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1. Overview

First, let’s get down to SEO definition. SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be referred to as “The process of optimizing your pages to give them high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP) - including Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines”. (Src: Joomla Glossary).

2. How to proceed

To use Inbuilt Joomla SEO settings feature, in your Joomla admin back-end, navigate through System >> Global Configuration.

1. Overview

Error Reporting is a useful Joomla function to troubleshoot PHP errors on your Joomla site. This function provides some clues about what and where the PHP problems are.

2. When to turn it on?

Got blank/ white screen in your Joomla site frontend? Well, that calls for turning on the error reporting feature. You may also want to disable the URL rewriting (htaccess method) using Apache mod_rewrite under the SEO settings for differential diagnosis of the issue as url rewriting with htaccess file in non-supported server (mod_rewrite not active) also renders blank pages.

lets start with the definition of Joomla Cache : “The mechanism that offers users a stored view of (part of) a web page so that does not have to be pulled from the database. Joomla core offers three levels of caching: Page caching, View caching and Module caching. By default, Joomla does not cache any content. When caching is switched on, the stored views for this are stored in the filesystem for Joomla ../cache/page/ folder”. (Source: Joomla Glossary)

Cache settings in Joomla

There are 3 places where one can access these settings.

  1. Global configuration - Progessive / conservative cache
  2. System plugin - Page caching / Browser caching
  3. Module level cache for all modules

1. Overview

Mass Mail is a practical Joomla feature allowing you to send emails to all or specific group of registered users. It can be very handy to announce important news for the site users especially in the absence of newsletter subscriptions.

2. How to proceed

To use Mass Mail feature, in your Joomla admin back-end, navigate through Users >> Mass Mail Users.

Take a look at your website. No really. Chances are, you're quite pleased with it. It functions, brings in sales, even looks nice in the right lighting. But here's the problem: the web is changing. What worked and "looked nice" five years ago is now a relic of a bygone era that may repel as many visitors as it attracts. As trends and innovations unfold, prudent businesspeople are forced to recognize that "good" is a relative term, contingent on time and context.

While holiday shoppers are clipping coupons and bundling up for the cold, retailers are making their own preparations for the annual commercial boon. According to Forbes, holiday sales are expected to reach $78.7 billion this year, meriting a little extra attention from businesses both large and small. But while this volume represents a real opportunity for savvy businesses, tapping into it is a challenge all its own.

There was a time when houses had one computer, one phone line, 10 channels, and no Candy Crush Saga. When the Internet was but a little baby, the job of web designers was simple: develop a website for an Internet browser (probably Internet Explorer), and make it friendly to the keyboard and mouse interface. Bandwidth was low, so graphic assets were small and text design was about as simple as it could get.

Seemingly everyone has access to the Internet these days. What's in question is no longer the availability of a Wi-Fi connection, but how and why we're surfing the web. What do people want to see? How can we develop our website to best suit their needs and wants?

Navigating a small business is tricky, to say the least. The old adage "if it were easy, everyone would do it," comes to mind. Entrepreneurship is a challenge not only due to the investment of personal and professional resources but because of the fact that you, the business owner, are often the accountant, project manager, marketer, and web designer, all at the same time. Tough sledding for even the heartiest business-person.

Your company could have one of the most refined and brilliantly designed websites of any of your competitors, but if it doesn’t move your visitors to take action, then it isn’t doing its job.

If your website isn’t helping you transform visitors from passive readers to active and loyal customers, it could be the result of bad copy decisions. In the following post, we’ll outline 10 of the most common copywriting mistakes that are made with regard to websites. Any one of these mistakes can prove to be fatal to a company in today’s environment.

If you haven't read our previous blogpost about the demo toolbars yet, you should take a look at the Demo toolbars - overview and tips to improve yours. It will give you an insight on the ongoing trends and deliberations on improving our demo toolbar.

Important changes we tried to incorporate in our new demo toolbar :

  • Reverse listing pattern : Earlier we had template name with rollover thumbnail, now its thumbnails with rollover template info.
  • User-friendly filters : Easy to filter based on categories, years or tags.
  • RESPONSIVE : It had to be responsive.

Keeping the intro short, let me walk you through the upcoming demo toolbar :

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