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Uber Introduction

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  • Updated on:28 Dec, 2018
  • Version:2.1.9
  • Download:309,162
  • (4 / 269 votes)

Uber is the perfect All in one Joomla template to help everyone build their business site. This special Joomla template is a feature project for Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5. It is a built with T3 Framework template with Bootstrap 3, and the Advanced Custom Module.

Uber is the first JoomlArt template to sport on the brand new Joomla extension JA Advanced Custom Module (JA ACM). With JA ACM, one can build a whole website from the scratch with multiple content blocks for Testimonials, CTA, Gallery, Slideshow, Pricing Table, Features Intro, etc. Just choose the blocks you desire and start to connect them.

Uber is now one of the most powerful responsive Joomla template, a Swiss knife for Joomla sites building with 18+ content blocks, 80+ variations, 17+ sample sites, and thousands of possibilities.

Note: All in one Joomla template - Uber version 2.1.0 is here, more powerful, more possibilities in this new intro video.

One site fits all template

One site fits all template

Uber is the combination of simplicity from Joomla templates and the insight to help startup with their endeavours. You spend less time on creating Joomla site for your business, and have more time to do things that matter.

Power of JA ACM

Power of Advanced Custom Module

Advanced Custom Module is the core feature of Uber template. One module, endless possibilities. With JA ACM, you can customize your Testimonials, CTA, Gallery, Slideshow, Pricing Table, Features Intro, with thousands of variations.

3 site templates

Bundled with 17 pre-built site templates

Uber template is a versatile package with 17 custom built sites: Business, Corporate, and Beauty Spa Centre, etc. With help from ThemeMagic and Layout Configuration, you can create a whole new horizon for your startup and business sites.

T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3

The traditional power of JoomlArt template lies in T3 Framework with Bootstrap 3. Now it is even more versatile when combined with JA ACM. Simply beautiful layout, and useful tools.


Megamenu and Off-Canvas Menu

Desktop’s Megamenu navigation and mobile’s Off-Canvas menu are indispensable in Uber template, thanks to T3 Framework.

Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

Uber is the quick and easy way for an entrepreneur to create fully responsive Joomla website. Now you don’t have to worry about what your site looks like across screens!

Joomla custom pages

Joomla custom pages

Uber supports all the default Joomla custom pages.

  • AcyMailing

  • EasyBlog

  • EasyDiscuss

  • EasySocial

  • JomSocial

  • Kunena

  • Paycart

  • VirtueMart


Version 2.1.9 28 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Got error on contact page
  • Got css error on email form
  • Content position to right or center
  • Cant load privacy content on popup
  • Got error on registration and user profile page
  • Custom field is not working on the frontend
  • Got error in content management
  • Cant show note field on edit aricle page

Version 2.1.8 15 Jun, 2018

  • Can't change the data interval for JA ACM - Slideshow Style-3
Bug Fix
  • Map displaying problems in Uber App
  • Video player autoplay
  • Kunena: Quick reply page is cut off
  • JA ACM - Hero Style 4 video doesn't play on chrome browser
  • Kunena: Login form is missing style
  • Initial loading screen missing images
  • ACM Module does not show position selection when edited on frontend.

Version 2.1.7 31 Oct, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Missing Custom field group on edit article page
  • ACM Features Intro Style 5 issue on chrome only
  • Container tab displays incorrectly when use 2 container tabs in a page
  • Cant show date picker in the timeline style when create new timeline
  • MIssing search and clear icon on tag item page
  • Cant save datetime in ACM timeline module
  • Article title on search result page displays error

Version 2.1.6 16 May, 2017

  • Upgrade Easyblog and Paycart component
  • https://www.joomlart.com/forums/topic/google-font-calls-to-suppose-https/
Bug Fix
  • Easydiscussion - Cant post reply
  • Having problem whe using gallery acm under container tabs
  • Missing background image on pricing table blocks
  • Kunena - Quick reply popup displays ugly
  • VM - Missing style on add to cart popup
  • Missing background image on features intro style 9
  • Cant show custom fields on contact page
  • Discussion: Got error page when ask a question
  • Missing background image on some statistic styles
  • Jomsocial - Got error when click on profile page
  • Call to Action block is missing background image after upgrade J3.7
  • Css error on edit article page
  • VM - Css error on shopping cart page
  • Missing background image on slideshow style 2
  • Custom field is not displayed after title
  • CB - Css error on community builder page
  • https://www.joomlart.com/forums/topic/acm-container-tabs-headings-kick-up-404-errors-in-google-webmaster-tools/
  • Gallery style 3 is missing background image
  • Kunena - Missing files on profile page
  • Css error on category blog page
  • Missing background image on footer blocks
  • Cant show recaptcha on edit article page so I cant save changes

