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Available for Joomla 3

JA Zite Introduction

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  • Updated on:07 Sep, 2017
  • Version:1.0.7
  • Download:970,574
  • (4 / 290 votes)

JA Zite is Responsive Social events Joomla template for Joomla 3 best suited for Business, events, social themed Joomla websites and comes loaded with tons of features.

JA Zite is complimented with JA Social feed plugin and one can import feeds from all popular social sites. Seeing is believing, so checkout this all in one social feed page. One can import social feeds into specific K2 categories, its never been easy to populate content in Joomla 3 & 2.5 sites.

Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, JA Zite also has lots of bonus pages styled to get the maximum out of each feature. Do checkout these pages : Events, Speakers, Blog Style, Instagram Content, Contact Us Page and Typography. Check out the demo, it speaks for itself. Make sure to check each and every page on that demo.

Fully Responsive Tempate

JA Zite is 100% responsive and ready to rock your site on any mobile device and tablet.

Auto import content from social sites

Have no time to update your Joomla site content everyday? Integrate your social accounts in your JA Zite Joomla site, you get your contents imported automatically from your Social account whenever you update it. Easy, simple and absolutely no time consuming.

Slideshow with special animation

The highlight of this Joomla template is its modern slideshow with special effect and animation. Wide screen image as a background, surely this JA Zite slideshow will help your site rock.

Numerous Bonus pages

Can't go wrong with these bonus pages. They are just too cool to have.

Specific style for K2 Blog

JA Zite also intergrates K2 component. Blogging can be quite simple and hadny with K2. If you haven't tried out K2 yet, JA Zite is a great template to get your hands on!

Inbuilt CSS and Javascript Compression configuration

Speed up your site performances way faster with CSS & Javascript compression.

Inbuilt Google fonts configuration

No need to worry on the limited fonts library, you get the built in Google fonts library - various fonts types and styles.

  • K2


Version 1.0.7 07 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Can't show custom field in Category
  • K2: Missing style in edit item page
  • K2: Featured label and image are overlapping
  • Css error on Smart search page
  • CSS error on Contact Us page
  • Some css errors on Editor
  • Article: Can't show custom field after title
  • Social Sharing Ampz code is stripped by JA Zite Template
  • Login form: Icons display not nice

Version 1.0.6 13 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module: About us module is missing category
  • Edit module: remove character
  • Remove weblinks
  • Edit module: Cutting form
  • Dropdown doesnt work correctly on Chrome

Version 1.0.5 13 Dec, 2013

Bug Fix
  • Slideshow Lite: Images are uncheck in backend
  • J32 : Css error on Weblinks page
  • Site Offline : Can't close warning
  • J32 - search page : Plz remove dots on paging
  • Site Offline : Show offline image only if it exists
  • J25 : Css error on Editor
  • Menu doesn't drop down and JS error
  • Upgrade to joomla 3.2 compatibility

Version 1.0.4 07 Jun, 2013

  • [J31] Add style for tag in Joomla! Content
  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • [J31]Can't click on Advanced Search
  • Apply new custom.php as slideshow upgrade
  • [J31]CSS error in Typo page

Version 1.0.3 13 Mar, 2013

Bug Fix
  • [J30]Css error in Weblink page in IE8
  • [J30 - Social Feed]Got js error in backend
  • [Googlemap]Cannot change Maptype when set Control position = Bottom right or left
  • [J30]Css errors in Smart Search page
  • [Googlemap]Got js error when click Preview map
  • [Googlemap]Got js error when change Layer
  • [J30]Css error in Search page
  • [J30- Googlemap] Style backend is not nice
  • [J30]Css error in Homepage
  • [Google map] - Control buttons is out of site width --> user can not use it
  • [J30]Typo page is broken
  • [Googlemap]Got error when select general configuration

Version 1.0.2 17 Nov, 2012

  • Improvement upgrade to Joomla 2.5.8
Bug Fix
  • Remove the media query check screen size.
  • Fix error login and logout error 404page
  • remove console.log
  • fix menu is hard to hover
  • Layout of social buttons on top is broken and user can't click on these on Safari browser

Version 1.0.1 20 Sep, 2012

  • CLONE - Apply fix error Xamp1.7.7(upgrade version version PHP, MySQL, Apache) for all module
  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • JA Bulletin module - got Error when turn on Development reporting mode
  • Template thrwo an error after turn on Developement reporting error

