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How to create hidden menu items in Joomla

Joomla menu items play an essential role to display the navigation.The Menu items used to display different types of the layouts and items in Joomla. For advertisement & E-commerce site owners hidden menu play an important role. As they have new deals and ads page every day or weekly on landing pages. Using this option in Joomla menu, the page will be published and menu item not shows on frontend.

Joomla 4 tutorials: How to create override for modules, components and layout

Joomla 4 already spreading its popularity with its new features like new user interface, new media manager and many more, There are still some features that look hidden at beginner user level. In this blog post, we will discuss one of an important feature in Joomla to create an override for Joomla modules, component and layouts through Joomla back-end panel.

We all know that speed is one of the most important factor for the success of a website but why?

A faster website helps to improve the conversion rate, reduce bandwidth cost, increase your site ranking in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc), improves user experience as well as user retention on your pages.

While JavaScript are beautiful and very handy, they can also bring down a site if in conflict with each other. One can expect JavaScript conflicts to appear as more and more extensions are installed in a Joomla site. The extensions may be using different JavaScript libraries or different library versions or libraries made by different developers which can be in conflict to each other.

It is not all that difficult to rule out such conflicts and extension / template developers can be asked for help then on.

Joomla Force SSL is a Joomla feature to activate the SSL Certificate on your Joomla website.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, it is a security protocol that transmits private data across your Joomla site to the encrypted format. Accordingly, connections to/within your site will be on the secure https protocol instead of the standard http prefix.

Your site really needs SSL Certificate?

If you own an eCommerce or business website, SSL Certificate is nearly a must to protect your critical data. See the Further Knowledge section for the detailed appraisal.

Having an eCommerce Magento site and longing for more graphics, messages or charts? Wondering if you can do it manually? Sure! You can get it done with ease by creating a static block of your desired content and call it onto your front-end. Let me show you how.

Hate it when the article you are working on is lost or overwritten or that one time your content gets “mysteriously” modified, and you have no clue who did it?

I know it’s rather frustrating and annoying to a certain extent confronting those situations (right?!). This is when Joomla content versioning comes in handy.

Recently we released our well known Joomla template Purity III in its latest avatar. One of the features in its documentation is that of a progressive sidebar navigation highlighting the progress of scrolling down each section of the page in question. We received few requests regarding this feature and here we are with the details on how you can have one for your own site.

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