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JA Simpli Introduction

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  • Updated on:02 Dec, 2019
  • Version:1.0.6
  • Download:320,247
  • (4.2 / 561 votes)

JA Simpli has been developed with the Joomla default templates in mind. We have tried to add the features that are missing from the default Joomla templates. No frameworks, default Joomla Bootstrap version but with tons of features and no coding skills required. , JA Simpli is perfect starter free Joomla template that should meet all your requirements: from a simple to complex Joomla projects, personal blog to professional business portfolio site. The template layout is super flexible to adapt for any purpose with ease. With 4 premade Home variants, you have more choices to start with.

Why Simpli? Well structured, lightweight, no framework, clean code, powerful theme customizer and layout manager. On top of that enhanced compatibility with 3rd party extensions.

Joomla admin template

JA Simpli supports a lot of third party extensions

It just works. Seamlessly

JA Simpli in our testing works with all popular extensions such as EasySocial, EasyDiscuss, EasyBlog from StackIdeas. More extensions will be tested in coming days but for now we are satisfied of the code quality.

fully responsive template

Fully responsive

JA Simpli is a fully responsive Joomla template. It looks amazingly beautiful in all screen sizes: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile.

no Framework

No Framework

The template does not base on any Framework to keep its core clean and lighweight.

perfect starting point template

A perfect starting point

JA Simpli is a perfect starter theme for any Joomla project with flexible layouts, ease of customization and up to 4 premade outstanding Home variants and all Joomla default pages. Get started in minutes.

powerful layout configuration

Layout Configuration

With the flexible layout system, the template allows you to adapt content with ease. In addition, the layout configuration panel built-in in the admin panel gives you power to add, delete module positions easily.

free joomla 3 template

A free Joomla 3 template

JA Simpli is Joomla 3.x native, it is a FREE Joomla template, which makes it even COOLER. Definitely a responsive Joomla template you would never want to miss.

friendly customization with thememagic

Customize in real time

JA Simpli is highly customizable: from its flexible layout system to the real time customization tool - Theme Customizer. Customize almost all the css elements of the template based on pre-defined parameters.


Version 1.0.6 02 Dec, 2019

  • Labels not showing for com_content parameters
Bug Fix
  • Mobile Menu not showing with Right module position in mobile
  • Container settings doesn't work
  • Wrong syntax

Version 1.0.5 15 Jan, 2019

Bug Fix
  • J3.9 - Backend: Got Error on Edit Style page
  • Missing image overview
  • Missing language

Version 1.0.4 14 Nov, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9: Missing checkbox on Privacy and Term of service

Version 1.0.3 18 Jul, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Missing page Registration form
  • Iphone: Error css page Edit your profile
  • Error Css when edit any module
  • Iphone/Ipad: Missing icon arrow for menu parent
  • Can't perform any function Edit module on page Home
  • Can't see tooltip when edit module position social on page Home
  • Error Css on homepage when hover menu
  • Error 404 when perform function My Profile
  • Iphone: Error Css on page Home
  • Icon and Image overlapping

Version 1.0.2 07 Dec, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Line height: Missed description in backend
  • Remove custom.css file in the template
  • Can't select Heading Font in dropdown list
  • Iphone: Css error on [Magazine] Newsletter module
  • Menu displays error on ipad
  • 404 error when open About Us menu
  • Improve style
  • appearance line when hovering on the menu

Version 1.0.1 11 Aug, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Ja Simpli crash (blank screen) when adding a header or setting a bigger font
  • Menu display error on small screen
  • Backend doesn't display full height settings in sidebar
  • https://www.joomlart.com/forums/topic/issue-in-search-button/
  • Menu should be highlighted when it's actived

Version 1.0.0 RC 11 May, 2016

New Feature
  • Add layout structure preview
Bug Fix
  • Get a blank page in the preview and blank page on the front end after change the dimensions for the logo image
  • Front-page: Blank page on Edit module
  • Article title should be descreased fontsize on smallscreen
  • Cant see header when sticky on top
  • [Iphone] Newsletter module displays error on smallscreen
  • Header displays error when enable sticky on top
  • Navigation displays ugly on small screen
  • Home corporate displays uglys on small screen
  • Got error when select preset
  • Get blank image after change the preset
  • Cant navigate tab when edit an article on the frontend
  • Css error when change logo image
  • Missing module position language
  • Menu displays error on small screen
  • Remove black rectangle in Archive Page
  • Menu and search displays error on small screen
  • Cant change logo image
  • Menu disappears after resize the window width 750px
  • Image popup displays ugly
  • Css error on search page
  • Problem with tabs(Kunena 5.0)
  • Cant save when enabling Navigation Right
  • Blank page on Tag page
  • Home Magazine displays ugly on small screen
  • Submenu doesnt apply on the frontend
  • Search text moves out of wanted region after resize window
  • Css error when change content position to right
  • [Iphone] got some css errors on homepage
  • Css error on Archived articles page
  • Cant see menu on smallscreen except for homepage

Version 1.0.0 Beta 27 Apr, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Full page layout: Content part must be in line with header
  • CSS error on Login Part
  • Css error on template settings
  • Need more space for Edit button
  • iPhone: CSS error when view article detail
  • iPad: Make footer to 2 lines
  • Contact page displays error on smallscreen
  • Blog page: style look not nice
  • iPhone: Restyle for footer
  • Search box displays error on home magazine page
  • iPad: CSS error on Search part
  • Got error when validate structured data
  • Remove black rectangle in Search page & add more space for pagination
  • ipad: Can't click to menu Joomla pages
  • Missing language in Navigation settings
  • IE: Can't click to Search field
  • Hard to navigate when click on icon

Version 1.0.0 01 Jan, 1970

First release