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Sports Joomla Theme

Available for Joomla 3
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JA Orisite Introduction

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  • Updated on:04 Jul, 2015
  • Version:1.1.7
  • Download:970,527
  • (3.8 / 250 votes)

JA Orisite is Sports Joomla Template, It is sports themed template and comes in 4 colors to choose from. Dress your sport site with the JA Orisite powered by T3 V2, which supports Kunena forum, K2 component and multiple complimentary extensions.

Design your news site with an atmosphere of freedom, strength and refreshing energy that sport brings. Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, it comes bundled with multiple complimentary extensions.

Please note that the Virtuemart - Joomla shopping cart component is not yet compatible with Joomla 3.x. Therefore there will not be any style added to Virtuemart pages for Joomla 3.x and up until Virtuemart releases the compatible versions of the component itself.

Support K2, Virtuemart and Kunena

JA Orisite supports K2 component for article managements, integrated Kunena for forum and Virtuemart aids to help boosting up eCommerce power.

4 Menu styles

Including CSS, Split, dropline and megamenu. Pick one that satisfy your need most.

4 Color Themes

JA Orisite is available in Blue, Green, Pink and Turquoise.

Inbuilt Google Fonts Configuration

Get creative with the fonts, Google Fonts have a huge variety in styles. You will never get bored.

5 Bonus pages

The extra pages are amazing. Never forget to check these out.

Multiple Layouts

There are 4 different layout types to choose from. We provide you flexibility to creatively build your site YOUR way.

  • AcyMailing

  • K2

  • Kunena


Version 1.1.7 04 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Remove weblinks
  • K2 authors: Select users popup is missing style
  • Iphone- Kunena: My Topics page is Cutting
  • Edit module: " JA Tabs" module is missing style
  • Kunena: Can not add avatar
  • Iphone- Kunena: Search page is cutting form
  • [J30] Error when valiate HTML
  • K2: Error language
  • Iphone- kunena: Display overlap and missing space
  • Edit module: " Slideshow Lite" module is blank
  • Kunenna: Can not creat new topic
  • iphone- kunena: Profile page is missing style
  • My account page is missing space
  • Iphone- kunena: Recent page is wrong position of th button
  • K2 item detail: "-/+" function is not working
  • Edit module: Error language and cutting form
  • Extra page is error link
  • Iphone- Kunena: Missing style
  • Can not display submenu form when user hover
  • iphone- Kunena: overlap
  • iphone- K2: Error style

Version 1.1.6 03 Jan, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [JaOrisite-BottomMenu]_Cannot perform hover on More Infor on Bottom Menu
  • [3.x] Tag select box displays error on IE8
  • [Kunena] Back button is not changed color
  • [Ja-Orisite]_Google Plus should be full border and have separate with the texts
  • Missing image on K2 user page
  • [VM] Sort by item displays error
  • [Kunena] Statistics displays error
  • [JaOrisite-OfflineSite]_Remember Plugin is still appearing although it is disabled on Back-end.
  • [VM] Missing text on edit address page
  • Icon on login module displays error
  • [Contentslider] Navigation button displays error when it's enabled
  • [Kunena-3x] Cant loadd BBCode editor
  • CSS error in Sub-menu
  • Realign text label on smartsearch page
  • [VM] cant show shipment method to checkout
  • [Ja-Orisite-RunningPage]_Running page layout broken
  • [Iphone] Tag page appears redundant space
  • [Kunena] Username is wrong legend color
  • [Kunena] Missing border on path element
  • [JaOrisite-OfflineSite]_Show offline image only if it exists
  • [VM] Thumbnail image displays error on IE8
  • [Offline] Logo on offline page should be a link
  • Module position name is overlapped when enable Preview Module Positions
  • [Kunena] Edit profile button displays error
  • [Kunena] Realine label and checkbox on IE8
  • [VM] Display error when hover link
  • [JaOrisite-Typography]_Should be added a little gap between checkbox and the texts
  • [Iphone] Login form displays error on iphone
  • [Slideshow] Readmore button doesnt work when using image
  • [Kunena] sticky post displays error
  • [JaOrisite-T3v2GlobalFont]_Menus don't change to global font
  • [VM] Footer menu displays error on shopping cart page
  • [Ja-Orisite-VirtuaMart]_System crashes when after For Baby's page has been clicked
  • Button displays error on submit weblink page
  • [VM] Should change background color on popup
  • [Kunena] Userlist displays error on IE8
  • [JaOrisite-MailSetting]_Message and warning are closed concurrently if one of them is closed
  • [Kunena] Kunena menu isnt changed color when it's actived
  • [VM] Realign buttons on account maintenance page
  • [JASidenews] Images display error when aligned to right or auto
  • [Kunena] Text button displays error on moderate topic

