JA Decor

eCommerce Joomla template for Decor and Interior Decor

Available for Joomla 3

JA Decor Introduction

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  • Updated on:13 Dec, 2018
  • Version:2.0.0
  • Download:416,048
  • (4 / 308 votes)

The eCommerce responsive Joomla template for Joomla 3 and Joomla 2.5 – JA Decor has a dynamic block layout design mixed with the metro design principle, creating this unique look and feel that any decor, interior design online shop would appreciate.

JA Decor is built on the powerful Joomla template framework - T3 Framework which makes it fully responsive by default, supports the sleek and intuitive front-end framework Boostrap 3 at core, the convenience blogging component EasyBlog and the out of the box Joomla shopping cart solution - Mijoshop and RTL language layout.

This monthly template also pulls off a beautiful mansory layout dedicating to the Project page. Comes with 4 colors presets, and multiple bonus pages, altogether makes JA Decor an outstanding Joomla template for your Joomla decor site. This template supports RTL CSS Style.

Responsive Joomla template - JA Decor supports Mijoshop component

Supports Mijoshop component

The feature rich Joomla eCommerce shopping cart extension that is well loved by the majority in the community with a user-friendly admin interface that enables you to be in total control of your store.

Responsive Joomla template - JA Decor built on the latest T3 Framework compatible with Bootstrap 3

Built on the latest T3 Framework compatible with Bootstrap 3

T3 Framework is powerful yet flexible, with Bootstrap 3 at core. With T3 Framework, you can easily customize most of JA Decor CSS properties using ThemeMagic in real-time along with endless fascinating features.

Megamenu and Off-canvas menu in the Responsive Joomla template - JA Decor

Megamenu and Off-Canvas menu

JA Decor supports both Megamenu navigation system on desktop and Off-Canvas menu on mobile and tablet devices. Having a great organized menu navigation system assures your customers to be able to find what they are looking for.

Fully Responsive Joomla template - JA Decor

Fully responsive design

JA Decor is fully responsive Joomla template that does not look good on desktop alone but also look stunning on mobile and tablet devices, thanks to T3 Framework.

Right To Left Language Layout in Responsive Joomla template - JA Decor

Right To Left Language Layout

Not an exception, JA Decor also supports RTL layout at default. All props go to T3 Framework.

Responsive Joomla template - JA Decor supports EasyBlog

Supports EasyBlog

Blogging is one of the most important part of any online business. If you haven't paid attention to your blog section, you should start now. EasyBlog component enables you to blog anything from almost anywhere without logging into your Joomla backend and still be able to publish it. Easy, Fast and Efficient!

Responsive Joomla template - JA Decor and its 5 colors by default

5 colors by default

Apart from the default color, this beautiful Joomla template also came with 4 other colors including: Red, Brown, Turquoise, and Yellow.

Up to 8 bonus pages

And up to 10 bonus pages

JA Decor is packed with up to 10 bonus pages, including: Login Page, 404 Page, Offline, Contact Us, Web Links, News Feed, Typography, Smart Search, Registration Page and more.

  • AcyMailing

  • EasyBlog

  • Mijoshop


Version 2.0.0 13 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9: Term and Privacy need more styled
  • J3.9 - Contact Us: Can't open privacy note
  • J3.9 - Invisible captcha: Remove Captcha label
  • Easyblog: Got error on navigation

Version 1.1.9 14 Dec, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Problem with EasyBlog after upgraded to latest version
  • Mijoshop: Warning error
  • JA Decor update does not have HTTPS compatible font calls
  • List Contact is not styled
  • Some CSS errors in editor
  • Message alert: Missing background
  • Custom Field label is still shown on the contact page

Version 1.1.8 11 Aug, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Can't show custom field after title
  • Got error on checkout page
  • Joomla menu: All submenu are activated
  • Some Css error on Editor page
  • Missing image on product detail page
  • Icon and text are overlapping in contact page
  • [Shop] Cart icon displays error in RTL
  • Missing style in Easyblog page
  • Missing file on product page
  • Can't show Custom field in Contact page
  • Css error on search result page
  • Iphone/Ipad: Header need more styled

Version 1.1.7 01 Sep, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Easyblog is missing language
  • Css error on contact page when enable recaptcha
  • Css error on featured projects when view by list
  • Fix problems after upgrade joomla 3.6 and upgrade font awesome