Version 1.0.0 stable 13 Jul, 2012

  • Please remove Tab plugin if it is not used
Bug Fix
  • [Iphone]- Vimeo/Youtube - Video is overlap
  • [Ipad-Portraint] Break border in K2 Login form
  • CSS error when view article in Instagram category
  • [Iphone]- MashHead - Text is too small
  • Event page - Layout is broken
  • [Slideshow]- IE7/IE8 doesnt show image
  • [Ipad-Portraint] CSS error in Location frame
  • [Ipad] Break navigation menu when switch from Lanscape -> Portraint screen
  • [Iphone]- Social plugin looks messy on portrait screen
  • [Slideshow]- Some improvements
  • [T3] Layout setting is hidden when assign google font
  • [Iphone]- Pag navigation should be reduced it size
  • [Iphone]-K2 registration page should support reponsive
  • [Ipad-Portraint] CSS error in K2 comment form
  • [Typo] Css error when view category
  • [Iphone-Portraint] CSS error in Blog Archive page
  • [Ipad-Portraint] CSS error in Vote items
  • Change title of Masshead in some pages
  • Quick contact - Pleae dont use Vietnamese location
  • [Iphone]- All position page - layout broken
  • [Ipad-Portraint] Missing border at right page when view K2 article
  • [Iphone]- K2 captcha is overlap
  • [Ipad-Portraint] CSS error in Twintter module
  • User avatar is pushed to top page after add comment in K2 article
  • [Iphone - Portrait]- Space between Artilce look badly
  • [Ipad] Vimeo video in page 2 don't displayed
  • [Component page]- Load bad layout
  • [Ipad] Position of Search icon is incorrect
  • [Ipad-Lanscape] Error navigation menu when open K2 all items page
  • [Slideshow]Button is cropped when slide image
  • [Acymailing] Language file is not up to date in configuration page
  • Menu show naviagtion control when hover menu
  • [Speakers] Layout is broken when next page
  • [Ipad-Portraint] Overlap image & text in k2 article that contains large image
  • [Iphone- Portrait]- Offline page - Image is overlap
  • [Iphone]- Twitter page needs to be restyled
  • [Iphone]- Cant load image from Flickr/Instagram
  • [Ipad-Portraint] CSS error in K2 article detail
  • [Iphone-Lanscape] CSS error when view K2 article detail
  • [Iphone- Lanscape]- Event page- Padding error
  • [Iphone]- Login page, content should be on left side
  • [Iphone]- Speaker pages need to be restyled
  • [Ipad-Portraint] CSS error in Typography page
  • [Ipad-Portraint] CSS error in News Feed page
  • [T3]Got error when open JA Zite template manager
  • [Iphone]- K2 article - Image is overlap
  • K2 menu direct to 404 page
  • Cannot show slideshow in Opera
  • [Iphone]- Sponsor- font size should be increased
  • [Ipad-Portraint] Break layout in Speaker page
  • [Ipad-Portraint] Size of blog title too large

Version 1.0.0 beta 05 Jul, 2012

  • Language incorrect
  • K2: Sample module should be remove on print page
  • [Slideshow]Should change name of module slideshow like other modules
  • Please add masshead for Instagram page
  • Should disable 1 login form
  • Enable Capcha for K2 to avoid spamming
Bug Fix
  • K2 comment limmit: Got error in front end
  • [Masshead Module]Cannot show desc for Masshead in the frontend
  • Css error on Slideshow
  • Error on Register form
  • [T3]Remove themes from qs because they are only used for T3 blank
  • [Error page]Header is broken in IE7
  • [Slideshow] Incorrect language
  • Missing all Positions page
  • Search page : Css error
  • Please update Alias for Style pages
  • K2 comment : Missing border on IE7
  • [K2 Category]- Missing image
  • [Smart Search]Css error in IE7
  • [Vimeo page]- Should be restyle
  • K2 tag: Got error when add tags in an article
  • Blog : Some Error
  • [Masshead module] : Please style for masshead description
  • Making style for navigation on joomla page
  • [Template Manager] Update template descriptions for JA Zite
  • Still not validate css
  • [K2 Vimeo page]- Pop-up Js error
  • Subscribe button look not nice in Opera
  • K2 details page: Got error in vote section
  • Please add masshead for SEARCH page
  • Css error when msg appear
  • [AcyMailing]Language file is not up to date in Configuration page
  • [K2]-Layout broken on Uncatergorised page
  • [Twitter Feed page] Icon twitter is overlapped
  • [Twitter]Title of module is not styled
  • Got error in footer menu
  • Error on Main menu
  • K2: Got error when hover on font size button
  • Css error on Facebook page
  • [K2 Blog]- Artile title font size needs to be resized
  • [Events page]Missing many images in view all speakers page
  • [K2]- Language Error
  • K2: Category is broken in Opera
  • Please remove unnecessary bullets
  • Twitter module : Please style for "web" link item
  • Navigation error on IE7
  • [T3]Current version of T3 Plugin in Template manager is incorrect
  • [K2]content is cropped when show next page
  • [Footer]Css error in IE7&8
  • [Twitter]css error when enable twitter account info
  • Color of icon in breadcrumbs should be change
  • K2 : Missing background on top position
  • K2: Got error in K2 item page
  • Css error on Twitter page
  • Please update link for Sample sites
  • Search page- Button is too big on IE7
  • [Contact us]Missing border when set display format = Sliders
  • [K2 feed pag]- REmove [-] end of line