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  • Updated on:20 Dec, 2013
  • Version:2.5.4
  • Download:1,640
  • (4.2 / 577 votes)

JA Teline IV is Magazine News Joomla Template from our Teline series of Joomla news templates. With fresh styles and updated extensions along with support for K2 and FlexiContent, the adaptability for existing sites would be breeze. New extensions have been developed and older one's updated to support more features and be flexible to work for multiple sources of articles such as K2 and even FlexiContent. Not to mention, this Joomla template is powered with robust T3v3 Framework.

More features about Teline IV are outlined in the Blog Post Must Read . Dont miss it. Take time and view our complete Teline Series of News Templates JA Teline III V2, JA Teline III V1, JA Teline II and JA Teline I.

  • K2


Version 2.5.4 20 Dec, 2013

  • [iPhone_portrait] Categories page don't display nicely, that should be display as one column
Bug Fix
  • Thumbnail need to be in center
  • [J32] Please restyle for tooltips
  • [j25] Please restyle for weblink page
  • [J32][Search] Remove dots and resize for combobox that too long
  • [iPhone] Please resize for titles and images in articles
  • Position of Message is wrong
  • Subscribe don't work and update share social links
  • Some error on Site configuration page
  • [j32] Need more space in the middle of categories, items
  • [iPhone][j25,32] Please restyle for search page
  • Missing style when change ordering of Home menu
  • [Newspro] Setting button still lie over when setting fall down
  • Toolbar text on description form should be lower case
  • [News stiker mod] Don't show control buttons
  • [Popup plg] Don't show popup when select Multibox type
  • [New featured mod] Select k2 source and display only featured articles has error

Version 2.5.3 25 May, 2013

  • [J31] Add style for tag in Joomla! Content
  • Add style for K2
  • Improvement to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • [J30] Please change the menu title of menu: com_jaextmanager
  • [J31]CSS error on Smart Search page
  • [J31]CSS error in Category blog page
  • K2: CSS error in detail Article of Interview & Blog Page
  • [J31] Dubplicate "Home" menu
  • K2 Interview page: image displays wrong
  • [J31] CSS error on Edit page - front end
  • K2: CSS error in Tag page
  • K2: CSS error in Article detail page
  • [J30] Error with "Readmore" in the third item of the JA News featured module
  • K2: CSS error in Comment text in blog page
  • [J31]Can't click on Advanced Search button
  • K2 - IE: CSS error in Tag page.

Version 2.5.2 27 Sep, 2012

  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • [JA newspro] got code error when change error report to Development
  • [Block-Footer] Got code error when change error report to Development
  • [Homepage-Parameter] Got code error when change error report to Development
  • [JA Bulletin] Got code error when change error report to development
  • [JA News Feature] Got code error when change error report to Development

Version 2.5.1 20 Jun, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.6
  • update the read_more text for ja new feature module template override
Bug Fix
  • Css error on Rss menu
  • Redirect different language homepage when use logo or home menu item
  • "User rating" does not show at the category blog layout !

Version 2.5.0 10 Feb, 2012

Bug Fix
  • [FORUMPID:288170] IE8 with ja tabs and ja bulletin - displaying text is smaller !
  • [J2.5] cant insert image or article link on cursor position
  • [Popup] Multibox type: content color isnt applied on frontend
  • [newsfp] Css error after realign image
  • [bulletin] Css error on mega menu
  • RTL_css error on bulletin module
  • [newsfp] translation is not working
  • [2.5][Article]-Image cant displayed after insert
  • [JA Popup Plugin] Cannot change overlay color for thickbox type
  • RTL_Css error on mega menu
  • [JA Newspro] Cant open usersetting tool when No group by sub category
  • [Bulletin] Bulletin module on "mega1" position works incorrectly
  • [2.5] [Newspro] User setting displays error on ie7
  • [Thumbnail] cant navigate image when use thumbnail by manual
  • [2.5] Css error on content of jatabs
  • Validate Css & HTML
  • [FORUMPID:289235] !!! Again and again - now, bug with JA News Pro module (after update !) !!!
  • [Bulletin] Css error after disable image
  • [Popup] Dim Background doesnt work property when select Popup type is Greybox and Thickbox
  • [newsfp] Cant assign image to rignt position
  • [Twitter] css error after show custom text heading
  • [2.5][Home] Layout broken on IE7

