 2.5 & 3.0 platform.

This onepage template is available in seven colors and is suitable to be used for multiple applications with its scrapbook layout , It comes bundled with many complimentary extensions is also included in this template a style for K2 component.

So if you need to realize a site with these characteristics or you need to update your old joomla template, why don't try our Ja Mers ?

Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, it comes bundled with multiple complimentary extensions.

Onepage Style

JA Mers is a Onepage Joomla template featuring Wedding theme. Simple, clean but catchy and powerful at the same time.

SEO friendly

Onepage Joomla template is extremely SEO friendly. All the oustanding features of your site can all stay one one page, more convenience to your users, and better control of your content.

Up to 4 Menu styles

You can choose to have your menu in either CSS, Dropline, Megamenu or Split style.

6 Color themes

Available in 6 colors: Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Violet, and Pink.

2 Layouts by default

JA Mers has two different layouts to use from: Full Width or Content + Right Layout

Inbuilt Google fonts configuration

We all know how rich Google Fonts is, and yes, you can work with any kind of font in the Google Fonts library on JA Mers. It's your template, your style!

Inbuilt CSS and Javascript configuration

Configure your template in both CSS & JavaScript native effectively to enrich your site performances.


Version 1.0.8 14 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module: Joomla 3.x Blog Template module is cutting form
  • Edit module: Social module is error language

Version 1.0.7 20 Dec, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.2
  • Update K2 new version (v2.6.7)
Bug Fix
  • [J31] Please restyle for contacts page
  • [Iphone] Cant switch from desktop version to mobile version
  • [J3.2] Login form displays error
  • [j2.5 & 3.2] Restyle for comment part in Joomla article list
  • [J25,32] Don't show captchar on remind password
  • [Iphone] Got error displaying on Iphone
  • [Offline] Restyle checkbox on offline page
  • [j25,j32] Hide the space in bottom of Homepage
  • Missing style on contact page
  • [j25,31]Should place checkbox and text on a line
  • [disqus comment][j25, j31] Restyle for comment in K2 item list
  • [J3.2] Language editor is error

Version 1.0.6 28 Jun, 2013

  • [J31] Add style for tag in Joomla! Content
  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • J31 CSS error in user page
  • J31 CSS error in Edit page button of K2 Article
  • J31 : CSS error in Archive Page

Version 1.0.5 06 Mar, 2013

New Feature
  • Upgrade to joomla 3.0.3

Version 1.0.4 30 Nov, 2012

  • [J30] Contact Page is not styled
  • [J30] Change the web title to 3.0
  • [J30] Error with the "Submit Comment" button in K2 comment form
  • [J30] No items are displayed in the User page menu but there are so many pages navigated
  • Update to compatible with Joomla 3.0
  • [J30] 404 error when login or create account with k2 user module
  • [J30] Missing image of user's profile
  • [J30] Error message is not well formated when request password
  • [J30] When commentor has no avatar, it is not nice
Bug Fix
  • Css error on Comment form when reply msg
  • [J30] Error with pop-up, missing close button --> cannot close pop-up

Version 1.0.3 17 Nov, 2012

  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.8
Bug Fix
  • Css error on Comment form

Version 1.0.2 21 Sep, 2012

  • upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • [Block/ Header] Error when change Error Reporting

Version 1.0.1 20 Jun, 2012

New Feature
  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.6
Bug Fix
  • Validate css of ja mers

Version 1.0.0 03 Feb, 2012

First release