Version 2.1.5 15 Dec, 2016

Bug Fix
  • [Kunena] Missing style on admin profile page
  • Upgrade Kunena 5.0.x
  • Skip component content not working
  • [Kunena] Css error on report popup
  • [Kunena] Missing border on category page

Version 2.1.4 26 Aug, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Got some css error on article editting
  • Missing close icon on bookstore template
  • Header Jumping when using sticky
  • Video page is blank
  • Gallery Style 3 - Has navigation displays error on small creen
  • [Jomsocial] Got error message on profile page
  • [Bookstore] My cart displays error

Version 2.1.3 08 Apr, 2016

  • Isotope gallery hang for a few seconds before load inside tab
Bug Fix
  • IE: Slideshow's control buttons display not nice
  • Google map doesn't work in mobile layout
  • Bug with ACM in Client display mode in Firefox
  • VM: Sidebar display wrong position on List Orders page
  • Unable to customize JA ACM Footer module
  • Jomsocial: Calendar display not nice
  • Easydiscuss: Missing language
  • ACM Hero video configuration
  • VM: Direction to blank page when search
  • Convert static text to JText
  • Jomsocial: Css error when post status
  • Easydiscuss: Text and button are overlapping
  • JA ACM Header doesn't work with multilingual
  • VM: Missing "book store" category image
  • JA Extra Fields tab doesn't show in Uber - Restaurant style
  • [FORUMPID:503815] ACM - Pinterest link adds "+" before account name
  • Menu layout is missing style
  • VM: Shopping Cart page need more styled
  • Problem with modal box style
  • Kunena: Can't see button's text when hover on it

Version 2.1.2 16 Sep, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Kunena - Announcement: Calendar button is not styled
  • [Business] Back to top button displays on top after open sidebar
  • ACM Gallery Style 2 - not working properly in responsive setting
  • [kunena] CSS error on attachment part
  • Can't click to play video in JA ACM module - Hero style 4 on iPad
  • Alt attribute for images in hero is missing
  • Uber acm gallery style-1 image alignment issue
  • [kunena] [IE9] CSS error on Create new topic
  • Acymailing module: can't show poppup
  • After updating the recent JA ACM for Uber
  • [kunena] Error on Profile page
  • Temlate layout is broken in IE9
  • [VM] Cant show popup add to cart on IE8
  • Problem with JA ACM Pricing Table
  • [kunena] DB error after change Avatar
  • Problem with Landing style in responsive mode
  • Some errors on Smart Search page
  • Modules are not editable in front-end
  • Animation Problem in Gallary style2 [Lily animation]
  • Problem with sticky menu in Uber - Music style
  • Modules not showing up after update Uber 2.1.1 (SEO setting problem)
  • [kunena] Get error when create new Topic with attachment
  • Problem with Gallery Style 2 - Effect Lily in Chrome
  • JA Extra Fields Not showing on JA Uber Restaurant
  • Can we get updated Uber demo site with new notifications?

Version 2.1.1 17 Apr, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Community Builder: Css error on userprofile
  • Megamenu displays ugly when enable Caption
  • Community Builder - Mobile: Unban Profile Requests and menu are overlapping
  • Community Builder: Login form error on Mobile