Version 1.2.2 15 Dec, 2011

Bug Fix
  • [FORUMPID:289121] text outside the picture in JA News Featured (after update) !
  • [newsfp] Cant show tooltip on sidebar theme
  • Text is overlapped on bulletin module

Version 1.2.1 09 Dec, 2011

Bug Fix
  • IE: Don't show Hot Video
  • [FORUMPID:277558] bug with pictures (thumbnail) in JA Tabs !
  • IE8 with ja tabs and ja bulletin - displaying text is smaller !
  • [color] buttons should be changed color correctly when mouse over it
  • Mega menu doesnt work on opera
  • [thumbnail plg] Duplicate images on the article when change display position
  • [FORUMPID:283710] big bug after update JA T3 Framework 1.4.0. to 1.5.0 !
  • Don't have default value for Profile
  • Css error on the article detail page
  • Tooltip displays error on opera
  • [newspro] Maximum categories not applied correctly to frontend
  • [iphone] Missing image when disable SEF
  • [JA commnet] Text don't hidden when focus mouse into textbox
  • a location problem in the topmega.php block file
  • [FORUMPID:288192] How to disable t3.log
  • Css error on print preview page
  • RTL_Image should be moved to right side on bulletin module
  • [thumbnail plg] Got error when open thumbnail image
  • [newsfp] got error when empty content on module
  • CSS error in add/edit article form
  • Newsticker module doesnt work on Opera
  • Date on blog/interview page is not translated
  • [newspro] Display number of column incorrectly whe set column = 0
  • [popup] Got error when use popup type = thickbox
  • displaying image is error when view article detail
  • IE7: CSS error in New Featured module
  • [comment] Css button error on edit form
  • RTL_Css error on newsticker
  • [twitter]Should realign twitter button on module
  • J17 - [FORUMPID:281490] Joomlart Ticket Support not good enough
  • [JA bulletin] CSS error in Worls 24h module when display article without image
  • Realign image in bulletin module with mega position
  • Shoule enable forgot username/pass pages title
  • [newsfp] Remove blank space under module
  • [jatabs] Cant load content when use ajax = true
  • [FORUMPID:284764] style layout problem with JA News Featured Module if Number of Featured Articles = 1
  • Some article's title don't applied color
  • Css error on blog page
  • RTL_Css error on mega menu
  • [newspro_pulse] Css error on pulse layout
  • [FORUMPID:281425] contact link in a article display nothing !

Version 1.2.0 01 Sep, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Iphone : css error on News page
  • [Backend] - some error in Menu Assignment section
  • [menu] Missing under line on split or dropline menu
  • [Comment] Css error when click Flag icon
  • [iphone] error on home page
  • [JA Newspro module] - spelling error
  • Register button displayed not nice on IE7
  • Css error on main menu when mouseover it
  • RTL : css error on FAQ page
  • No wrap around image in blog view
  • [Login] Css error in Login form
  • Got css error when set Articles Sorted By Latest Modified
  • [Comment] Css error in Blog page
  • Iphone : make space between two article on home page
  • [JA Latest comment module] - No categories selected but front-end still displays result
  • RTL : missing navigation on main menu
  • Css error when open Cpanel then scroll down and close it
  • [FORUMPID:250977] ja-thumbnails - disable for just one category (or article)
  • Got error after submit to request new password
  • [Comment] Missing some js files
  • [newspro] Cant hide sub category title
  • Photo gallery displayed not nice
  • RTL_Layout for Contact us page is not nice when set Tabs layout
  • RTL_Css error in replies comment
  • RTL : error on typography page
  • mod_janewsticker : Css error when Show Control Buttons
  • [JA Bulletin Module]/[Front-end] - Can not display custom hits
  • Css error on login menu
  • [Comment] RTL_Some errors in Comment page
  • RTL_Css error in Header area
  • [System-Comment plugin] Got 500 error
  • Keep stay viewing page after login
  • RTL: navigation should be run RTL
  • plg_thumbnail :( image alignment = left) doesn't work
  • [Comment] Missing bullet and right quote
  • [newfp] Blank space when hide images on module
  • [JA Newspro module] - Tooltip is still enabled while it is not set in backend (by default)
  • RTL_Css error in comment form in IE9
  • [JA latest comment module]- error when enable "show comment vote"
  • Error on typo page
  • Error 404 page after login
  • [JA New Featured module]/[Backend] - some spelling mistakes in tooltip
  • Cant display hits and readmore on bulletin module
  • [Comment] Dont show page navigation in IE7&8&9
  • RTL_Css error in Tabs module
  • User setting work wrong
  • Please enable Userprofile_module after login
  • RTL : Css error on topmegamenu position
  • RTL: error on home page
  • mod_janewspro: can't show "User Setting Tool"
  • [comment] Layout is broken when edit comment
  • [newfp] css error when change image alignment
  • [JA Newspro module]-[Backend] - no default value for some fields
  • RTL_Css error in Newfeatured module
  • Css error when set dropline/split menu
  • RTL : image on tooltip should be run RTL

