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  • Updated on:15 Jun, 2018
  • Version:1.1.7
  • Download:1,640
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With JA Social, everyone is a winner. Probably the best social community Joomla Template for Joomla!, featuring custom style for JomSocial, Kunena Forums & K2 component. We have even developed 6 new extensions especially for JA Social template and updated a few to suit JA Social.

JA Social is running on our JA T3v2 and T3 Framework, it's compatible with Joomla 3. Facebook like, Facebook share, Twitter tweet and Comment Plugin (disqus, intensedebate or js-kit) are updated to work with Joomla articles or K2 articles and even both.

  • JomSocial

  • K2

  • Kunena


Version 1.1.7 15 Jun, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Kunena: Change color for content message notification when create new topic
  • Kunena/Iphone: Icon login display wrong position when click dropdown menu
  • Kunena: Error css on My Topics page
  • Kunena: Attachment fields need more style
  • Kunena: Avatar and status are overlapping
  • Kunena/Iphone: Change color dropdown menu clear more
  • Kunena: Most error when edit profile
  • Kunena/RTL: Most error when edit profile
  • Error 404 when open Jomsocial
  • Jomsocial: Checkbox displays error on the register page
  • Kunena: Most function no work when create new topic
  • Kunena/Iphone: Can't see text of button on New Topic page
  • Tooltip displays wrong position on Contact page
  • Kunena/RTL: checkbox display wrong position on New Topic page

Version 1.1.6 12 Jan, 2018

Bug Fix
  • CSS error on Editor
  • Comment counter doesn't work
  • Can't Skip component content
  • RTL - Css error on slideshow thumbnail
  • Kunena: Dropdown toggle is auto jump down when clicking on it
  • Can't show user custom field in contact page
  • RTL - Jomsocial: Text and icon are overlapping in dropdown
  • Kunena: Attachment fields need more styled
  • Contact: Can't hide Contact Info
  • RTL - Jomsocial: Problem with user avatar
  • Missing Search and Clean buttons on Tag page

Version 1.1.5 01 Sep, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Kunena - Css error on annoucements page
  • Css error on search result page
  • Cant create new event
  • RTL- Slideshow displays error on blog page
  • Missing icon on kunena forum
  • Restyle close icon dialog
  • Missing style on inbox page after upgrade Jomsocial 4.1.x
  • Contact page displays ugly
  • Should restyle filtered by all streams
  • Got the blank button on detail article
  • Rss icon is overlapped
  • Message notification displays error

Version 1.1.4 28 Jul, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Can't show custom field in Contact page
  • Error with comment counter
  • Jomsocial: Avatar displays ugly
  • Kunena: Attachment file need more styled
  • Kunena: Cant open 'Advanced search' section
  • Jomsocial: Css error on Profile
  • Kurena: Warning
  • Can't show custom field in category
  • Jomsocial: Css error on textbox
  • Slideshow: Control buttons askew
  • JomSocial: Direction to root when logout
  • Kunena: Error when creating new topic
  • Kunena - Iphone: Can't open menubar on the second time
  • K2 Comment is not styled
  • Slideshow Style
  • Some Css errors on Editor
  • Kunena: Css error on Login form
  • Jomsocial: Css error on Login form
  • Slideshow: Can't change navigation value
  • K2: Report comment form need more styled
  • K2: Css error with Font size icon
  • RTL: Css error on post's comment
  • Kunena: Search page need more styled
  • Slideshow: CSS error when showing thumbnail
  • Jomsocial: Problem with Page title
  • Jomsocial: Warning

Version 1.1.3 21 Dec, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Jomsocial] Missing image on photo page
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on edit group page
  • [Jomsocial] Missing style on login form
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Css error on Jomsocial page
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on group page
  • [Jomsocial] Cant load avatar on iphone
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on group page
  • [RTL-iphone] Realign rss icon on iphone
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Css error on group page
  • [Jomsocial] Get out of the site after click on logout icon
  • Appears blank button on homepage
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Missing right column on user profile page in RTL
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on search page
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Css error on timeline
  • [Jomsocial] Got error on event page
  • [Jomsocial] Jomsocial is not responsived
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Css error on cover photo
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Appears comment box on group stream
  • [Kunena] Checkbox should be in the middle
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on privacy setting page
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Bullet is overlapped on iphone, ipad
  • [Jomsocial] Buttons display ugly on jomsocial page
  • [Jomsocial] Missing like icon
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Css error on group stream
  • [RTL-jomsocial] Missing menu icon on ipad
  • [RTL] Css error on About author module
  • [RTL-Kunena] Realign bullet in RTL

Version 1.1.2 17 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Social/ Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " Photo Gallery" module is cutting select form
  • Kunena: wrong style
  • Iphone- RTL- Kunena: New topic page is missing space
  • [Social/ Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " K2 Tools" module is wrong language
  • joomsocial page is error 1146
  • [Social/ Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " JA Login" module is missing text "ON/ OFF"
  • [Social/ Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " K2 User" module
  • Kunena- RTL: Link text is wrong position
  • [Social/ Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " K2 Users" module is wrong style
  • Kunena- RTL: No Replies page is worng position
  • [Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " JA Slideshow Module" is overlap
  • iphone- kunena: Missing space
  • [Social/ Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " K2 User" module is wrong language
  • kunena- RTL: wrong position
  • Iphone- RTL- Kunena: Edit profile is cutting form
  • [Social/ Social RTL to joomla 3.4.1] " K2 Content" module is wrong language
  • Blog page is missing style