Version 1.1.6 15 Apr, 2016

Bug Fix
  • [Easyblog] Video post displays error on EasyBlog Latest Blogs module
  • [Mijoshop] Css error on product page
  • [Easyblog] should display category beside blog title
  • [RTL-easyblog] Appears scroll bar on the detail blog page
  • [Easyblog] css error on related blog post
  • [Mijoshop] Cant apply coupon code
  • [RTL-Easyblog] add more spacing between content and image
  • [Easyblog] Rating displays error on easyblog module
  • Got many errors when validate HTML and structured data
  • [Easyblog] Should displays comment form on the detail blog post
  • [RTL-Easyblog] Realign meta info on small screen
  • [easyblog] Navigation displays wrong position on small screen
  • [Mijoshop] Missing css file when open product detail page
  • [Easyblog] description of featured post is cropped
  • [Easyblog] Social button should be realigned
  • Image displays ugly on apply job page
  • [Mijoshop] Missing some options on small screen
  • Style for Mijoshop product page
  • [RTL-Easyblog] Missing border on calendar
  • [Easyblog] Image blog displays ugly on ipad portrait
  • [Mijoshop] cant show msg alert after add to cart
  • [Easyblog] Realign meta info on quick blog post
  • [Easyblog] Navigation displays ugly on small screen
  • Video is not responsived on small screen
  • [Mijoshop] Confirm order table is broken on small screen
  • [RTL-easyblog] Realign bullet in RTL

Version 1.1.5 07 Jul, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Search form is error style
  • article-index doesn't work
  • Control Intro Image size

Version 1.1.4 27 Apr, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Ipad - Mijoshop: My account page is wrong position of the icon
  • Edit module: "Easblog Banner" module is missing line
  • Language function is not working when user not login
  • Ie8- RTL: Products page are breaking
  • iphone4: Special product detaila page is missing responsive
  • Mijoshop: Contact/ return page is missing line
  • Iphone 4- Easyblog: Comment page is cutting text
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Change password page is wrong position
  • Iphone4- Easyblog: Date is overlap
  • Easyblog: Date is missing style
  • Ie8: Main menu is wrong position when user login success
  • Iphone4: Home page is missing style for latest products module
  • Iphone4: easyblog page is missing style
  • RTL- Mijoshop: product detail is wrong position
  • Ipad: Missing services link
  • Edit module: Newsletter module is missing style
  • Mijoshop: Shopping cart page is missing space
  • Ie8- RTL: Get in touch form is wrong style
  • Iphone4: Checkout page is error style for " Continue" button
  • Mijoshop: My wishlist page is not display image
  • Iphone 4: Easyblog is overlap
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Contact us page is wrong position
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Creat account page is wrong position of continue button
  • RTL- edit module/ Easyblog: The button are wrong position
  • RTL- Easyblog: Overlap
  • RTL - Mijoshop: Special product detail page is missing style
  • Iphone4: "Subscribe to updates" popup is need remove the blank form
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Currency is breaking
  • Iphone4- Mijoshop: Cart form is cutting
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Search page is wrong position of the checkbox
  • Iphone 4- Easyblog: Missing space
  • ie8: Home page is not display Featured Projects image
  • Mijoshop: Error mesage for login function
  • iphone4: Easyblog is missing space
  • Iphone4 - Easyblog: Write page is missing space
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Auto change language
  • ipad: Jobs page is missing space
  • Edit module/ Home: About Us module is missing line
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Creat account page is missing line
  • Ie8- RTL : Product detail page is missing image
  • RTL- Iphone4: Home page/ Our Services page are missing responsive
  • Mijoshop: Special page is missing space
  • Iphone4- RTL: Product detail is missing responsive
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Address Book page is wrong position
  • Mijoshop- Check out page :register function is not working
  • RTL- easyblog: Tags page is wrong position
  • Ie8: Not display submenu form of Explore menu when user go to Contact us page
  • iphone4: Typography page is missing responsive
  • Iphone4: "Subscribe to this category/ Subscribe via RSS" link is wrong position
  • RTL- Mijoshop: Cart form is cutting