Version 1.1.1 20 Jul, 2011

Bug Fix
  • J16 - [FORUMPID:246215] Menu Problem!
  • [FORUMPID:252316] justification article / picture in the front end ?!
  • Missing a tag in the template override for the Joomla! search module
  • Cant see submenu after click on it
  • RTL_[Thumbnail plugin]: Got css error
  • Missing interview icon and page
  • [FORUMPID:251775] Plugin ja-social problem when "after content display" selected
  • [FORUMPID:252916] Plugin ja-social problem when "after content display" selected
  • [FORUMPID:245106] Latest version of JA Teline IV for Joomla 1.6 does not work after install
  • Got js error when click email or print icon
  • [FORUMPID:249984] MegaMenu is no longer displaying the latest articles for the specific sub sections
  • "Last update" does not work
  • Bug with Register module.
  • Frontend => JA New Pro Module: Cannot save/cancel settings from the second time
  • [FORUMPID:251354] Joomla 1.6: Where is the telineiv profile?
  • Css error in Blog page

Version 1.1.0 02 Jun, 2011

  • Please enable template information in the quickstart
  • Teline IV not facebook friendly
Bug Fix
  • Iphone : Reupdate font for DESKTOP_VERSION button
  • Quickstart - with JA Thumbnaill plugin appeared php warning in the Media files manager
  • Cant switch newspro layout when enabel cache
  • js error: $E is not defined
  • Error date on blog page
  • [FORUMPID:228039] ja-news-mobile error
  • Css error on CMS page
  • IE8 : error on slideshow
  • Where is typography page
  • [FORUMPID:239235] Menu alignment and content issue (J1.6 version only)
  • RTL : Error on footer
  • css bug when installing jat3 plugin 1.2.3
  • RTL_Newsfeatured error on IE7
  • Css error in mega menu
  • RTL_error on Home menu
  • RTL : Comment form should be run RTL
  • Iphone: got JS error on home page
  • Thumbnail don't have lightbox!
  • [FORUMPID:241605] ja bulletin > don't display main category
  • Missing ja facebooklikebox module for teline iv j16
  • RTL: Error on Example pages
  • Date error on bulletin module
  • RTL_Missing file image, checked by firebug
  • Home page is messed
  • [Mobile] Cant switch to mobile version when click on it
  • js error in teline iv j1.6
  • RTL : Error on contact form
  • IE 6 lost warning Teline IV
  • LTR & RTL_Linear layout error on IE7
  • Got error when validate HTML and CSS
  • Missing link color in mega menu
  • Enable default main menu on comment form
  • Minor error on Mega menu
  • J16 - [FORUMPID:241441] how to remove the "Welcome to the front page" band ?
  • Missing comment com,plg and latest comment module for Teline iv demo
  • Error on FAQ page
  • justification article / picture in the front end ?!
  • JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with id: 62
  • Got some minor errors on Homepage
  • RTL_search icon is cropped
  • Iphone : tooltip display not nice on "Read More" item
  • Missing breadcrumb
  • RTL: eror on main menu
  • style for Registration form
  • RTL_Blog page is broken
  • Failed loading xml file in language manager
  • Read more button error on Safari
  • Cant show author, readmore, hits on bulletin module
  • Error CSS/ HTML validate
  • [FORUMPID:241515] breadcrumbs w JA Teline IV joomla 1.6
  • - update 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 : Fatal error: Call to a member function getChildren()
  • RTL : Error on Bookmark page tab
  • blank in CSS menu
  • RTL_Missing links on footer page
  • Update demo: video shouldnt played automatically
  • RTL_logo error css on IE