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  • Updated on:17 Aug, 2015
  • Version:2.5.6
  • Download:498,199
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If you are planning conference, festival, convention or a big party, this unique event template is the right one to pick. You will be able to show a nice schedule, feature the speakers. Read the Blog Preview to see some of the fine details implemented into this special template.

This template is complimentary for Joomla Day Organizers, Joomla! user Groups (JUG's) and Joomla Community Groups planning Joomla! Events. For more details please read our Joomla! Community Support Programme.


Version 2.5.6 17 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Secret key icon display not nice
  • Some errors on Editor
  • Some error on Edit module page
  • Missing style on Template Options page

Version 2.5.5 09 Aug, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1.5
Bug Fix
  • CSS error in Paging at Homepage

Version 2.5.4 18 Mar, 2013

Bug Fix
  • [J30] Change menu title: com_jaamazons3 --> JA Amazons Comp
  • [J30] saperate 2 columns in the "Who are speakers" page
  • [J30] The feature page is empty
  • [J30] Error in typo page
  • [J30] Style error in Registration button
  • [J30] too much space in the animation block

Version 2.5.3 16 Nov, 2012

  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.8
Bug Fix
  • CSS error in Slideshow thumbnails
  • Css error in Speakers page

Version 2.5.2 27 Sep, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Block Header error when enable Development reporting error

Version 2.5.1 20 Jun, 2012

  • upgrade to joomla 2.5.6
Bug Fix
  • RTL_[Contentslider] Image on contentslider is cropped
  • Animation error on Running strucks page

Version 2.5.0 10 Feb, 2012

  • [JA Tabs Plugin] - value of the Tab Position field should be listed for user to select
Bug Fix
  • Css error on comment article
  • [j25]-miss content in some page
  • [JA Contentslide module] Can not display tabs
  • CSS error on Homepage
  • Error on search page
  • [2.5][Article]-Image cant displayed after insert
  • [JA Slideshow module] add default value for some fields
  • Error on Twitter page
  • [j25]-Error in the registration fields when enable captcha
  • [JA Animationtion Module] Update tootltip
  • [RTL] image border and article line should be saperated
  • CSS error on Blog page
  • [j25][JA Disqus Debate Echo Plugin] - change default value for field: "Enable the Plugin for"
  • [JA Slideshow module] update tooltip for some fields
  • Markup validation fail
  • [j25]Captcha is not shown in the contact form
  • [j25][ja animation module]-miss content in BRONZE SPONSOR board
  • Social plugin is disappeared after set position "After title display"
  • Link title color not change when change profile to black
  • [j25][JA Disqus Debate Echo Plugin] - cannot not view "Image" link when post comment
  • [JA Contentslide module] Scroll when option doesn't work
  • CSS validator fails
  • CSS error on Blog page
  • [j25]-"Sizeoff is not defined" error
  • [JA Tabs Plugin] - default value is in wrong format

Version 1.2.0 26 Aug, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Css error on Sponsor pagee
  • Css error- Edit article page
  • [Contact us]Css error when set display options = Tabs
  • [Front-end] - some error when post comment
  • [iPhone] -some error in login form
  • Error on User profile page
  • RTL- Error on Article Descriptiom
  • RTL_Some errors in Blog page
  • [RTL]/[Front-end] - no images are displayed in the slideshow in firefox
  • JS error
  • [RTL]- Mega menu error
  • [Animation module] Cannot show Truck- Silver sponsor
  • RTL: Java bug in Ie7
  • [Front-end] - Error when set menu style = Split
  • [RTL]/[Front-end] -Can not move to next page when click on page number
  • Load 404Error page when view all speaker
  • Typo page-Edit icon is on wrong position
  • Css error after login as admin
  • [RTL]/[Front-end] - miss images in the space to display animation module in Firefox
  • [iPhone] - Error when display searching result
  • [Ja Content Slider ]- Css error when set mode : Vertical
  • Duplicate Edit icons when viewing all speaker
  • [Animation-Twitter] Twitter is hidden below content in IE7
  • [Front-end] - JA Facebook plugin is not consistent in IE and Firefox
  • [Front-end] - Error with print form
  • Css error on Footer
  • RTL - Css error- Edit article page
  • [Disqus] Cannot show popup in all browsers except IE7
  • [RTL]/[Front-end] - error in homepage with articles
  • [iPhone] - Can not logout
  • [Ja Content Slider ]- Direction work inproperly
  • [JA Slideshow ]- Navigation alignment works inproperly
  • Css error in Like button in IE 7&8&9
  • [Front-end] - "Share" button should be located under "Like" button

Version 1.1.1 03 Jun, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Author can not edit his own page!!
  • J15 - [FORUMPID:235847] How to get "Static adv1 & adv2" to work
  • [FORUMPID:234109] JA_Social plugin does not work!
  • RTL : Css error on contact form

Version 1.1.0 25 May, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Page not found after click link 'Become a sponsor"
  • RTL_Css error on blog page
  • RTL_cannot see text in typo page
  • Cant show blog comment by disqus
  • Css error in Login form
  • Iphone : Css error on Search form
  • Please install JAEM into quickstart
  • Problem with language file of ja events
  • Cannot see submenu when set split menu
  • Css error in register form
  • Contact page display incorreclty, plz take a look default contact page of joomla j16 then do it for the same
  • RTL_css eror on typography page
  • Dont show image on slideshow adv1 & adv2
  • Css error on running-trucks page
  • Css error in displaying social plugin
  • Css error in info page
  • Duplicate Contact us page on mega menu
  • Twitter animation(animation module) cant show on front of article, seem not work on IE
  • RTL_Css erorr when set dropline menu
  • Css error in search module
  • Iphone : Got HTML error on Rich Typography
  • RTL_menu is broken on IE
  • Error with login form
  • Missing style when hove on tabs
  • Include JA social plugin into quickstart
  • Css error in contact form
  • Please enable template block info
  • RTL_css error on sign up page
  • RTL_Email form is not nice
  • Css error in Homepage
  • Iphone : Some error on Info page
  • Error: Failed loading XML file in language manager
  • Error with the Register form
  • Iphone : Please remove box in Search form
  • Css error in Print page