Version 1.1.5 28 Jun, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1
Bug Fix
  • [J31]CSS error in Typo page
  • [J31] JS Error on Homepage when set JS optimate to Join and Minify
  • [J30] Missing profile image
  • [J31]Can't click button to expand content in Weblink
  • [J31] Can't click on Advanced Search

Version 1.1.4 17 Dec, 2012

Bug Fix
  • [J30] Error with Print and Email icons
  • [J30] Error with the newsfeed page
  • Css error when search with long key
  • [J30] Error when change to "Advanced Search"
  • [J30] Error in the Request password form
  • [J30] Plz change project name to joomla 3.0
  • [J30] Error in login page
  • [J30] Error with the CSS menu
  • [J30] Error in Email page
  • Upgrade to joomla 3.0 compabitility
  • [J30] The Search page is not nice
  • [J30] Slideshow does not work with K2 source
  • Navigation should not change color when viewing in the first or last page
  • [J30] k2 blog page is not styled
  • [J30] Error in print page
  • [J30] K2 Article detail is not same j25 style
  • [J30] Search module should has same size with J25
  • [J30] Error with contact page
  • js error on home page
  • [J30] error with the user page
  • [J30] K2 tag page should be styled better
  • [J30] making the same j25 style for images popup

Version 1.1.3 17 Nov, 2012

  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.8
Bug Fix
  • [IE10] JS error when click to view image popup
  • Missing style in Typography page
  • Css error on User7 & User9 positions
  • Search for is duplicate in virtuemart page
  • Css error in Virtuemart Search page

Version 1.1.2 27 Sep, 2012

Bug Fix
  • [JA Content Slider] Error when change Error Reporting
  • [Block/ Header] Error when change Error Reporting
  • Show code error on Virtuemart component
  • K2 Login module show code error after login

Version 1.1.1 20 Jun, 2012

Bug Fix
  • [VM] Remove message on order page
  • Image alignment doesnt work for images in the article itself
  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.6

Version 1.1.0 13 Mar, 2012

  • Search box is wrong style on viture mart page
  • Update Virtuemart component
Bug Fix
  • Wrong page title
  • [VM] Css error on product detail page
  • [VM] Missing language and image on account maintaince page
  • [VM] Css error on shipment address
  • Css error on product when hover it
  • [VM] Css error on category module
  • [VM] right column and content should be realigned on all categories page
  • Missing right column on 3 columns page
  • [Vituremart] Got error on vituremart page after login
  • [VM] Css error on category page
  • [VM] Css error on print page
  • [VM] hard to see when hover link on my shopping cart module
  • [VM] Css error on vender contact page
  • [Vituremart] Missing image on product detail page
  • [VM] Error on shopping cart page
  • [VM] got error when check out with standard method
  • Missing left position module on all module positions layout
  • [VM] Seem missing style for email page
  • [VM] Should realign on payment method step
  • [Vituremart] Layout not nice on IE7
  • [VM] Please add style for ask a question page
  • [VM] Css error on product detail which have options product

Version 1.0.0 01 Mar, 2012

First release