JA Google Map Plugin

Allows users to embed Google Maps, into articles

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JA Google Map Plugin Introduction

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  • Updated on:17 Jan, 2020
  • Version:2.6.6
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A Google Map Plugin allows users to embed Google Maps, into articles. A step further, it comes with Code Generator, which allows generation of multiple maps with varied configurations and layouts.

  • Supports various map types viz., | Road Map | Satellite Map | Hybrid Map | Terrain | Physical Map | Direction Maps.
  • Easy back-end, descriptions and usage instructions in the tooltips.
  • Customize place description details, shown as a popup on front-end.
  • Preview map settings right in the back-end.
  • Various button | layout options for Zoom Toolbar and Map type toolbar.
  • Display or hide various available options.
  • Show images | Wikipedia Articles | You Tube Movies as layers on your maps.
  • Generate unlimited customized maps to use anywhere in your site, using unique Code Generator.

Supports various map types

The plugin supports 4 map types named: Road Map, Satellite Map, Hybrid Map, Physical Map. These settings can be overridden when you embed Google map to content.

Place description details in Popup

Each time you embed Google map into content, you can add description of the defined location then display it in Popup in front-page when users click on Location point.

Preview map in the back-end

To have right tags to add to content to embed Google, we provide map preview settings in back-end, select the configuration then its code will be generated in the Code container field.

Various button / layout options

Multiple options to customize button, layout for Zoom Toolbar, Map type, etc. For each of those option, you can configure its position to display in front-page.

Easy Back-end configuration

The plugin comes with powerful admin panel, all built-in functionality is included in back-end settings. Each setting has very clear tooltip that shows the setting's functionality and usage.

Use anywhere in your site, with unique Code Generator

You can embed Google map anywhere in your site, in article or in Custom HTML Module. All you have to do is to add embed code into article/custom HTML module.


Version 2.6.6 17 Jan, 2020

  • Compatible with joomla 4.
Bug Fix
  • Remove drag on joomla 3 version
  • Update working with open street map.
  • Disable draggable remove glitch modal
  • Allow to open tooltip after map render
  • Remove js warning.
  • Remove images in description
  • Change to parseFloat
  • Remove resize

Version 2.6.5 03 Oct, 2017

New Feature
  • Marker Clustering
  • Set Location to center of Map
  • Support Responsive
  • Support PHP 7
Bug Fix
  • Fatal Error: operator not supported for strings

Version 2.6.4 15 Feb, 2017

  • Add updateserver tag in xml

Version 2.6.3 25 Oct, 2016

Bug Fix
  • The Disable Scroll wheel Option don't work
  • Ja google map not responsive in the good way

Version 2.6.2 10 Sep, 2015

Version 2.6.1 07 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Direction mode is not working with zoom setting

Version 2.6.0 09 Jun, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Update to use custom marker icon

Version 2.5.9 10 Apr, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module front end: " Style 2 - Google Map" module is missing space

Version 2.5.8 03 Feb, 2015

New Feature
  • Support Multi Pointers
  • Add option to enable / disable scrollwheel
Bug Fix
  • Google Maps plugin: no information pop-up

Version 2.5.7 20 May, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Fix js error when preview Map on BackEnd from Joomla 3x