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  • Updated on:05 Aug, 2013
  • Version:2.5.3
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JA Teline III V2 is updated News Magazine Joomla Template and is upgraded version of JA Teline III, now running our latest T3 Framework 2.

Teline III V2 comes with added layout options, colors and the new T3 Framework 2, it retains all the design elements and features from its predecessor older Teline III template, which is famous for its multi features (themes, modules position, extra extensions), smarter code and faster speed.

Take time and view our complete Teline Series of News Templates JA Teline IV, JA Teline III , JA Teline II and JA Teline I.

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Version 2.5.3 05 Aug, 2013

  • Upgrade to compatible with Joomla 3.1.5
Bug Fix
  • CSS error on Typo page
  • [J30] plz add more print icon on print page
  • Error on Plugin JA Tab and JA Thumbnails
  • [j30] JS error when mouser over on Top position
  • CSS error in Edit form of Joomla
  • CSS error in Contact page
  • CSS error in Contact page
  • [J30] Button error on Article detail

Version 2.5.2 28 Sep, 2012

  • Upgrade Joomla ver 2.5.7
Bug Fix
  • [Home page] Got code error and don't display any thing when change error report to Development
  • Get error when enable Error reporting

Version 2.5.1 21 Jun, 2012

  • Upgrade to joomla 2.5.6
Bug Fix
  • [JA tabs plugin] Video popup don't shown when click on it to view

Version 2.5.0 10 Feb, 2012

Bug Fix
  • [Article]-Image cant displayed after insert
  • Css error on disqu debate echo area
  • RTL_Missing attach image funtcion on comment and got some errors css on comment area
  • [Popup] Got error on IE when Open popup link on Bookmark pages tab
  • [Ja popup] Missing image when using popup type as thickbox
  • [Newsticker] headline is broken when display article from RSS link
  • [Popup] Got error when open popup link on bookmark pages
  • RTL_Css error on bulletin module
  • Image should be realigned on article detail page
  • [iphone] Missing mobile version link to switch mobile view
  • Title page should be in the middle
  • RTL_Comment is broken on IE7
  • Error js on IE7,8 when load page
  • [Ja bookmark] not display bookmark button if using custom buton = yes
  • [Bulletin] Cant show full image height
  • [Comment] Cant attach image on IE7
  • Validate Css & HTML
  • Got js error on Homepage
  • [iphone] Css error on logo page
  • [JA Popup Plugin] Cannot change overlay color for thickbox type
  • RTL_Css error on footer page
  • [Newspro] got js error when drap category on news pro
  • [Ja Bookmark] Buttons display not nice on backend
  • [Newspro] wait for long time to saving user settings
  • [Comment] Comment box error css on IE
  • Missing index.html file in the template package
  • [jathumbnail] seem conflict with jatabs plugin
  • [Twitter] Cant show Follow button on module
  • How to change language for "Last Update" text on headline
  • Enable JA Disqu debate echo plugin in the quickstart
  • [newsfp] got error when set Image width/height = -1

Version 1.2.0 09 Sep, 2011

Bug Fix
  • [JA New Featured Module] Cannot align image
  • New pro module : error on backend
  • Iphone : search result displayed so bad
  • RTL: css error on contact us page
  • Got error when enable System language filter plugin
  • RTL_Css error in Header area
  • Cpanel : error on Profile theme
  • News Sticker Module : Displayed not nice after disable Head Text
  • RTL: Error on jaTab
  • Plz update link J17 for Module positions
  • Cannot upload image for Disqus
  • User setting work wrong
  • Iphone_Cannot switch from Destop version to Mobile version
  • modules title displayed not nice
  • "Top" button work wrong
  • RTL : error on comment form
  • Got js error when click Dislike button
  • Got error when enable Arap languague and enable System language filter
  • Edit tooltip displayed not nice
  • new featured module : tooltip displayed not nice
  • Validate html error
  • Thumbnail plugin : "Image Alignment" param doesn't work
  • Should have a line in right menu
  • RTL_Css error in search form in IE7
  • Css error on More info on top position
  • Iphone_Missing breadcumb
  • News Featured Module : mark setting default "Image Alignment" param
  • Iphone : should have line between two categories
  • RTL : error on Typo page
  • Dont show popup when click Disqus like button in IE7
  • [JA News Featured Module]- Css error
  • "Reset user setting" doesn't work
  • New pro module : got error on frontend after disable categories title
  • [JA New Pro] Resize image is not correct
  • JAtabs error after ssetting
  • RTL : missing line between tabs
  • [JA Tabs Plugin] - can not set color for tabs
  • Iphone_Got css error in Home
  • News Featured Module : Css error
  • Css error on edit profile
  • RTL : Footer broken on IE9
  • Css error in like button of Disqus
  • [JA Tab]- Css error
  • got error when set error reporting = maximum

Version Sprint1 22 Jul, 2011

  • Please support RTL for JA Teline III
Bug Fix
  • RTL_css error on JA disqus debate echo plugin
  • Iphone: Can't search
  • Missing JA disqus debate echo and bookmark plugin for v1.0.0 beta

Version 1.1.1 22 Jul, 2011

Bug Fix
  • Cant change language on newspro module
  • Missing "move" "show/hide" icons after used usersetting
  • Usersetting tool seem works incorrectly
  • RTL_Css error on disqus blog comment
  • RTL_Missing line on jatab plugin

Version 1.1.0 03 Jun, 2011

  • Please support RTL for JA Teline III
Bug Fix
  • Admin : Error on Global tab
  • Where is contact page?
  • Enable template information
  • Css error in footer line
  • Failed loading XML file
  • RTL_Css error on category page
  • Css error on contact page
  • RTL_css error on JA disqus debate echo plugin
  • Can't second setting JA News Pro Module
  • Css error on the category page
  • RTL_Css error in more info menu
  • Css error in Login form
  • Plz restyle More info menu
  • Date on top page isnt changed language
  • RTL_Cant add image for comment
  • Iphone: Can't search
  • Css error on Typo page
  • jathumbnail off on the article
  • Error 404 after logout
  • RTL : Some error on homepage
  • Missing JA disqus debate echo and bookmark plugin for v1.0.0 beta
  • Missing image file
  • Page number should be highlight color
  • Css error on Typo page
  • Iphone : Please rewite DESKTOP_VERSION text = Desktop_Version
  • Cant change language
  • RTL_Css error on blog comment disqus
  • Iphone: Please off popup description when mouse over "More links info" on homepage

Version 1.0.0 Beta 01 Jan, 1970

Bug Fix
  • Dont show position block in IE
  • FQA page is not nice
  • Where will Twitter module be shown ? I cant see it on the frontpage
  • I cannot find login form
  • Error on usersetting tool of newspro module
  • JA popup plugin error on Homepage
  • Error css in Homepage
  • Plz, update description
  • Please install JAEM component into quickstart
  • Css error in Search page
  • Should be change Read more: -->
  • Where is newsticker module on frontpage
  • Incorrect content in " 10 Things you MUST know about Teline III "
  • Tool settings is error
  • Should remove unused plugin in quickstart
  • Cannot show image on The news page
  • Print preview page is not good looking
  • Layout is broken when drag newspro module
  • Duplicate "You are here" on top page
  • Plz, update correct content for Typo page
  • The file jabookmark.xml could not be found.
  • Display nothing when click in "What's new in Teline III?"
  • Cant show all articles from all categories on IE7
  • Please remove JA Disqus Debate echo plugn in the quickstart if not use it
  • Error in Main menu