JA Beranis

Responsive Business Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3

JA Beranis Introduction

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  • Updated on:28 Dec, 2018
  • Version:1.1.5 Changelog
  • Download:416,082
  • (4.4 / 237 votes)

JA Beranis - Responsive Business Joomla template for Joomla 3, is your key to quickly rebrand your business website: clean and fresh. Simplicity and minimalistic design assure JA Beranis fit well into any business, portfolio and corporate website without being too over the top.

Built on our latest version of T3 Framework, meaning JA Beranis is responsive and compatible with Joomla 3 version.

JA Beranis also features EasyBlog component style from Stackideas, 2 layouts for Mega Menu: the traditional horizontal one and first time ever vertical mega menu which makes navigating throughout JA Beranis itself much easier, and a brand new JA Image hotspot module to present your locations on a static map. This template now supports RTL language layouts.

Fully responsive Joomla template

Fully responsive template

Having both T3 framework and Bootstrap at core, JA Beranis is ready to rock your Joomla site not only on wide screen display but also mobile devices and tablets. Do check the demo on your smartphone or tablet.

Supports RTL language layout

JA Beranis is RTL language layout ready and you can easily switch to RTL language thanks to T3 framework native support for RTL languages.

Style for EasyBlog Component

This is our first Joomla template featuring EasyBlog with its all the outstanding features. Blogging has never been this enjoyable before, until we found EasyBlog.

First vertical Mega Menu

Work on wide screen resolution (over 1380px), JA Beranis is the first Joomla template supporting vertical megamenu, that doesn't mean you have to stick with the veritcal megamenu all the time. You can always go back with the horizontal one anytime.

Typography and Text animation

More lively than every, in Beranis we provide some cool but subtle text and image animations. Say goodbye to the old plain text. Checkout typography page in demo site believe it.

Off-canvas Menu on Mobile

When it comes to narrow viewport like on mobile devices, and your content is laid out, off-canvas is a perfect solution and in Beranis it is applied for the main menu, providing a solution for quick navigation.

Up to 6 color themes

We like the default color, but you can have a variety of color schemes as: Green, Red, Pink, Orange and Violet. You can also take advantage of Thememagic feature of T3 framework to tweak the colors.

8 Bonus pages

Your Joomla template for business will never be completed without these 8 bonus pages. We have additional styles for login, registration, weblinks, 404, offline, newsfeed and user profile edit pages.

  • AcyMailing

  • EasyBlog