Version 1.1.1 14 Nov, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on photo detail page
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Toolbar displays error in RTL
  • [Jomsocial-RTL] Username is overlapped on profile page
  • Secret key box is too short on login form
  • [RTL] Css error when post status in RTL
  • [RTL] Bullets displays wrong position on k2 latest item page
  • [Jomsocial] cant load emotion icons
  • [Jomsocial] Cant invite friend on iphone
  • [Jomsocial] Cant see view all link on default theme
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Character count should be in left direction
  • [Jomsocial] Text is hard to see when change site's color
  • [Iphone] Comment count displays error on iphone
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on account detail page
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Title group is hidden by avatar image
  • [Jomsocial] css error on discussion page
  • Cant change position of article info on home page or blog page
  • [Jomsocial] Still missing wait.gif when change avatar
  • Should remove scrollbar on edit article on the frontend
  • [RTL] Css error on jomsocial page
  • [Jomsocial] Profile page displays ugly on iphone
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Css error on edit or create new group or event
  • Horizontal Scrollbar with iPhone6 and IOS8.1
  • Missing images on blog page
  • [RTL] Css error on k2 blog detail page
  • [Jomsocial] Missing image when like or share a user profile
  • [Jomsocial-RTL] Option on profile page displays error on ipad
  • [Jomsocial] Missing background on import event page
  • [Jomsocial-Ipad] Options links display error on ipad
  • [RTL] Back to top link should be in left
  • [RTL] Image displays error on joomla blog detail page
  • [Jomsocial] Search button displays error on video
  • [RTL-Jomsocial] Attend icon displays error on event detail page
  • Css error on mega menu
  • [Ipad] Error on contact page when enable recaptcha plugin
  • [RTL] Css error on k2 user blog page
  • [Jomsocial] Icon photo should be inline textbox
  • [Jomsocial] Background on About me displays ugly
  • [Jomsocial] cant see text when hover
  • [RTL] Text is overlapped on profile page
  • [RTL] Icon on image displays error
  • [Kunena] Realign checkbox on search page

Version 1.1.0 18 Jul, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on search box and advanced search
  • [Jomsocial] cant show avatar image on IE8
  • Missing 'top-panel' position in templateDetails.xml file
  • Contact page displays error on ipad portrait
  • Cant show "Don't Show Again" option on JA Toppanel module on the frontend
  • [Jomsocial] Got error when click on photo
  • Break layout after disable then enable responsive mode
  • Should remove redundant character on typography page
  • Menu displays ugly when insert caption menu
  • [Jomsocial] username and avatar are too closer, should add more spacing
  • [Jomsocial] Cant post comment on the post
  • Tab doesnt work on typography page
  • [FORUMPID:419951] Top Panel JA Login Box Formatting Issue
  • Image is not resized on the detail blog page
  • Cant show submenu when hover menu on IE8
  • [Jomsocial] Cant like post
  • [IE8][Jomsocial] Fontsize is too big on IE8
  • Duplicate icon on meta info
  • Cant show small logo on mobile device
  • Cant open menu on iphone, ipad when viewing jomsocial page
  • [Jomsocial] Cant pass to step 2 when register a new account
  • Realign site name on iphone
  • Comment count must be under the content
  • JA Login module displays error when enable secret key
  • [Jomsocial] Css error on group page
  • [Jomsocial] Cursor focus displays ugly on chrome and opera, IE8
  • Realign ja login module on the top page
  • Menu is broken when disable responsive
  • Photo gallery displays error on IE8
  • [Iphone]-[Jomsocial] add more spacing between icons
  • Cant load style in thememagic
  • Restyle meta info on k2 article
  • Cant show caret icon on iphone/ipad when disable off canvas navigation

Version 1.0.3 14 Mar, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [iPhone][Jomsocial] Move texts on the left
  • [Offline page] Image should be resize and place in the center
  • [Kunena-RTL] Please reposition for remember me and remove bullet
  • [K2] Comment couter and text should be in the middle
  • [Kunena] Restyle for search page
  • [RTL] Need more space
  • [iPhone/iPad][Search] Align for some texts
  • Show error message when enable captchar plugin
  • [Menu-RTL] Direction arrow is wrong
  • [iPad/iPhone] Disabled off-canvas and arrow display error on menu
  • [Search] Align for radio and texts
  • [Kunena] Checkbox and text should be on a line
  • Please place email beside textbox
  • [Login] Realign for links
  • [Kunena] Please add more space
  • [RTL-Blog] Got js error on blog page
  • [Home/K2 categories] Please align for two buttons
  • [Kunena-RTL] Move text on the right
  • [iPad/iPhone][Login] Greeting should be restyled
  • [Jomsocial] Restyle for Event tab in profile user
  • Submenus level 2 don't show on IE8,9

Version 1.0.2 20 Jan, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [Color Themes]_Sub-menus is not changed color follow occordingly Grey theme
  • [RTL-iPad_Landscape]_Nagivation is overflowing
  • [Spotlight-Footer]_Spotlight-footer should be re-styled
  • [iphone-Portrait_Blog]_Close button on some fields are overflowing
  • [Responsive] Sidebar-1 displays under the content section when using default-left-content-right layout
  • [iPad_Kunenaforum]_Some fields should be re-styled
  • [Features]_Text color is changed after changing from Megamenu to Joomla Module
  • [iPhone-Kunena forum]_Some fields should be re-styled
  • [iPhone_Portrait-Typography]_Layout should be re-styled
  • [Blog]_All the titles on article form are hard to recognize, should be re-styled
  • [RTL-iPad_Landscape]_Search form should be re-styled
  • [RTL-JoomSocial]_Should be add a little space between text and image