JA Kranos

Dec 2011 Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3

JA Kranos Introduction

Quick Info

  • Updated on:26 Jul, 2018
  • Version:2.5.9 Changelog
  • Download:970,705
  • (4.4 / 257 votes)

JA Kranos allows you to present massive amounts of content in a single view without cluttering up the page and losing the visitors focus. With its massive 1260 x 700px Masshead & slideshow area you can quickly and easily re-theme any view. With our new Accordion module in combination with Content slider and Tabs you can nest content into way never thought of before without obscuring it.

And if all that is not enough to wet your appetite, our all new Masshead module (background image ad title below logo) allows you to theme your menu items and view in ways never imagined before! No more boring, cookie cutter menus & headers. Our integrated K2 Component and Kunena Forum Component support for Joomla 2.5 & 3.0, allows you to extend these features even farther! Check out Kranos and find out how to make your site beautiful!

Powered by robust T3 Framework 2, it comes bundled with multiple complimentary extensions.

This template does not support RTL CSS style

Support K2 and Kunena

Power up your Joomla site with these two outstanding extensions: K2 component and Kunena forum.

4 Menu styles

Megamenu with custom blocks and awesome functions is supported in JA Kranos. Besides, you will have other 3 menu styles to choose from.

12 color themes

There are 12 colors that you can flexibly choose and dress up your site with.

Multiple Layouts

Get your content the diverse look with the 2 layouts supported in KA Kranos: left sidebar and wrapper fullwidth.

Inbuilt CSS & Javascript configuration

These guys will speed up your Joomla site performances amazingly faster. Who wouldn't want a faster site?

Inbuilt Google Fonts configuration

The open source optimized fonts for your Joomla site from fancy to simplicity. You just can't get wrong with Google fonts.

  • K2

  • Kunena