JA Smashboard

Responsive Entertainment Joomla Template

Available for Joomla 3
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JA Smashboard Introduction

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  • Updated on:08 Oct, 2020
  • Version:1.1.7
  • Download:310,425
  • (4.4 / 267 votes)

JA Smashboard - is Responsive Entertainment Joomla template for blog, fashion, music, movies magazine. JA Smashboard is very unique template, it features horizontal and infinity scrolling, vertical menu and keyboard navigation support. A perfect fit for products showcasing / portfolio gallery, music and entertainment or even your personal blog.

Runs on our robust T3v3 Framework, JA Smashboard is customizable and easily configure. The framework itself is responsive, ensuring JA Smashboard looks amazing in any devices.

JA Smashboard stands out with the big fonts typography and minimalistic design. JA Smashboard also supports K2 component. This template now supports RTL language layouts but no megamenu.

Fully Responsive Template

JA Smashboard template runs on T3 framework with bootstrap in its core, which makes it responsive by default. All included extensions supports responsive layouts too. Available for both Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.

Support Right To Left Language (RTL)

All of our latest Joomla templates now supports RTL language layouts. JA Smashboard is no exception, inspite of its unique design and layout, we have extended RTL support for it.

Horizontal & infinity scrolling

This is what makes JA Smashboard unique. Horizontal infinity scrolling. The inspiration is drawn from the YouTube TV page.

Different menu, different background color

For different category pages, there will be a different background associated with a particular category. How cool is that?

Vertical Menu system

JA Smashboard has its vertical menu which strives to aid the surfing experience for entertainment to the max.

Off-canvas and sticky menu

Having Off-Canvas and sticky menu on mobile devices and tablets
help viewers quickly navigate through out the site
without reloading the whole page.

Modules in popup view

Read the articles without navigating away from the category page, keep your users stay within the interested category and assure they will never get lost!

Keyboard Navigation

Navigate through pages as well as articles by just using your keyboard. Truly entertaining without the mouse hassles, huh?

  • K2


Version 1.1.7 08 Oct, 2020

Bug Fix
  • Update style for Acymailing 6.15.1

Version 1.1.6 26 Dec, 2018

Bug Fix
  • J3.9: Term and Privacy are not styled
  • J3.9 - Article category module: Got error when grouping by Tag
  • J3.9: Got some errors with Invisible Captcha
  • J3.9: Can't show tag on Article Category module
  • J3.9 - Contact Us: Can't open privacy note
  • J3.9 - Category List page: Can't filter by Month(published)

Version 1.1.5 18 Jan, 2018

Bug Fix
  • Problem with page after skip component content
  • Blank page
  • Iphone: Logo text and icons are overlapping
  • K2: Missing Fontsize icons on item detail
  • Acymailing module: Direction to blank page when subscribe
  • Can't Skip component content
  • Can't hide "Contact Information" section

Version 1.1.4 10 Jul, 2017

Bug Fix
  • K2: Scrollbar display error after post comment
  • Text logo is not styled
  • Can't show custom fields after title
  • Issue with popup in iPad
  • Some errors on Editor

Version 1.1.3 10 Oct, 2016

Bug Fix
  • Menu and article are overlapped on ipad view
  • Can't scroll when opening K2 item in popup (Chrome)
  • Missing background on search page
  • Issue with popup in iPad
  • Back to top button on k2 article doesnt work on iphone
  • Tooltip displays error on article editing
  • Issue of Off-canvas menu in mobile + RTL
  • Social icon displays error on iphone
  • Article loading is incorrect after go next and previous artice on popup

Version 1.1.2 22 May, 2015

Bug Fix
  • RTL- iphone: Social icon is wrong position
  • [Smashboard/ Smashboard RTL for joomla 3.4] K2 User page is not working with K2 item
  • [Smashboard RTL for joomla 3.4] Missing scroll
  • [Smashboard for joomla 3.4] " Helps" module is missing style
  • [Smashboard RTL for joomla 3.4] Languages icon should not display on the Edit module popup
  • [Smashboard/ Smashboard RTL for joomla 3.4] AcyMailing Module is wrong position of Selection form
  • [Smashboard/ Smashboard RTL for joomla 3.4] [Iphone 4] Captcha form is overlap

Version 1.1.1 14 Nov, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Iphone - Portrait: Logo is overlapping
  • Allow Click Event at the end of dragging with K2 Subcategory
  • RTL: Css error on Article detail
  • Cant open quick help after upgrade JA smashboard v1.1.0
  • Chrome/Opera: Can't show opacity when hover on mainmenu
  • RTL: Css error on Category
  • Scrolling doesn't work with article in FireFox
  • RTL - K2: Css error on K2 Tag page
  • Secret Key icon show not nice on Login form
  • Got error when navigate article on IE
  • Problem with navigation on Search form
  • K2: Can't show Item's icons
  • Problem with Main Menu in Chrome
  • "Article Category List" page need more styled
  • Iphone: Some error with joomla default menu
  • Issue with article scroll on Mac
  • Mobile: Can't open Head Social menu
  • RTL: Some error on Contact page
  • Menu acting strangely in Chrome
  • J3x: Some error on Tags page

Version 1.1.0 15 Aug, 2014

Bug Fix
  • IE8: Can't load the site
  • J3x: Can't show small logo on small screen
  • Ipad: Form and menu are overlapping when rotate from horizontal to vertical
  • Icons show error on article
  • [J32] cant show language switcher icon on IE
  • Editor: Should remove scrollbar on Publishing and Language tabs
  • J3x: Template options page should more styled
  • [RTL] Menu displays error when enable recaptcha
  • K2: Missing Logo on Editor
  • Megamenu need more styled
  • Still show white space after article is closed

Version 1.0.6 11 Mar, 2014

Bug Fix
  • [J32] Tags displays ugly on Iphone
  • Buttons on registration page displays ugly
  • Text is too small on IE8
  • [J3.2] Realign secret key on login form
  • [Ipad] Logo and text are overlapped on info sidebar

Version 1.0.5 10 Jan, 2014

Bug Fix
  • Tag displays error on music item page
  • Infinity scroll does not work on Videos menu item page on Joomla 3.2.1
  • Recaptcha displays error on contact page
  • Update to Font Awesome 3.2.1
  • [RTL] Error language on 404 page