JA Nuevo

Responsive Joomla template for App and Services websites

Available for Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3
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JA Nuevo Introduction

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  • Updated on:02 Oct, 2020
  • Version:1.0.8
  • Download:416,169
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The App page responsive Joomla template for Joomla 3 & Joomla 2.5 - JA Nuevo is dedicated for apps startup or services page. It's a T3 Framework template with Bootstrap 3, RTL Language Layout, K2 Component, and responsive

JA Nuevo is modern design template with lot of whitespace and simplicity. It helps enhance the performance of a landing page, improve readability and make a bold first impression. JA Nuevo is flexible with robust tools, you don't have to be CSS ninja, or PHP geek to do the customization.

JA Nuevo is a must have Joomla template for app page, business, services, or landing pages. This template supports RTL language layouts.

Responsive Joomla template - JA Nuevo built on the latest T3 Framework compatible with Bootstrap 3

White space design

JA Nuevo makes use of white spaces and minimal design to boost the performance of your landing page. It’s easier to read and strike bold impression.

Megamenu and Off-canvas menu in the Responsive Joomla template - JA Nuevo

T3 Framework and Bootstrap 3 at heart

JA Nuevo is developed with the leading Joomla template framework - T3 framework and the well-known Bootstrap 3. With these powerful tools, you can twist every aspect of the template with ThemeMagic and Layout Configurator.

Fully Responsive Joomla template - JA Nuevo

Fully responsive design

JA Nuevo is not only powerful but also flexible with its responsiveness. This is one amazing look across multiple devices mobiles, tablets, desktops.

Right To Left Language Layout in Responsive Joomla template - JA Nuevo

Right To Left Language Layout

With the power of T3 Framework, JA Nuevo is friendly with the RTL language layout from the very first version.

Responsive Joomla template - JA Nuevo supports K2 Component

Supports K2 Component

Blogging with K2 component in Joomla is one of the best combinations. Your way to the blogging world with JA Nuevo and K2 component is fast and easy.

Responsive Joomla template - JA Nuevo and its 3 colors by default

3 colors available

JA Nuevo comes with 3 simple colors: blue, violet, and green. Just a simple touch with color, your Joomla page will never be the same.

Six bonus pages

6 bonus pages

Along with other Joomla customized pages, the vault of JA Nuevo contains multiple bonus pages i.e. Service, Feature, About, Typography, Blogs, and Portfolio page. It’s a full fledged pack for building your app landing page.

  • AcyMailing

  • K2


Version 1.0.8 02 Oct, 2020

Bug Fix
  • Update style for Acymailing 6.15.1

Version 1.0.7 07 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9 - Article category module: Missing language when select Tag in the Grouping option
  • J3.9: Term and Privacy are not styled
  • J3.9 -Invisible Captcha: Remove Captcha label
  • J3.9: Can't show tags in the Article-category module
  • J3.9: Can't show Privacy note content popup

Version 1.0.6 03 Nov, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Missing fontsize icon on k2 item
  • Shoud restyle fitler tags box
  • Comment link is not working on the detail article
  • Cant close k2 item when edit k2 item on the frontend
  • Got scrollbar on k2 item page when view on small screen

Version 1.0.5 09 Jun, 2017

Bug Fix
  • Got error in thememagic
  • Got notice error on ja imagehotspot module
  • Cant show custom fields on contact page
  • Css error on edit article page

Version 1.0.4 29 Jul, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Menu Item Login Redirect works incorrectly
  • Css error on article editting

Version 1.0.3 15 Apr, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Css error on editor frontend
  • Got error when validate structured data
  • Mega menu doesnt work when in smartsearch page
  • [k2] Zoom icon displays error
  • [3.5] Got js error on smartsearch page
  • [K2] Css error on k2 module on the frontend
  • Social icon displays ugly
  • Textbox displays error when enable recaptcha
  • [K2] Css error on editing frontend

Version 1.0.2 27 Mar, 2015

Bug Fix
  • Smart Search: Can't click Search button
  • Tags page is missing style
  • Remove Weblinks item on Joomla page
  • Iphone - K2: Page should be show on 1 column
  • Offline page: Can't close warning
  • Error language on module Edit form
  • SlideshowLite module: Duplicate button when Slideshow type is changed
  • Paging button display not nice on Portfolio page
  • Social buttons displays ugly
  • Insert Artcile form displays ugly on Editor

Version 1.0.1 14 Nov, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Got errors when validate by w3c
  • Missing image on portfolio page
  • [Iphone] Css error on top header
  • [K2] Rss icon doesnt work property

Version 1.0.0 31 Jul, 2014

First release