JA Cloris

Single Page Portfolio Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3
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JA Cloris Introduction

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  • Updated on:17 Aug, 2015
  • Version:2.5.4
  • Download:435,581
  • (4.4 / 295 votes)

JA Cloris is Single Page Portfolio Joomla Template and supports all default Joomla pages too. It is perfect for portfolio, landing pages, New Year at JoomlArt starts with a new fresh approach in design, showcasing for the first time in the Joomla Sphere a Single Page template to amuse you all. It's fast, sexy, cool and impressive. Don't take our word for it, watch the Live Demo to convince yourself. JA Cloris is the best available portfolio design based on single page template design with adaptability limited by one's imagination.

Powered by our robust T3 Framework 2, JA Cloris performs perfectly with Joomla 2.5, Joomla 3. Don't forget to check out the complimentary extension list along with this charming template.

  • K2


Version 2.5.4 17 Aug, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Edit module: About us module is missing style
  • Lost scrolling when enable plugin Language Filter
  • Edit module: Contact us module is cutting form

Version 2.5.3 09 Aug, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1.5
Bug Fix
  • [J30] : JS error on Home page
  • Missing data in edit form
  • Do not show Published date on Article
  • [J30] Css error on Editor form
  • SEND MAIL button is not change color
  • CSS error in Comment part

Version 2.5.2 10 Apr, 2013

  • Add style for K2 (K2 version 2.6.6)
Bug Fix
  • Missing image in article detail after login as supper admin
  • Color themes menu error when open Article detail
  • fix when enable language, the link is different from '/' -> '/en'

Version 2.5.1 16 Nov, 2012

  • Upgrade to Joomla 2.5.8
Bug Fix
  • Lost style for Blog page

Version 2.5.0 11 Feb, 2012

  • CLONE - Convert folder structure of template
Bug Fix
  • Comment : Error when click on Smile icon
  • Iphone : Error on contact us page
  • [comment]Lost Image icon on attachment
  • Css error on Bulletin module
  • V2.5: Got error when site offline
  • Please realign Email form
  • Iphone : Css error on Search page
  • Comment : Error when Flagged
  • Iphone : Missing Blog title after submit comment successfully
  • Module mod_jaquickcontact : Return URL param doesn't work
  • V2.5: Got error with re-size image on blog page
  • Comment : User setting is empty after edit done
  • Iphone : Error on all page
  • Quickcomtact module : Error when enable "Send me a copy of email" param
  • V2.5[Article]-Image cant displayed after insert

Version 1.2.0 17 Aug, 2011

  • J17: Content of JA Comment position should be changed
  • J17: Lack of incresing buttons in article
  • Where is JA Comment component?
  • Change XML info (date and version release)
  • J17: Footer modules should be the same style with J16
  • jmenu/joomla/languages-menu page should be add more content
  • J17: Lack of Blog menu on the main menu
Bug Fix
  • J17: Css error in lines of blog page color
  • J17: Got error when show readmore button in JA Bulletine Module
  • RTL+ IE7: Css error in Spit page
  • RTL: Css error when Sumit an Article in back end
  • CLONE - [FORUMPID:214373] JA Cloris - not displaying properly on iPAD
  • J17: Css error in Blog page
  • J17: Iphone - Css error in login form
  • J17: RTL, Css error in comment component
  • RTL: Css error in Search page
  • Status of Author line should not be caption text
  • J17: Css error in Mega menu + RTL
  • J17: Iphone - Css error in main menu
  • RTL + IE8: Css error in Main menu
  • J17: RTL- Css error in Comment component
  • J17: RTL, Icons of login form should be changed position
  • Css error in register form
  • J17: Can not click on Cpanel button
  • J17: Iphone - Got error when open an article
  • Css error in user profile page
  • Css error in JA tabs module
  • J17: Java bug in Register form
  • J17: Css error in "Email to afriend" page
  • J17: There are 97 css bugs
  • RTL: Css error in jmenu/joomla/plugins-menu page
  • No result page when have a contact action
  • J17: Css error in login form
  • J17: Comment form is broken in Safari
  • J17: Iphone- Css error in path line icons
  • Css error in Bulletine module
  • Css error in comment section

Version 1.1.1 20 Jul, 2011

Bug Fix
  • RTL : Css error on JA bulletin_mod
  • Css error when change logo type = text
  • RTL : error on comment form
  • Css error on comment

Version 1.1.0 02 Jun, 2011

  • Capcha in Contact us page is not nice
Bug Fix
  • Iphone: Css error after click login on comment form
  • Css error on quickcontact module when using recapcha plg
  • Css error comment when insert link
  • Set fonts for main menu & sub menu not effect on frontend
  • Error on User-profile page
  • Login form is not nice
  • Missing border in comment box
  • Menu is broken
  • Comment is messed up after click quote/reply comment
  • Error on Latest Post module
  • Comment button is error css on blog page
  • Homepage doesnot effect when change color
  • Cant change profile, just can change when you open Blog page
  • RTL_Css error on comment
  • Css error when set logo type = text
  • Css Error on comment msg
  • Css error in Components page
  • Capcha image doesnot display after submitting comment
  • Iphone : can't switch from desktop layout to mobile layout
  • Inconsistent color on breadcrumb
  • Where is typography page on frontend?
  • Missing ja nrain plugin for demo
  • Cannot submit comment
  • RTL_Color should be changed when change another color
  • Realign top link on footer page
  • Google font not applied for main and submenu
  • Please remove Switch 1.5 botton on popup login form
  • Error in Latest post module
  • RTL_Css errors in Comment box
  • Iphone : Css error on Gallely item
  • Date and title page must be changed color when mouse over it
  • RTL_Css error on main menu when apply google font
  • Missing plugin Multi capcha engine for j16
  • Css error in Comment box
  • Css error in Plugins page
  • Date incorrect after change site's language
  • Dont show position "page1"-"page8" on block info
  • Text boxs on Register form should be straight
  • Rearrange textboxes for Registration form, plz
  • RTL_Css error in Blog page

Version 1.0.1 24 Jan, 2011

Version 1.0.0 22 Jan, 2011

First release