Version 2.1.0 11 Apr, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [ACM: Slideshow - style 3] Missing languages
  • Iphone4: Submenu form is breaking
  • Medicare - Ipad: Some error on home page
  • iphone 4: Easysocial missing style
  • Iphone4: Edit profile page is overlap
  • Virtuemart: Remove paging algorithm at front end
  • Ipad: Kunena is wrong function
  • Iphone4: Kunena Edit Profile is cutting form
  • [ACM: Testimonials : style-8] mising language
  • [Uber J3x Compatibility] Remove " Web links" at Joomla menu
  • Ipad - Bookshop: Shop page is need more styled
  • Iphone4: My account page is missing responsive
  • Chrome: Easydiscuss is error display code
  • Edit module front end: "Pricing Table" module is missing text
  • Easydiscuss: Remove space
  • Iphone - Medicare: Some css errors
  • Iphone4: tags page is cutting text
  • Edit module frontend: " Testimonials Style 2" module is missing "ON/ OFF" text
  • Iphone4: Remove the line at Login page
  • Kunena: Break tabmenu
  • iphone 4: remove space of " Subscribe to updates" popup
  • iphone4: application page is cutting text
  • Iphone4: Arrow icon is wrong position
  • AcyMailing Module: The optitons are wrong place at the backend
  • Ipad: Vituemart are cutting form
  • Paycart: Tracking order page need more styled
  • Ie8: My page is missing style
  • [Uber J3x Compatibility] " The best Joomla template ever! " module is missing text
  • Ipad : Vituemart page is overlap
  • Iphone4: Account maintenance page is cutting form
  • Vituemart: Character form is wrong position
  • [ACM - Timeline]: Can't show Block intro text
  • Easyblog: Blogger page is missing space
  • Iphone - paycart: Order successfully text should be resize
  • Paycart: Confirm step when checkout is not styled
  • Iphone4: Easysocial page is missing sapce
  • [ACM: Slideshow - style 3] There is no option default selected
  • iphone4: The scroll is not work when Report popup display
  • Ipad: Registration page is Overlap
  • Iphone4: My Topics page is missing space
  • [ACM: Testimonials : style-8] Some parameters don't work
  • ACM frontend module editing - core or joomlart feature ?
  • Ipad - Book Store: Css error on slideshow
  • Iphon4: Shopping cart page is missing responsive
  • [ACM - [Container] Slideshow : style-5] Missing language
  • Edit module front end: "[Restaurant] Text banner" module is missing style
  • [ACM - Accordion] Expand & Collapse icons are working incorrect
  • Iphone - Bookshop: Css error on Product list
  • Iphone4: "Subscribe to discussions" popup is missing style
  • Ie8: Joomla! menu is not show submenu when user hover
  • Iphone4: Slideshow is cutting text
  • Easyblog : Overlap form
  • Iphone - Paycart: Product summary displays error on confirm checkout form
  • iphone4: Our service page is overlap
  • Iphone4 : Easysocial edit profile page is missing space
  • Vituemart: Missing space àn overlap
  • ipad: Vituemart is missing style
  • Paycart: Css error on Login step when checkout
  • Ie8: All event page is missing text of button
  • [Uber J3x Compatibility] " 10+ Robust Sample Sites" module is missing field
  • ACM: Accordion block displays ugly on Iphone, Ipad
  • Iphone4: Product detail page is missing style
  • Ie8: EasyBlog Calendar is not working
  • Wedding blog page is missing style of text
  • Easyblog: wrong position
  • Iphone4: Easydiscuss detail page is missing responsive
  • Paycart: Product's image displays ugly on Cart page
  • Iphone4: Typo page is missing responsive
  • Easysocial: The icon link are not working
  • Iphone4: Blogger is missing space
  • Uber template two error
  • Iphone4: Kunena No Replies page is missing style
  • Ie8: duplicated password form
  • [ACM: Header : fullscreen-overlay-menu]: Missing language
  • Vituemart: Popup is wrong position
  • IE8: Joomsocial pag is not display submenu and image
  • Edit module front end: "Hero Block 5" module is wrong language
  • BookShop: Can't scroll down menu
  • Iphone4: Vendor contact page is missing responsive
  • IE8 Vituemart: " Add to cart" button is not working
  • Easydiscuss: Error break
  • Medicare: Css error on News page
  • Easyblog : Missing style for date
  • Iphone4: Ask a question page is missing responsive
  • Corporate page is missing mesage
  • iphone4: Archive Articles page are missing space
  • Vituemart: error overlap
  • ipad: Kunena page is missing style
  • Paycart: Missing language on Group Rules
  • ie8:Joomsocial is missing function
  • [Uber J3x Compatibility] " Top Menu" module is missing style
  • ACM: Timeline block is not responsive
  • Ipad - Landscape: Mainmenu displays ugly
  • ie8: Easydiscuss is overlap
  • Charity page is cutting text
  • Edit module front end: " Lastest posts" module is missing style for Authors form
  • Iphone4: Users page is missing responsive
  • Paycart: Error on App Store page
  • Iphon4: Profile page is missing style
  • Easydiscuss: Cutting text
  • Iphone4: Easyblog detail page is overlap
  • Ipad - Landing page: Remove white line on page
  • iphone4: Joomsocial friends page is wrong position
  • Ie8: Main menu is break when user click sidebar icon
  • Ipad: Vituemart is wrong position of button
  • Vituemart: Category page is overlap
  • [ACM: Header : fullscreen-overlay-menu] Some parameters don't work
  • [Uber J3x Compatibility] " AcyMailing Module" module is missing style
  • Bookshop: Banner module is not responsive
  • IPad - portrait - Paycart: Address step need more style when checkout
  • Vituemart: Display overlap
  • [ACM - Timeline] Can't click to show calendar