Version 1.1.3 27 Mar, 2015

Bug Fix
  • [Easyblog detail page] Report popup is missing style
  • [Site map page] [ Iphone 4] Cutting text
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] " Language Switcher" module is missing space when usr edit module at frontend
  • Smart Search function is not working
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Easyblog module ] missing style
  • [Product detail] Missing space of social network
  • [Decor/ Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ] Product menu is missing actice
  • [Tag page] [ Iphone 4] Cutting text
  • [Checkout page] [ Iphone 4] Step 6 is cutting text
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] Language form is cutting text
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ]Gift Vouchers page is wrong position os checkbox form
  • [ Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Iphone 4/ Android 4.4] Qty form is missing space
  • [Gift Vouchers page] Checkbox is wrong position
  • [Decor RTL][ Cart popup] [ Ipone 4] Close icon is wrong position
  • [Easyblog page] [ Iphone 4- horizontal screen] Sidebar are missing link
  • [My account page] [ Ipad3] Icon is wrong position
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] " Footer Logo" module is missing style
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ] "EasyBlog Latest Blogs" module is missing style
  • [Easyblog detail page] Comment function is not working
  • [Decor joomla 3.4] Select button is not working
  • [Bathroom page] [Iphone 4] missing style
  • [ Cart popup] [ Ipone 4] Image of product is cutting
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] " Our Services" module
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ] Brand page is wrong position of the links
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Iphone 4]Mijoshop detail is missing style
  • [Checkout page ] "Privacy Policy" checkbox is wrong position
  • [Easyblog detail page] [Iphone 4] Content is not responsive
  • [Easyblog detail page] [Iphone 4] Overlap arrow
  • [Returns page] [Ipad3] "Enter the code in the box below" field is overlap
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] " Newsletter" module is overlap
  • [Easyblog detail page] missing style for " Bookmart" link
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ] Order history page is not working
  • [Decor/ Decor RTL joomla 3.4] Missing image of Gallery field
  • [Easyblog page] [ Iphone 4] Overlap text
  • [Product detail page] Special price is wrong position
  • [ Subscribe / unsubscribe to newsletter page] [ Ipone 4] missing style
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] " JA Slideshow Lite" module is missing space when usr edit module at frontend
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ] Product detail page is missing style
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ] [Iphone 4] Sitemap page is missing space
  • [Checkout page ]" Register Account" is not working at step 2
  • [Easyblog [Iphone 4] categories page is missing style
  • [Easyblog page] [ Iphone 4] Links are not working
  • [ Product detail page] [ Iphone 4] Missing " reviews" link
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] "Sticky Module" module is missing space
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Mijoshop module ] Register account page is missing style
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Iphone 4/ Android 4.4] [Return page] Missing informaions
  • [Affiliate Page] Missing " Appproval" field at backend

Version 1.1.2 24 Oct, 2014

  • Upgrade easyblog component to the latest version
Bug Fix
  • Css error on shopping cart
  • [RTL] Css error on easyblog page
  • [ Order Information page] [ Iphone 4] " Reorder" icon is Overlap
  • Problem with Search box
  • [RTL] Contact page displays ugly in RTL
  • Css error on login form
  • [Easyblog page] "Search" form is wrong style
  • [Decor/ Decor RTL joomla 3.4] [Iphone 4]No recaptcha form is missing style
  • RTL - Cant show menu on off canvas sidebar
  • [Iphone] Realign search box on iphone when enable collapse menu
  • Got errors when validate by w3c
  • [ Wish List/ Shppoing cart page] [ Ipone 4/ Android 4.4] missing responsive
  • Search is auto collapsed when click on it
  • Contact page displays error on Ipad when enable recaptcha
  • [RTL] Css error on easyblog page
  • [Tag page] [ Ipone 4] RSS icon is wrong position
  • [Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] " Newsletter" is not working with select form language
  • [Iphone] Off canvas button and logo display ugly on iphone
  • Collapse menu displays error on iphone
  • [ Order Information page] [ Iphone 4] Missing imformation
  • Image should not full width to showing
  • there might be a bug with the cart.
  • [shop] css error order history page
  • [Style map page ] wrong text color
  • [Decor/ Decor RTL- Joomla 3.4] [Iphone 4/ Android 4.4]Sidebar is display space trash
  • Cant see tag when hover it
  • [RTL] Missing image on easyblog page
  • [Shop] Missing image when click view image on product detail page
  • [ Order History page] [ Iphone 4] Total is wrong position
  • Map displays error on IE11

Version 1.1.1 04 Jul, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Mega menu displays error when align center or right
  • Language switcher selection should be aligned to left direction on ipad landscape
  • Language switcher icon displays error on the demo site
  • Off canvas sidebar button displays error on ipad landscape
  • Missing image on job page
  • Missing some images on color page