JA Tiris

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Available for Joomla 3
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JA Tiris Introduction

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  • Updated on:18 May, 2018
  • Version:2.6.1
  • Download:970,576
  • (4.4 / 270 votes)

JA Tiris is a E-commerce Joomla template for online shop. JA Tiris supports Kunena forum, JoomShopping Component. It Comes in 8 colors including Color theme for Christmas. It is also the first of JA's Joomla! Template to support K2 for Joomla! 2.5 & 3.0 version. JA Tiris combines the power of Joomla CMS with the dynamic creative content control of K2 integration to provide a unique/multi-purpose blog and/or news/informational content resource.

As with all of our latest templates, JA Tiris is built using our powerful open source JAT3 Framework - giving you the ultimate flexibility and speed.

Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, it comes bundled with multiple complimentary extensions.

  • JoomShopping

  • K2

  • Kunena


Version 2.6.1 18 May, 2018

Bug Fix
  • CSS error on social icon
  • Iphone: Kunena: CSS error on Search part
  • Get Code error on K2 Item
  • Kunena: CSS error when edit profile
  • Get code error on K2 Blog page
  • Get error after save Profile
  • Get Code error on K2 Item
  • Kunena: get error when hover
  • Get Code error on K2 Item page
  • iPhone portrait: restyle for Search
  • Get Code error on Jshopping product page
  • Get Code error on K2 User
  • Iphone: Restyle for Login Part

Version 2.6.0 01 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Restyle kunena page after upgrade the lastest version
  • Kunena - Restyle collapsed icon
  • Kunena - Login form displays error on iphone
  • Css error on forgot user name when enable recaptcha
  • Css error on k2 blog detail page when view on iphone
  • Kunena - buttons display error on annoucement page
  • Restyle date picker on joomshopping search
  • Missing icon when edit an article on the frontend
  • Navigation button displays ugly
  • Missing Category module on home page
  • K2 article displays ugly on iphone
  • Kunena - Css error on a topic
  • Cart module is not working after upgrade
  • Missing publishing tab when edit article on the frontend
  • Kunena - Css error on moderate topic page
  • [Shop] Checkout page displays error on iphone
  • Kunena - buttons display error
  • Got some errors when edit an article on the frontend
  • Missing icon font on login form
  • Kunena - User menu bar is cropped on search page

Version 2.5.9 15 Jan, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Css error on blog page
  • Css error on home page
  • Sidenews module displays error
  • [jshopping] Radio button displays ugly on checkout step
  • [Jshopping] Restyle my orders page
  • Css error on login module
  • Navigation displays error
  • [Jshopping] Css error on login page

Version 2.5.8 10 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Css error on Editor
  • Kunena: Topic title should be change other color
  • Kunena: Can't show File name on attachment parameter
  • Frontend: Language error on Edit module form
  • Kunena: Some error on Editor

Version 2.5.7 20 May, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Jshopping: error cache product
  • Iphone- Jshopping: Search page is cutting
  • Jshopping: Error loading form file
  • Iphone- Kunena: Search page is missing select icon
  • Iphone- Jshopping: Date form is breaking
  • Jshopping: Cart page is wrong product which user add
  • Iphone- JSHopping: CHeckout page is missing style
  • Remove Weblinks
  • iphone- Kunena: Index tab is missing style
  • Iphone- Jshopping: jshopping page is display overlap
  • Jshopping: My cart module is wrong product number
  • Iphone- Jshopping: Product detail is cutting
  • Kunena module : Creat account page is missing space
  • Iphone4 Jshopping: Static page is missing space
  • Jshopping: " Terms of Service" missing style
  • Iphone- kunena: Profile/ My topics page are overlap

Version 2.5.6 13 Sep, 2013

Bug Fix
  • [Home] Link labels open error pages
  • Error background on email form
  • Css error on contact page with plain or tabs format
  • [Home] Don't active when click View more
  • [Contact] Should put text on above (see picture)
  • CSS error in K2 user page
  • Missing style on edit tooltip
  • [Kunena] Cant load bbcode editor
  • Please restyle for News page
  • Menu is disordered
  • Css error on weblinks page
  • [Color] Hard to see text current menu when hover over (occur in Default and Xmas themes)
  • [Home] Can't vote when click ratings
  • CSS error in weblinks page
  • [K2] Missing style on tag page
  • [Kunena] Contentslider doesnt work on register page
  • [Footer] Have no link with social links, please update links
  • [Shop] Empty content on Jshopping tags module
  • Missing bullet on mega menu
  • [Kunena] Css error on moderate page
  • [Explore] [Archived article] Please put filter button right
  • [Color] wrong color menu when hover
  • CSs error on mega menu
  • [Menu] Missing bullet on tab-menu Joomla
  • [Typography] Please put radio button right
  • Restyle for Slideshow
  • Popup doesnt work on IE8
  • [Kunena] Should realign checkbox

Version 2.5.5 17 Jan, 2013

  • Upgrade to Joomla 3.0 Compatibility
Bug Fix
  • [J30] 500 error in the Newsfeed menu
  • [J30]Css error in Weblink page
  • Navigation error
  • Color is not changed in sidebar menu
  • [J30]Css error in Archive module
  • [J30] Contact form is not style
  • [J30]Typo page is broken
  • Some texts in ja_tiris and ja_tiris_blog k2 templates are not properly translated !
  • Image is overlapped when viewing category
  • [J30]Css error in Submit a weblink page
  • [J30] Dropline menu style does not work
  • Color error in Contact page
  • Css error in Menu
  • [J30]Css error in JShopping search page
  • [J30] 404 Error with color menus
  • Content is error in All position layout page

Version 2.5.4 23 Oct, 2012

Bug Fix
  • Fix bug upgrade Jshopping

Version 2.5.3 24 Sep, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • Block header - Go error when turn on DEvelopement reporting mode

Version 2.5.2 22 Jun, 2012

  • Upgrade template to Joomla 2.5.6
Bug Fix
  • Error when build sample data
  • Css error when enable K2 capcha
  • [Slideshow]-description of item should be displayed in one line
  • Error with bullets in sidebar menu
  • [Comment]Cannot show login form for Comment in IE