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Multipurpose joomla template - JA Aiga

Don’t you hate it when you have to hire a specialized developer and spending major bucks to get all distinguishable features or layout changes in your site with still being limited to one or two layout options only?

Now, We has changed the way with launch of JA Aiga - All in one multipurpose Joomla template.

JA Aiga has been constructed in such a manner that it clearly disrupt usual templates with flexible and limitless layout options along with other robust features.

In this blog post, we will do a quick tour of JA Aiga by outlining core features first and then covering the core features in depth accompanied with screenshots. You can always see on the demo site - the layout options which are readily available in JA Aiga with quick redirects to every layout option.

Before outlining core features, Let’s also have a quick glimpse of distinguishable features in JA Aiga template.

The multipurpose Joomla template comes with 9 Homepage variations, 5 model page variations, 9 blog page variations to 6 article variations coupled with dark theme and light theme with flexible layout system.

JA Aiga is fully responsive, built with robust T3 Framework with integration of Bootstrap 3.

Weekend Updates: 5 Joomla templates and JA Social Feed extension updated


This week, We are working on very last stage to release new Joomla template - JA Aiga, A stunning multipurpose template for fashion model, fashion magazine and blog websites, this template will be released next week.

Today, we would like to announce other updates of our team this week:

  • JA Plugin Social Feed plugin version 1.3.9 for bug fixes
  • 5 Joomla templates quickstart updated for Joomla 3.9.3

Please check the release details below:

Today, we are releasing updates for T3 Framework for Joomla 3.9.3 compatibility and bug fixes.

T3 Framework is one of the best Joomla Framework. It is sleek, intuitive, and powerful mobile first front-end framework for faster and easier web development.


This month, we are going to release 2 new Joomla templates: JA Aiga multipurposes Joomla template and GK Wedding Joomla template. Today we would like to introduce preview for the 2 new templates:

1. JA Aiga Joomla template

Modern multipurposes Joomla template for Model, fashion, blog websites with 9 Home page variations, 5 model page variations, 9 blog page variations and, dark theme and light theme and all default Joomla pages.

multipurpose Joomla template for model and fashion websites

Modern multipurposes Joomla template

JA Aiga Template Preview

2. Gavick Wedding Joomla template

GK Wedding is dedicated Joomla template for wedding websites with onepage style, additional custom pages and all default Joomla pages. Its based on Gavern framework, supports megamenu, flexible layout and ease of customization.

wedding Joomla template

Weeding Joomla template

GK Wedding Template Preview


It’s been a while since we introduced T4 Joomla Page Builder Preview and Workflow of T4 Joomla Page Builder, today, we would like to bring you great news - our new T4 Joomla Page Builder preview release is available for download. This preview release is FREE for all users with purpose of giving you experience about our new Joomla page builder.

T4 Joomla Page Builder is developed with purposes of helping user (with or without technical knowledge) quickly build beautiful Joomla websites, reduce cost, save development time and solve Joomla weaknesses like content editing, layout configuration.

t4 Joomla page builder preview release

T4 Joomla page builder preview released

Last week, we released 10 Joomla templates for Joomla 3.9.2 and this week, we are releasing 2nd batch of 24 more Joomla templates for Joomla 3.9.2 and bug fixes.

Please check the list below:

  1. JA Conf - Conference and Events Joomla template
  2. JA Allure - Beauty and fashion magazine Joomla template
  3. JA Shoe - Online shopping Joomla template for shoes and sport store
  4. JA Focus - Joomla Template for News Magazine websites
  5. JA Law firm - Joomla template for lawyers and legal business websites
  6. JA Smallbiz - Business Joomla template
  7. JA Edenite II - Simple and Clean Business Joomla Template
  8. JA Mood - Community and Social Joomla Template
  9. JA Company - Joomla template for company and business websites
  10. JA Alumni - School University Alumni Joomla Template
  11. JA Oslo - News Magazine Joomla Template
  12. JA Brickstore - eCommerce Joomla template
  13. JA Restaurant - Beautiful Joomla template for restaurant
  14. JA Intranet - Dedicated Joomla Intranet template
  15. JA Megastore - eCommerce Joomla template based on Virtuemart
  16. JA Resume - Joomla Template for Resume & Portfolio
  17. JA Healthcare - Medical Healthcare Joomla Template
  18. JA Playstore - eCommerce Joomla Template for Games Store
  19. JA Platon - Joomla Template for Universities and Colleges
  20. Ja Mono - Joomla template for Creative Business
  21. JA Magz II - Joomla template for News and Magazine websites
  22. JA Rent - Joomla template for Vehicles Rental Service
  23. JA Moviemax - Movies Multimedia News Joomla Template
  24. JA Elicyon - eCommerce Joomla Template for Interior Design decor

As mentioned in the T4 Joomla page builder preview, T4 Joomla Page Builder is developed with purposes of helping user (with or without technical knowledge) quickly build beautiful Joomla websites, reduce cost, save development time and solve Joomla weaknesses like content editing, layout configuration.

Our new T4 Joomla page builder will work with all templates, frameworks and popular 3rd party extensions, it helps user to build new pages on your current websites, add more content block to any page or using the visual content editor to improve any page.

introducing t4 Joomla page builder

The powerful page builder tool for Joomla

We just released new Joomla template for education websites with LMS - JA Sensei. In this blog post, we would like to discuss the core features of the template. The template fully supports the best Joomla LMS extension - Guru with advanced features to build full functional education, online course and Learning management system website:

  • Courses: Create unlimited online courses, paid and free courses
  • Table of content: Create a Table of Content for your courses using easy drag & drop feature
  • Lessons: Add lessons to your learning modules with media, text, files, links and more
  • Teacher and student management system
  • Supports popular payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe,, VeriTrans and DotPay
  • 3 different friendly user interfaces for Admin, Teacher and Student
  • And so many advanced features: certification, quizzes, exams, forum & comments, gradual release of lessons and more.

The dedicated Guru Joomla template includes beautiful pages for: Course category, Course list, course detail page, teacher list page, teacher detail page, course registration ... and all default Joomla pages.

Today, we are more than happy to announce first preview for T4 Joomla Page Builder.

T4 Joomla Page Builder is developed with purposes of helping user (with or without technical knowledge) quickly build beautiful Joomla websites, reduce cost, save development time and solve Joomla weaknesses like content editing, layout configuration.

The Joomla page builder allows users using Visual Content Editor, Mega Menu builder with other Joomla templates, Joomla frameworks and Joomla extensions.

T4 Joomla framework

T4 Joomla page builder core features:

  • Build website from front-end in real time
    • Block library: pre-made blocks to import to any place in your page
    • Page library: pre-made pages
    • Support all Joomla default elements
  • Layout builder: easy to manage row/col and configure Joomla content (module, position, component …)
  • Visual content editor: make it be an editor and allow create visual content in module, content (or any content which using Joomla Editor)
  • Mega Menu builder: build mega menu visually, using Core-builder plugin to build Visual Mega Menu from Menu Items, Modules.
  • Visual theme configuration: instant preview theme configuration, configure global (theme level) Typography, color, grid with instant visual preview
  • And much more amazing features

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